Explore Bir Billing: A comprehensive travel guide to the adventure paradise

Hey there, travel buddies! Calling all adventure seekers, nature lovers, and anyone craving a breath of fresh mountain air. Today, we're packing our bags and heading to Bir Billing, a hidden gem nestled in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh.

This place isn't just famous for its stunning landscapes, it's known as India's paradise for paragliding. But fear not, even if you're not a thrill-seeker, Bir Billing has something for everyone. So, buckle up as we take you on a virtual tour of this enchanting destination.

How to Reach Bir Billing:

TravelReaching Bir Billing is relatively convenient, with several options available depending on your budget and preferences.

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Gaggal Airport in Kangra, located about 70 km from Bir Billing. From there, you can hire a taxi or cab to reach your destination.

  • By Train: The nearest railway station is Pathankot Junction, around 90 km away. From Pathankot, you can take a taxi or bus to Bir Billing.

  • By Road: Bir Billing is well-connected by road to major cities like Delhi and Chandigarh. You can either take a direct bus or hire a car for a scenic road trip.

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Best Time to Visit Bir Billing:

The ideal time to visit Bir Billing depends on your preferred activities and weather conditions.

  • Summer (March to May): Pleasant weather with clear skies, perfect for paragliding and outdoor activities.

  • Monsoon (June to August): Heavy rainfall can disrupt paragliding flights, but the lush greenery is captivating.

  • Post-monsoon (September to November): Clear skies and comfortable temperatures make it a favorable time for paragliding and sightseeing.

  • Winter (December to February): The weather can be quite chilly, with occasional snowfall, limiting outdoor activities. However, if you enjoy the cold and fewer crowds, this could be a good option.

Where to Stay in Bir Billing:

accommodation Bir Billing offers a variety of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences.

  • Hotels and guesthouses: Ranging from budget-friendly options to luxurious stays, these offer comfortable amenities and convenient locations.

  • Homestays: Experience local hospitality and immerse yourself in the culture by staying at a homestay.

  • Campsites: For a truly adventurous experience, opt for camping amidst nature.

Getting Around Bir Billing:

Getting around Bir Billing is a relatively small town, and exploring it on foot is a delightful way to soak in the sights and sounds. However, if you want to venture further afield, here are your options:

  • Taxis: Taxis are readily available for hire and can be negotiated for local commutes or day trips.

  • Scooters: Renting a scooter is a convenient way to explore the surrounding villages and countryside at your own pace.

  • Public Transport: Local buses connect Bir Billing to nearby towns like Palampur and Dharamshala.

  • Cycling: Renting a bicycle is a fun and eco-friendly way to explore the surrounding areas. You can cycle to nearby villages, waterfalls, and viewpoints at your own pace.

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Things to Do in Bir Billing (Some of them are adventurous):


ParaglidingUndoubtedly, the star attraction of Bir Billing is paragliding. Soaring through the skies like a bird, witnessing the panoramic Himalayan landscapes from a bird's-eye view, is an experience like no other. Tandem paragliding options are available for beginners, allowing you to fly safely with an experienced pilot.

Tibetan Colony:

Tibetan Colony BillingImg: Vinay Gupta/ Quora

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Tibetan culture. Explore the bustling streets lined with shops selling colorful prayer flags, handcrafted souvenirs, and traditional clothing.

Trekking and Hiking:

Trekking and HikingExplore the surrounding hills and trails, offering stunning views and diverse flora and fauna. The Bir-Billing Trek, Raj-Gundha Trek, and Chaundari Trek are popular options for adventure enthusiasts.

Chokling Monastery:

Chokling Monastery BillingImg: Vimal Bhatia/ X

This magnificent monastery, nestled amidst the Tibetan Colony, is a center of Buddhist learning and meditation. Witness intricate artwork, serene prayer halls, and experience the tranquility of Tibetan Buddhism.

Gunehar Waterfall:

Gunehar Waterfall BillingImg: Insta Himachal

Take a refreshing dip in the natural pool formed by this cascading waterfall, nestled amidst lush greenery. Enjoy a scenic hike through the surrounding trails and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Mountain Biking:

Mountain BikingNavigate the challenging yet rewarding mountain biking trails amidst breathtaking scenery.


CampingImmerse yourself in nature by camping under the starlit sky. Several campsites offer stunning views and a unique outdoor experience.

Visit the Palpung Sherabling Monastery:

Palpung Sherabling MonasteryExperience the serenity and cultural significance of this Tibetan Buddhist monastery, one of the largest in the world.

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Chowgan Tea Gardens:

Chowgan Tea Gardens Witness the sprawling expanse of verdant tea plantations and learn about the process of tea making. Take a scenic stroll amidst the lush greenery and savor a cup of freshly brewed tea.

Cultural Experiences:

Bir Bazaar:

Bir Bazaar, BillingImmerse yourself in the local life by exploring the vibrant Bir Bazaar. Shop for handcrafted souvenirs, Tibetan artifacts, and local delicacies, and soak in the lively atmosphere.

Deer Park Institute:

 Deer Park Institute, Bir BillingImg: Vinay Gupta/ Quora

Get up close with nature at this wildlife sanctuary. Spot various species of deer, birds, and other animals, and learn about conservation efforts.

Baijnath Temple:

Baijnath Temple, Bir BillingImg: Sunil Choudhary

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this ancient temple is a revered pilgrimage site and boasts intricate carvings and architecture.



MomosThese steamed or fried dumplings come in various fillings like veg, chicken, and pork. Don't miss the fiery "Devil Momos" for a spicy kick!


ThukpaThis soul-warming noodle soup is perfect for a chilly evening. Choose from veg or non-veg options, and savor the rich broth and comforting noodles.


TingmoImg: Chain Baker

These fluffy steamed bread rolls are perfect for dipping in your favorite thukpa or chutney.


SidduImg: cookpad

This traditional steamed dumpling is a local favorite, made with wheat flour and stuffed with savory fillings like potatoes or lentils.

Chha Gosht:

Chha GoshtImg: Slurrp

This slow-cooked lamb dish is a true Himachali comfort food, bursting with flavor and spices.

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Bir Billing promises an adventure-filled and culturally enriching experience for travelers of all kinds. So, pack your bags, embrace the thrill, and get ready to explore the magic of this Himalayan paradise!

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