Top 20 Things to Do in Lonavala, Mumbai in 2023

Lonavala, located between the cities of Mumbai and Pune, is one of the most sought-after hill stations in the Western Ghats. With its misty valleys, cascading waterfalls, and vast expanses of greenery, it offers a respite from the bustling city life.

let’s delve into the top 20 things you must do while in Lonavala.

1. Tiger’s Leap

Tiger point lonavala

One of Lonavala’s most renowned viewpoints, it offers a panoramic view of the valley and feels as if you're leaping like a tiger. 

2. Bhushi Dam

Image Source: Maharashtra Tourism

Especially during the monsoon, this dam is brimming with water and becomes a popular picnic spot.

3. Lonavala Lake

Also known as Monsoon Lake, it is surrounded by natural beauty and offers boating facilities.

4. Karla Caves

Buddha Cave lonavala

Dating back to 160 BC, these ancient rock-cut Buddhist shrines are a testament to the region's rich history.

5. Lohagad Fort

Trek up to this robust fort which once served as a major defense point and enjoy breathtaking views from the top.

6. Visapur Fort

Located near Lohagad, this fort is a must-visit for trekkers and history enthusiasts alike.

7. Ryewood Park

Lonavala park

A sprawling garden dotted with ancient trees, a perfect place to spend a peaceful afternoon.

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8. Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum

wax museum

Check out the life-size wax statues of prominent personalities. Here is Rajinikant sir's life-size statue from the movie Kabali.

9. Bhaja Caves

Another set of ancient rock-cut caves, bearing inscriptions from the past.

10. Lion’s Point

Perfect for watching sunsets and enjoying a panoramic view of the Sahyadri mountains.

11. Aamby Valley

While this is a private city developed by the Sahara India Pariwar. It is around 25 kms from Lonavala and a beautiful place to experience rock climbing, Jungle safaris, and Trekking.

12. Duke’s Nose

A uniquely shaped cliff that's ideal for trekking and rock climbing. 

13. Rajmachi Point

Located on the way to Mumbai from Lonavala, it offers a view of the famous Rajmachi Fort.

14. Narayani Dham Temple

A beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Narayani, it’s serene and offers a spiritual retreat.

15. Della Adventure Park

For the adrenaline junkies, this park offers over 70 activities including ATV rides, bungee jumping, and paintball.

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16. Lonavala Market

Image Source: Bigfoot Stay

Don’t forget to buy the famous chikki (a sweet delicacy) and fudge from the local market.

17. Kune Falls

Image Source: Caravaanlife

Falling from a height of 200 meters, it's one of the highest waterfalls in India and a sight to behold during the monsoons.

18. Valvan Dam

Image Source: TourTravelWorld

With a beautiful garden at its front and an enchanting view of the water, it’s a great spot for photography.

19. Tungarli Lake and Dam

Image Source: Triphobo

A peaceful spot, perfect for picnics and rejuvenating amidst nature.

20. Shooting Point

Lonavala Shooting point

Located in the town of Khandala (which is very close to Lonavala), this point offers a panoramic view of the Rajmachi Fort and the valley. It's a favored spot for many Bollywood film shootings, hence the name.

Tips for travelers

  • Best time to visit Lonavala is from October to February, when the entire region turns lush green.

  • While public transportation like trains and buses are available, hiring a cab from Mumbai or Pune offers a more comfortable experience.

  • Many spots in Lonavala require a bit of trekking, so it's advisable to wear comfortable shoes and carry water.

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To summarize, Lonavala offers a blend of natural beauty, adventure, and history. Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, or an adventure seeker, Lonavala has something for everyone.

By Yashas

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