10 Amazing Reasons to visit Tanzania, East Africa


India, a nation steeped in the richness of diverse cultures and adorned with breathtaking landscapes, finds a kindred spirit in Tanzania, making it an alluring destination for Indian travelers in search of a unique and soul-stirring experience.

The parallel tapestry woven by the mosaic of traditions and terrains in both countries creates an enchanting resonance, beckoning those eager to explore the uncharted beauty of East Africa.

Within the heart of Tanzania lie narratives waiting to be unfolded, where the vibrant spirit of India seamlessly merges with the allure of this African gem.

Here, we present 10 compelling reasons why Tanzania should be the next adventure on the horizon for those who yearn for the extraordinary.

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1. Serengeti National Park: The Marvel of Wildlife Migration

Serengeti National Park

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Great Migration in the Serengeti. Witness millions of wildebeests and zebras traversing the plains, reminiscent of India's wildlife wonders.

  • Location: Northern Tanzania.

  • Must-Do: Experience a hot-air balloon safari for an aerial view of the migration.

  • Food to Try: Nyama Choma (grilled meat) and Ugali (maize porridge).

  • Price: A balloon safari starts at approximately ₹22,000 per person.

  • Did You Know: Serengeti National Park is home to the largest concentration of wildlife in the world.

2. Ngorongoro Crater: Nature's Masterpiece

Ngorongoro Crater

Discover the Ngorongoro Crater, often hailed as the "Eighth Wonder of the World." This unique ecosystem mirrors the biodiversity of India and provides a chance to encounter the Big Five in a single breathtaking location.

  • Location: Crater Highlands, Northern Tanzania.

  • Must-Do: Take a guided crater tour for close encounters with diverse wildlife.

  • Food to Try: Mtori (banana stew) and Pilau (spiced rice).

  • Price: Guided crater tours start at ₹6,000 per person.

  • Did You Know: The Ngorongoro Crater is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a natural amphitheater.

3. Mount Kilimanjaro: Conquering Heights, Connecting Spirits

Mount Kilimanjaro campsite

For adventure seekers from the Indian subcontinent, Mount Kilimanjaro offers a challenging yet spiritually enriching climb. The snow-capped summit provides panoramic views that rival the grandeur of our own Himalayas.

  • Location: Northern Tanzania.

  • Must-Do: Choose the Machame Route for a scenic ascent.

  • Food to Try: Tanzanian biryani and Mandazi (sweet fried dough).

  • Price: Kilimanjaro trekking packages start at ₹80,000.

  • Did You Know: Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.

4. Zanzibar Archipelago: Tropical Tranquility

Zanzibar Archipelago

Zanzibar's pristine beaches and turquoise waters make it a tropical haven reminiscent of India's coastal treasures. Explore historic Stone Town, indulge in vibrant coral reefs, and relax on sandy shores.

  • Location: Off the coast of Tanzania.

  • Must-Do: Visit the spice plantations and historic Stone Town.

  • Food to Try: Zanzibari Pizza and Fish Curry.

  • Price: Spice tours start at ₹2,500 per person.

  • Did You Know: Zanzibar was a major hub in the spice trade.

5. Safari Adventures: Discovering Diverse National Parks

Safari Adventures

Tanzania's diverse national parks, beyond the famous Serengeti, provide a unique safari experience akin to the wildlife havens in India. Encounter varied landscapes and a rich array of flora and fauna.

  • Location: Various parks across Tanzania.

  • Must-Do: Explore Tarangire National Park for its elephant herds.

  • Food to Try: Swahili Fish Curry and Kachumbari (tomato and onion salad).

  • Price: Safari packages start at ₹15,000 per person.

  • Did You Know: Tanzania is home to over 300 species of mammals.

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6. Cultural Diversity: Embracing Local Traditions

Cultural Diversity

Just as India thrives on its cultural diversity, Tanzania offers a mosaic of ethnic groups. Engage with the Maasai people, witness traditional dances, and delve into the rich cultural history along the Swahili coast.

  • Location: Throughout Tanzania.

  • Must-Do: Engage in a traditional Maasai dance.

  • Food to Try: Chapati and Sukuma Wiki (collard greens).

  • Price: Cultural experiences start at ₹1,500 per person.

  • Did You Know: Over 120 ethnic groups coexist in Tanzania.

7. Selous Game Reserve: Africa's Best-Kept Secret

Selous Game Reserve

The Selous Game Reserve, Africa's largest protected area, provides a quieter safari experience. Akin to India's lesser-explored reserves, Selous offers untouched wilderness and boat safaris along the Rufiji River.

  • Location: Southern Tanzania.

  • Must-Do: Take a boat safari along the Rufiji River.

  • Food to Try: Coconut Bean Soup and Kuku Paka (coconut chicken curry).

  • Price: Boat safaris start at ₹10,000 per person.

  • Did You Know: Selous Game Reserve is larger than Switzerland.

8. Lake Manyara: A Haven for Birdwatchers

Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara, with its diverse birdlife, is a paradise for birdwatchers, reminiscent of India's bird sanctuaries. Thousands of flamingos and pelicans create a stunning visual against the backdrop of the Rift Valley.

  • Location: Northern Tanzania.

  • Must-Do: Birdwatching along the shores of Lake Manyara.

  • Food to Try: Wali wa Nazi (coconut rice) and Mishkaki (grilled meat skewers).

  • Price: Birdwatching tours start at ₹5,000 per person.

  • Did You Know: Lake Manyara is famous for its tree-climbing lions.

9. Mahale Mountains National Park: A Unique Wildlife Encounter

Mahale Mountains National ParkFor a distinctive wildlife adventure, trek through Mahale Mountains National Park to encounter habituated chimpanzee communities. This remote park offers an off-the-beaten-path experience akin to India's hidden gems.

  • Location: Western Tanzania, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

  • Must-Do: Chimpanzee trekking in the Mahale Mountains.

  • Food to Try: Ndizi Nyama (plantains with meat) and Mchicha (spinach stew).

  • Price: Chimpanzee trekking packages start at ₹12,000.

  • Did You Know: Mahale is one of the best places to observe wild chimpanzees.

10. Warm Hospitality: Tanzania's "Karibu" to Indian Travelers

 Hospitality of TanzaniansExperience the warm hospitality of Tanzanians as they welcome you with the Swahili greeting "Karibu." Similar to the warm welcomes in India, this hospitality will make you feel at home, whether in a bustling market or a remote village.

  • Location: throughout Tanzania.

  • Must-Do: Engage in local markets for a true taste of Tanzanian life.

  • Food to Try: Nyiragongo (spiced fried fish) and Bokoboko (corn and bean stew).

  • Price: Market souvenirs start at ₹500.

  • Did You Know: Tanzanians are known for their "Hakuna matata" (no worries) attitude.

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In essence, Tanzania serves as a captivating canvas, inviting Indian travelers to paint their adventures against the backdrop of East Africa's wonders.

From the untamed beauty of its natural landscapes to the rich tapestry of cultures that call this land home, Tanzania unfolds as a destination that beckons with both familiarity and the thrill of the unexplored.

The allure lies not only in the sprawling plains of the Serengeti, the mystical heights of Mount Kilimanjaro, or the tranquil beaches of Zanzibar, but also in the mosaic of ethnicities and traditions that echo the cultural vibrancy of India.

As you embark on this journey, pack your bags not just for a physical voyage but for a soulful exploration—a discovery of the magic that Tanzania holds, a destination that resonates deeply with the spirit of India.

Swagat hai! (Welcome!)

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