Srinagar Tulip Garden 2024: Asia's biggest to Open this Week for visitors!

The much-awaited Srinagar Tulip Garden, recognized as Asia's largest tulip garden, is set to open its gates to visitors this week, offering a breathtaking display of colors amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Kashmir Valley. As anticipation builds, here's what visitors can expect from this year's edition, along with details on timings, ticket prices, and exciting new additions.

What's New This Year in Srinagar Tulip Garden

Apart from tulips, visitors can also enjoy a variety of other spring flowers including hyacinths, daffodils, muscari, and cyclamens, adding to the rich tapestry of floral beauty at the garden.

Srinagar Tulip Garden 2024, to Open this Week for visitors

Established in 2007, the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden was created to extend the tourist season in Jammu and Kashmir beyond just summers and winters. It began with 50,000 tulip bulbs imported from Holland and quickly became popular among tourists, growing steadily in terms of both visitor numbers and tulip varieties.

Last year, the garden welcomed over 3.65 lakh visitors, including both domestic and foreign tourists, showcasing its increasing appeal as a tourist destination. It has also become a favored filming location for various movie and video productions, with several film units choosing to shoot parts of their projects amidst the garden's scenic beauty.

This year, the administration has instructed the Srinagar Municipal Corporation to conduct sanitation drives and provide mobile toilet facilities. Additionally, the floriculture department has expanded parking space by nearly 22,000 square feet, aiming to accommodate the influx of visitors conveniently.

The Tulip festival, an annual celebration held during the onset of spring, aims to showcase the garden's diverse range of flowers and attract tourists from across the globe. Alongside admiring the blooming tulips, visitors can enjoy cultural programs, indulge in local cuisine at food stalls, and participate in various activities highlighting Kashmir's rich culture and traditions.

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How to reach Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Srinagar

By Air: The garden is located approximately 22 kilometers from Sheikh ul Alam International Airport in Srinagar. Visitors can easily hire a taxi or use public transportation from the airport to reach the tulip garden.

By Train: For those arriving by train, the garden is about 18 kilometers from Srinagar Railway Station. From the station, taxis and buses are readily available to reach the garden.

By Road: Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is conveniently located just 8 kilometers from Lalchowk in Srinagar. Visitors can reach the garden by taxi, auto-rickshaw, or bus from Lalchowk.

Note: It's advisable to check the current transportation options and availability before planning your visit to the garden.

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Timings and Ticket Pricing

Opening Date: The Srinagar Tulip Garden will open its doors to the public on March 25.

Timings: Visitors can explore the garden daily from 8am to 7pm.

Ticket Prices: Entry tickets for adults are priced at Rs. 60, for children Rs. 25 [as per last year’s pricing]. Special discounts may be available for students and senior citizens upon presentation of valid identification.

With its kaleidoscope of colors and new attractions, the 2024 edition of the tulip festival promises to be a memorable celebration of nature's beauty in the heart of the Kashmir Valley.

For more information and updates, visitors are encouraged to visit the official website of Jammu and Kashmir tourism.

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