15 Best Affordable Destinations in India 2023

For those on a tight budget, India provides a wide variety of beautiful scenery, delectable cuisine, and entertaining activities. There are many vacation spots that mix natural beauty, cultural legacy, and leisure from the North to the South. Hill stations, old cities, and peaceful beaches are some of the most well-liked vacation spots. Everyone can enjoy India without breaking the budget, from the verdant slopes of Shimla to the historic alleys of Jaipur.

  1. Pondicherry – The French Town

  2. Gokarna – The Less Crowded Goa

  3. Rishikesh – The Yoga Capital

  4. Darjeeling – The Land Of Thunderbolt

  5. Kanyakumari – The Southernmost Tip

  6. Hampi – The Forgotten Empire

  7. Nainital – The City Of Lakes

  8. Munnar – The Green Hill Town

  9. Meghalaya – The Abode Of Clouds

  10. Ooty – The Queen Of Hills

  11. Shimla – The Iconic Hill station

  12. Pushkar – The Land Of Camels

  13. Digha – The City Of Underwater World

  14. Jaisalmer – Land Of Rich Culture

  15. Savarkut, Maharashtra – Explore The Clean City

1. Pondicherry – The French Town

A memorable vacationCheap budget trips to Pondicherry, India offer a French experience without breaking the bank. Enjoy the cobblestone streets during the day and the numerous cafes on the beach in the evenings. Don't forget to try the delicious French food around the area.

Ideal duration to stay in Pondicherry:

  • The ideal duration to stay in Pondicherry depends on your preferences and interests. If you are looking to explore the city's rich cultural heritage and architecture, a stay of 2–3 days would be sufficient.

  • However, if you also want to relax on the pristine beaches and indulge in water sports, extending your stay to 4 to 5 days would allow for a more leisurely experience.

The Best Time to Visit Pondicherry:

  • It is between the months of October and March, when the weather is pleasant and conducive to outdoor activities.

  • During this time, you can also witness various festivals and events that showcase the vibrant culture of Pondicherry. 

Airport or train station closest to you: 

  • Puducherry Railway Station or Chennai International Airport are the closest options for travelers. Both provide convenient transportation to and from Pondicherry, making it easy to reach this beautiful destination. 

Average Cost: 

  • Chennai to Pondicherry roundtrip bus fare is 500 Indian rupees.

  • Spend INR 300 on a quiet cottage or INR 500 on a modest hotel. For about INR 1000 per night, there are also mid-range hotels that provide cozy lodging at an affordable cost. 

  • Additionally, travelers can indulge in delicious local cuisine at affordable prices, with meals costing around INR 200–300 per person. 

Pondicherry Attractions:

  • One of Pondicherry's most well-known sights is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, a spiritual center that provides yoga and meditation instruction. 

  • You might also go to the French Quarter, which is renowned for its beautiful streets dotted with cafés and shops and its colonial architecture. 

  • Promenade Beach is another must-see location where you can take a leisurely stroll down the shoreline and see the stunning views of the Bay of Bengal. 

Activities In Pondicherry:

 In addition to visiting the attractions, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in Pondicherry. 

  • You can explore the vibrant local markets and indulge in some shopping for unique handicrafts and souvenirs. 

  • Additionally, water sports enthusiasts can try their hand at scuba diving or snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of the Bay of Bengal. 

Popular Dishes: 

Some of the famous dishes in Pondicherry include seafood delicacies like fish curry, prawn biryani, and crab masala. Additionally, you can also try traditional French dishes like crepes and baguettes, reflecting the city's colonial history.

What To Buy: 

  • Some popular items to buy in Pondicherry include beautiful textiles, such as silk and cotton fabrics, which are known for their vibrant colors and intricate designs. 

  • You can also find unique pottery pieces that showcase the city's artistic heritage. Additionally, Tibetan handicrafts, such as prayer flags and singing bowls, are also available for purchase. 

  • If you're interested in wellness products, Pondicherry is known for its aromatherapy products made from natural ingredients like essential oils and herbs. 

2. Gokarna – The Less Crowded Goa

A divine getawayGokarna is a reasonably priced holiday destination that offers a unique combination of historical culture and natural beauty.

Gokarna attracts tourists from all over the country with its world-class beaches, ancient temples, and religious significance.

Gokarna is a great place for a 3–4 day vacation since it has so much to offer visitors of all types, whether they are seeking spiritual enlightenment or enjoyment.

Ideal Duration to stay at Gokarna:

  • 3 to 4 days would be the best amount of time to spend at Gokarna. You will have plenty of time to explore the lovely beaches, enjoy some water sports, and take in the tranquil ambiance of this secluded location.

Best Time To Visit Gokarna :

  • The best time to visit Gokarna is between October and March when the weather is pleasant and ideal for beach activities. During this time, you can also witness various festivals and events that take place in the town, adding to the cultural experience of your trip. 

Airport/railway station closest to me: 

  • Dabolim Airport/Murdeshwar & Karwar Railway Station are the nearest airport and railway stations to Gokarna, respectively. From there, you can easily reach Gokarna by hiring a taxi or taking a local bus.

Average Cost: 

  • Bus fare from Bangalore to Gokarna and back is around INR 800–1000. 

  • The cost of a taxi from Dabolim Airport to Gokarna is approximately INR 2000-2500, 

  • while the train fare from Murdeshwar or Karwar to Gokarna is around INR 100-200. 

  • Goa to Gokarna and back by train: INR 90 - 120. The cost of transportation to Gokarna varies depending on the mode of travel and distance covered. 

  • Accommodation options in Gokarna range from budget guesthouses to luxury resorts, with prices starting at around INR 500 per night. It is advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. 

Gokarna Tourist Attractions:

 1. Gokarna Beach: Known for its pristine beauty and serene atmosphere, Gokarna Beach is a must-visit attraction for beach lovers. 

2. Mahabaleshwar Temple: This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a significant religious site and attracts devotees from all over the country. 

3. Om Beach: With its distinctive shape resembling the Hindu symbol 'Om', this beach offers stunning views and is popular for water sports activities. 

4. Half Moon Beach: A secluded beach 

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Activities in Gokarna:

  • Trekking, camping, and cave exploration are all options. Numerous ashrams in the vicinity also provide yoga and meditation classes for visitors to enjoy.

  • For those seeking a more laid-back experience, Gokarna's pristine beaches provide the perfect setting for relaxation and sunbathing, allowing visitors to unwind and rejuvenate amidst the tranquil surroundings. 

  • Additionally, Gokarna is renowned for its exciting nightlife, which includes seaside shacks and cafés that serve delectable seafood and live music. 

Popular Foods:

  • One should not pass up the chance to sample the delectable South Indian food that Gokarna has to offer.

  • Local eateries and street sellers provide a broad range of delectable delicacies that are sure to sate the demands of any food lover, from dosas and idlis to spicy curries.

  • And for those seeking a distinctive culinary experience, a taste of the delectable Prawn Pizza is a must, as it fuses the best of both cultures by fusing regional seafood with flavors from around the world.

What To Buy: 

  • Make sure you bring home some genuine trinkets from Gokarna to show off the region's culture. Popular choices include brass lamps, which are renowned for their ornate patterns and symbolic meaning in Hindu ceremonies.

  • Kallu Sarkkare, a form of jaggery derived from palm tree sap and commonly used in traditional Indian sweets and desserts, is another must-buy. Gokarna is renowned for producing wonderful handicrafts as well, including wood carvings and fabrics made by hand. 

3. Rishikesh – The Yoga Capital

The Yoga capitalKnown for its breathtaking natural beauty and spiritual importance, Rishikesh is a popular holiday destination in India that is affordable.

This lovely town, which is tucked away in the Himalayan foothills, provides a tranquil retreat from the rush of urban life.

Rishikesh draws tourists looking for inner peace and renewal with its abundance of ashrams, yoga studios, and meditation retreats.

Along the banks of the revered Ganges River, thrill-seekers may also partake in exhilarating pursuits like river rafting, hiking, and camping.

Ideal Duration at Rishikesh:

  • The ideal duration at Rishikesh depends on the activities you plan to engage in and your personal preferences.

  • If you are interested in exploring the spiritual side of Rishikesh and participating in yoga and meditation retreats, 1 or 2 weeks may be sufficient.

  • However, if you also want to indulge in adventure sports like river rafting or hiking, extending your stay to 3 or 4 weeks would allow for a more comprehensive experience.

Best Time to Visit Rishikesh:

  • From late September to mid-November, the weather is pleasant with cooler temperatures and less rainfall, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Additionally, this period also coincides with the festive season of Diwali, adding a vibrant and cultural touch to your visit. 

Airport/railway station closest to me:

  • Jolly Grant Airport/Dehradun Railway Station is the nearest airport and railway station to Rishikesh, making it easily accessible for travellers. From there, you can take a taxi or hire a private car to reach Rishikesh, which is approximately a one-hour drive away.

Average Cost: 

  • 300 INR for travel to and from Delhi

  • River rafting costs INR 5,000 per person (including gear and a guide).

  • From 150 - 1000 rupees per day for accommodation in a budget hotel or guesthouse

  • At neighborhood eateries or food carts, meals cost between 200 and 300 INR. 

  • River rafting: 400 to 1300 Indian rupees per person

  • For one night's lodging, three meals, and river rafting, the cost of beach camping is INR 1600 per person.

Places To Visit In Rishikesh:

 1. Laxman Jhula, an iconic suspension bridge over the Ganges River. 

2. The Beatles Ashram, where the famous band once stayed and meditated. 

3. Triveni Ghat, a popular spot for evening aarti (prayer ceremony) by the river. 

4. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, located amidst lush green forests and dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

5. Rajaji National Park, a wildlife sanctuary known for its diverse flora and fauna 

Things To Do In Rishikesh:

 1. Experience the thrill of white water rafting in the Ganges River. 

2. Take part in yoga and meditation classes offered by various ashrams and retreat centers. 

3. Explore the beautiful surrounding hills and go for trekking or hiking adventures. 

4. Attend a traditional Ganga Aarti ceremony at Parmarth Niketan or other ashrams along the riverbank. 

5. Indulge in adventure activities like bungee jumping, zip-lining, and rock climbing offered in Rish 

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Popular Foods:

  • Try the local delicacies such as aloo puri, kachori, and chole bhature at the street food stalls.

  • Savour the famous Rishikesh specialty, the creamy and delicious malai lassi, at one of the many lassi shops in the city. 

What To Buy: 

Some of the preferred goods to purchase in Rishikesh are glass bracelets, pickles, carved stone idols, ayurvedic medicines, and rudraksha beads. Don't forget to go around the local stalls and shops for these distinctive trinkets. 

4. Darjeeling – The Land Of Thunderbolt

The Land Of ThunderboltDarjeeling is a popular tourist destination in India that is inexpensive and famous for its magnificent tea gardens and gorgeous Himalayan vistas.

Darjeeling provides a distinctive fusion of leisure and adventure thanks to its mild climate and fascinating colonial architecture.

This gorgeous hill station is likely to leave you with priceless memories, whether you're enjoying a cup of the well-known Darjeeling tea or visiting the lively local markets.

Ideal Duration in Darjeeling: 

  • The ideal duration in Darjeeling would be around 3 to 4 days. This allows enough time to explore the main attractions such as the Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop, and the tea gardens, as well as indulge in activities like trekking and visiting monasteries. Additionally, it provides a chance to experience the charming colonial architecture and enjoy the serene ambiance of this hill station.

Best Time To Visit Darjeeling:

  • March To May and October-November are considered the best times to visit Darjeeling. During these months, the weather is pleasant with clear skies, making it ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

  • The spring season (March to May) offers blooming flowers and lush greenery, while the autumn season (October to November) provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. 

Airport or railway station closest to: 

  • Bagdogra Airport and New Jalpaiguri Railway Station are the nearest to Darjeeling, respectively. Darjeeling is around 90 kilometers from Bagdogra Airport, which has good connections to important Indian towns. 

  • The closest train station to Darjeeling is New Jalpaiguri train station, which is around 80 kilometers away. Regular transport is accessible from the train station and the airport to Darjeeling.

Average Cost: 

  • Bus tickets cost INR 490 from Kolkata to Siliguri or New Jalpaiguri and back.

  • Toy train from NJP to Darjeeling: INR 250

  • INR 150 per person for a jeep journey from NJP to Darjeeling

  • Stay options in Darjeeling range from budget guesthouses to luxury hotels, with prices starting at around INR 800 per night. Additionally, there are also homestay options available for a more immersive experience, with prices ranging from INR 500 to INR 1500 per night. 

  • On average, two meals in Darjeeling can cost around 300 INR. However, it is worth noting that prices may vary depending on the restaurant or type of cuisine chosen. 

Darjeeling Tourist Attractions:

1. Tiger Hill: Known for its breathtaking sunrise views over the Kanchenjunga mountain range.

2. Batasia Loop: A unique railway loop offering panoramic views of Darjeeling town and the surrounding hills.

3. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute: A must-visit for adventure enthusiasts, offering mountaineering courses and a museum showcasing mountaineering history.

4. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway: Take a joyride on the UNESCO World Heritage toy train and enjoy the scenic beauty 

Activities In Darjeeling:

  • Tea tasting & plantation tours: Take a tour of Darjeeling's well-known tea gardens and discover how tea is produced while sipping on a cup of freshly brewed tea.

  • Hiking and trekking Engage in exhilarating hikes and treks through the scenic landscapes, including the well-known paths to Tiger Hill and Sandakphu, which provide breathtaking Himalayan vistas. 

Popular Foods 

  • The dishes Thukpa, The Naga Cuisine, Chaang, Momos, and Aloo Dum are just a few of the well-known foods you must try when visiting Darjeeling. 

  • These mouthwatering treats will definitely tempt your taste buds and offer you a genuine experience of the regional cuisine.

What To Buy: 

  • Darjeeling is known for its hand-knitted goods, tea, handicrafts, and regional spices, among other things.

  • The region's expert workmanship is on display in the hand-knitted shawls and sweaters, while Darjeeling tea is recognized for its distinctive flavor and scent.

  • A wide range of lovely handicrafts that showcase the regional culture and customs are also available. 

5. Kanyakumari – The Southernmost Tip

The Southernmost TipSouthern India's Kanyakumari is an accessible tourist destination renowned for its natural splendor and rich cultural history.

Kanyakumari provides a distinctive fusion of natural and cultural experiences with its magnificent beaches, imposing temples, and bustling local markets.

Every visitor on a budget will find something at Kanyakumari, whether they want to explore historical sites like the Vivekananda Rock Memorial or just unwind by the Arabian Sea during a tranquil sunset. 

Ideal duration in Kanyakumari:

  • 2 Nights/3 Days is the perfect amount of time to explore the enchanting beauty of this coastal town. With 2 full days, you can visit popular attractions such as Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Thiruvalluvar Statue, and the mesmerizing sunset point at Kanyakumari Beach.

  • Additionally, this duration allows for a leisurely pace, giving you ample time to soak in the rich cultural heritage and indulge in local cuisine.

Best Time To Visit Kanyakumari: 

  • October To March during these months, the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities.

  • The temperature ranges from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, making it comfortable for sightseeing and exploring the town.

  • Moreover, this period also coincides with several festivals and events, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of Kanyakumari. 

Airport/railway station closest to me: 

  • Trivandrum International Airport/Kanyakumari Railway Junction are the nearest airport and railway station to Kanyakumari.

  • Trivandrum International Airport is located approximately 90 kilometers away, while Kanyakumari Railway Junction is conveniently situated in the heart of the town.

  • Both options provide easy access for travelers looking to visit this beautiful destination.

Average Cost: 

  • INR 500 for a bus from Trivandrum to Kanyakumari and return

  • 180 INR for one-way train travel from Trivandrum to Kanyakumari. 

  • Depending on their preferences and financial constraints, visitors can choose from a variety of lodging options in Kanyakumari, from 800 INR per night for affordable guesthouses to opulent resorts.

  • Food costs 200 INR for each meal on average, with a range of options available from local street food stalls to upscale restaurants. 

Kanyakumari Attractions:

  • Kanyakumari offers a range of attractions for visitors to explore. Some popular attractions include the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, which provides stunning views of the ocean and is a significant spiritual site.

  • The Thiruvalluvar Statue, standing tall at 133 feet, is another must-visit landmark.

  • Additionally, tourists can visit Kanyakumari Beach to witness the unique phenomenon of witnessing both sunrise and sunset from the same spot. 

Activities in Kanyakumari:

  • One popular activity is taking a boat ride to the nearby Vivekananda Rock and Thiruvalluvar Statue, allowing tourists to get a closer look at these iconic landmarks.

  • Another activity is exploring the local markets and trying out delicious South Indian cuisine, including fresh seafood dishes.

Most Popular Dishes: 

  • Kothu, Banana Chips, Pazha Sarbath, Aval Dosai, and Idiyappam are some of the most popular dishes in Kanyakumari. These dishes showcase the rich flavours and unique culinary traditions of South India.

What to Buy: 

  • Shells, Handloom Saris, and traditional handicrafts are some of the popular items to buy in Kanyakumari. These items make for great souvenirs and are a reflection of the local culture and craftsmanship. 

6. Hampi – The Forgotten Empire

The Forgotten EmpireIndia's Hampi is a location with reasonable travel costs that provides a rich cultural and historical experience. Hampi is a haven for both history buffs and environment lovers, with its magnificent temples, ancient ruins, and spectacular scenery.

The town also offers inexpensive lodging, cafés that provide wonderful traditional food, and a variety of transportation choices that make it convenient for tourists on a budget.

Visitors will undoubtedly have a memorable and economical journey to this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Hampi, whether they want to explore the ruins of this location or take in the tranquil beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Ideal Duration in Hampi:

  • The ideal duration in Hampi depends on the traveler's interests and preferences. However, most visitors find that spending at least 2 to 3 days allows them to explore the main attractions and immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Best Time to Visit:

  • October through February These months provide good weather, with milder temperatures making outdoor activities and sightseeing more bearable. Additionally, as this time frame falls during Hampi's holiday season, tourists will have the opportunity to take in lively festivities and cultural activities. 

Airport/railway station closest to me:

  • Hubli Airport, located 143 km away, is the closest airport to Hampi. Alternatively, tourists can also choose to arrive at Hospet Railway Station, which is only 12 km away from the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Average Cost: 

  • Taking the train costs INR 500 from Bangalore to Hospet and back.

  • From inexpensive guesthouses to opulent resorts, Hampi offers a variety of lodging options, with rates starting at about INR 500 per night.

  • Local eateries serve delectable South Indian cuisine at moderate prices, and food and beverages are also fairly priced.

  • 100 INR from Hospet to Hampi

Hampi Tourist Attractions:

1. The Virupaksha Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-visit for its stunning architecture and spiritual significance.

2. Matanga Hill offers breathtaking panoramic views of the entire Hampi landscape and is a popular spot for sunrise and sunset photography. 

3. Hemakuta hill temple is another popular attraction in Hampi, known for its intricate carvings and ancient ruins. It is a great place to explore and immerse oneself in the rich history of the region.

4. The Hampi Bazaar, bustling with shops and street vendors, offers a vibrant atmosphere to explore and shop for souvenirs. 

Activities In Hampi:

  • Ride a bike to the hippie side of Hampi and discover the laid-back vibe of the Virupapur Gaddi area, where you can relax by the riverside cafes and enjoy live music performances. 

  • Additionally, don't miss the opportunity to go rock climbing in Hampi's famous boulder-strewn landscape, which offers a thrilling adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. 

  • Cliff jumping is another popular activity in Hampi, where you can leap off the rocky cliffs into the refreshing waters of the Tungabhadra River. It's a thrilling experience that will get your adrenaline pumping and provide a unique perspective of the stunning surroundings. 

  • Relax at Lotus Mahal, a beautiful palace known for its intricate architecture and serene atmosphere. The peaceful gardens surrounding the palace are perfect for unwinding and taking in the beauty of Hampi. 

Popular dishes:

  • South Indian Cuisine like dosa, Idly , and vada are must-try dishes in Hampi. These traditional delicacies are made with fermented rice and lentil batter, and are typically served with a variety of chutneys and sambar. Don't miss the opportunity to indulge in these flavorful and satisfying dishes during your visit to Hampi.

What To Buy: 

  • Brass Items, Hippie Clothes, Funky Jewellery, Leather Crafts and Handmade Pottery are some of the popular items to buy in Hampi.

  • These unique and artistic crafts make for great souvenirs and gifts. Don't forget to explore the local markets and shops to find these treasures and support the local artisans. 

7. Nainital – The City Of Lakes

 The City Of LakesNainital, a popular hill station in India, is known for its breathtaking beauty and serene atmosphere.

It offers a wide range of budget-friendly accommodations and activities, making it an ideal destination for travelers on a tight budget.

Whether it's exploring the picturesque Naini Lake, visiting the famous Naina Devi Temple, or simply enjoying the pleasant weather and stunning views, Nainital has something to offer everyone without breaking the bank. 

Ideal Duration in Nainital: 

  • Nainital's stunning surroundings and peaceful lakes make for the perfect getaway lasting 2 nights and 3 days.

Best Time To Visit Nainital: 

  • March To June is the best time to visit Nainital, as the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities like boating and trekking. Additionally, during this time, you can also witness the famous Nanda Devi Mela, a vibrant festival celebrated in the month of May. 

Airport/railway station closest to me: 

  • Pantnagar Airport/Kathgodam Railway Station are the nearest airport and railway station to Nainital, respectively.

  • Pantnagar Airport is approximately 65 kilometers away from Nainital, while Kathgodam Railway Station is just 34 kilometers away.

  • Both options provide convenient transportation for visitors to reach this beautiful hill station.

Average Cost: 

  • Delhi to Nainital on state-run buses, roundtrip: INR 368

  • 800 INR for a private Volvo bus (roundtrip).

  • There are several options for lodging here, with rates as low as INR 150 per night. 

  • Some popular budget hotels in Nainital include Hotel Himalaya, Hotel Pratap Regency, and Hotel Anamika. For those looking for a more luxurious stay, there are also high-end resorts and boutique hotels available with prices ranging from INR 2,000 to INR 10,000 per night. 

  • Food: Punjabi cuisine is widely available, with dinners beginning at INR 200 for two.

  • Boating: Paddle boat for INR 150 per hour

  • Ropeway: 150 INR per person (roundtrip)

Nainital tourist attractions:

  • Naini Lake, Naina Devi Temple, Tiffin Top, Snow View Point, and Eco Cave Gardens are some popular tourist attractions in Nainital.

  • Additionally, nature lovers can explore the beautiful landscapes of Nainital by visiting places like Naini Peak and Sariyatal. 

Activities In Nainital:

  • In addition to boating and taking the ropeway, visitors can also enjoy activities such as horse riding, trekking, and paragliding in Nainital. These activities offer a thrilling experience and a chance to explore the natural beauty of the region.

Most Popular Dishes: 

  • Baadi, Bhatt ki Churkani, Aloo ke Gutke are some of the most popular dishes in Nainital. Baadi is a traditional Kumaoni dish made from fermented black lentils, while Bhatt ki Churkani is a spicy curry made from black soybeans.

  • Aloo ke Gutke is a local favorite, consisting of stir-fried potatoes seasoned with spices. These dishes showcase the unique flavors of the region and are a must-try for food enthusiasts visiting Nainital.

What To Buy: 

  • Pine Cone decorations, Aroma candles, Woollens and handmade crafts are some of the popular items to buy in Nainital.

  • These items make for great souvenirs and are a reflection of the local culture and craftsmanship. 

8. Munnar – The Green Hill Town

The Green Hill TownThe relatively inexpensive hill town of Munnar is situated in Kerala, India's Western Ghats. It is renowned for its beautiful scenery, tea plantations, and year-round mild weather. The town is a favorite of nature lovers and adventure seekers since it provides a peaceful retreat from the hectic city life.

 Ideal Duration in Munnar: 

  • The ideal duration in Munnar depends on the activities and attractions you wish to explore. However, a minimum of 2-3 days is recommended to fully experience the beauty of this hill station.

  • Additionally, if you are interested in trekking or visiting nearby tea plantations, you may want to consider extending your stay by another day or two.

Best Time To Visit Munnar: 

  • The best time to visit Munnar is during the months of October to March, when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities. The monsoon season from June to September is also a good time to visit if you enjoy lush green landscapes and misty weather. 

Airport/railway station closest to me: 

  • Cochin International Airport (75 Km), Ernakulam Railway Station (130 Km), and Aluva Railway Station (110 Km) are the nearest airports and railway stations to Munnar. From there, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Munnar.

Average Cost

  • Buses from Cochin or Ernakulam and back: INR 180–300

  • Cottages start at INR 600 per night and can go up to INR 5000 for luxury accommodations. 

  • Additionally, the cost of food and activities in Munnar is generally affordable, with meals ranging from INR 100 to INR 500 per meal. 

  • Activities cost around INR 500 to INR 2000 per person, depending on the activity. 

Munnar Attractions:

  • The tea farms, where tourists may learn about the process of manufacturing tea and take in beautiful vistas, are among the most well-known attractions in Munnar. Another important destination is the endangered Nilgiri Tahr and gorgeous trekking trails of the Eravikulam National Park. 

Activities In Munnar:

  • Visitors can explore the stunning Mattupetty Dam and enjoy boating or take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque Rose Garden.

  • For those seeking adventure, Munnar also offers opportunities for rock climbing and paragliding, providing an adrenaline rush amidst the breathtaking landscapes. 

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Popular Dishes:

  • Appam with stew, Kerala Prawn Curry, Beef Fry, and Malabar Parotta are some of the popular dishes that visitors can enjoy in Munnar.

  • These dishes showcase the rich flavors of Kerala cuisine, adding to the overall culinary experience of the region.

What to buy: 

  • Tea, cashews, homemade chocolates, and spices are some of the popular items that visitors can purchase in Munnar.

  • The region is known for its tea plantations, so it's a great opportunity to bring back some high-quality tea leaves.

  • Additionally, the local markets offer a variety of spices and homemade chocolates that make for unique and delicious souvenirs. 

9. Meghalaya – The Abode Of Clouds

 The Abode Of CloudsTravelers wishing to discover the wonders of nature might find Meghalaya to be an economical vacation.

Meghalaya provides a singular and remarkable experience with its lush green scenery, flowing waterfalls, and beautiful vistas.

The state is renowned for its lively local culture and kind hospitality, making it the ideal location for travelers looking to immerse themselves in another culture. 

Ideal duration in Meghalaya:

  • The ideal duration in Meghalaya depends on the specific interests and preferences of the traveler. However, to fully explore the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the state, a minimum of 5 to 7 days is recommended.

Best Time to Visit Meghalaya: 

  • The best time to visit Meghalaya is during the months of October to April when the weather is pleasant and rainfall is minimal.

  • This allows for better visibility and accessibility to the various attractions in the state, such as the Living Root bridges and waterfalls. 

Airport/railway station closest to me:

  • Shillong Airport and Guwahati Railway Station are the nearest airports and railway station to Meghalaya, respectively. From there, visitors can easily reach their desired destinations within the state.

Average Cost: 

  • Guwahati to Shillong bus fares range from Rs. 60 to Rs. 200.

  • Prices for lodging in Meghalaya start at about INR 1000 per night and range from modest guesthouses to opulent resorts. 

  • A daily budget of about INR 500 should be plenty for meals and snacks, while food and drink costs might vary based on your preferences. 

Meghalaya Tourist Attractions:

  • Some popular tourist attractions in Meghalaya include the Mawlynnong Village, known as the cleanest village in Asia, the stunning Dawki River and its crystal clear waters, and the mesmerizing Nohkalikai Falls, which is one of the tallest waterfalls in India.

  • Additionally, visitors can explore the caves of Mawsmai and witness the unique living root bridges in Cherrapunji. 

Activities In Meghalaya:

  • There are many things to do in Meghalaya, such as hiking through the beautiful Khasi Hills, going river rafting down the Umngot River, and taking in the rich cultural legacy by going to traditional music and dance events.

  • Adventure seekers may also go on caving trips to explore Meghalaya's famously complicated subterranean caverns. 

Popular Dishes: 

  • Jodoh, Nakham Bitchi, Pumaloi, Bamboo Shoots are some of the popular dishes in Meghalaya.

  • Jodoh is a traditional rice dish cooked with pork, while Nakham Bitchi is a spicy fish curry. Pumaloi is a sticky rice dish steamed in banana leaves, and bamboo shoots are often used in various local recipes, adding a unique flavor to the cuisine of Meghalaya.

What to Buy: 

  • Artifacts made of Bamboo and Cane, Cotton and Silk Products such as shawls and scarves, and traditional Khasi musical instruments are popular items to buy in Meghalaya.

  • These unique handicrafts and textiles showcase the rich cultural heritage of the state and make for great souvenirs or gifts. 

10. Ooty – The Queen Of Hills

The Queen Of HillsOoty, an inexpensive hill resort in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, provides a welcome respite from the rush and bustle of metropolitan life. It is a well-liked vacation spot for both local and foreign tourists because of its scenic scenery, agreeable climate, and lovely colonial architecture. 

Ideal Duration in Ooty: 

  • 2 Nights/3 Days is the ideal duration in Ooty to fully experience the beauty and charm of this hill station. This timeframe allows you to explore the popular attractions, indulge in outdoor activities, and also take some time to relax and soak in the serene surroundings.

Best Time To Visit Ooty:

  • The best time to visit Ooty is during the months of April to June and September to November. During these months, the weather is pleasant with mild temperatures, making it perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

  • Additionally, the monsoon season from July to August brings lush greenery and beautiful waterfalls, adding to the scenic beauty of Ooty. 

Airport or train station closest to me: 

  • The closest airport and railway station, respectively, to Ooty are Coimbatore International Airport and Mettupalyam Railway Station.

  • Coimbatore International Airport is approximately 88 kilometers away from Ooty and has regular flights connecting major cities in India.

  • Mettupalyam Railway Station, on the other hand, is located around 40 kilometers from Ooty and is well-connected to various cities in South India.

Average Cost: 

  • Bus fare from Chennai to Ooty and return is INR 1400. 

  • Depending on the hotel or resort you pick, the average nightly price for lodging in Ooty ranges from INR 1500 to INR 5000. 

  • The price of food and beverages in Ooty is very affordable, with lunches at neighborhood eateries costing between INR 200 and INR 500 per person. 

Ooty Attractions:

  • Some popular attractions in Ooty include the Botanical Gardens, where visitors can explore a vast collection of exotic plants and flowers, and the Ooty Lake, where boating and picnicking are popular activities.

  • Additionally, tourists can visit Doddabetta Peak for panoramic views of the surrounding hills or take a ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Activities In Ooty:

  • In Ooty, there are plenty of things to do. Adventure seekers may go hiking in the stunning Nilgiri Hills or partake in an exhilarating paragliding experience.

  • Nature enthusiasts may explore the breathtaking Pykara Falls or enjoy a tranquil stroll through the picturesque tea gardens.

  • Visitors may indulge in some chocolate sampling at nearby stores because Ooty is also renowned for its delectable handcrafted chocolates. 

Popular foods: 

  • Kebabs, Chinese food, chocolates, and momos are some of the popular foods that visitors can enjoy in Ooty.

  • The local cuisine also offers a variety of traditional South Indian dishes such as dosas, idlis, and vadas, which are a must-try for food lovers.

What to Buy: 

  • Authentic spices, leather products, ornaments, tea, and homemade jams are some of the popular items that visitors can buy in Ooty.

  • The town is famous for its high-quality tea, so it is a great opportunity to purchase some fresh tea leaves or tea bags as souvenirs.

  • Additionally, Ooty is known for its beautiful handmade leather products and intricate ornaments, making them perfect gifts to bring back home.

11. Shimla – The Iconic Hill Station

The Iconic Hill StationAnother well-liked location for people looking for a vacation from city life is Shimla, a budget-friendly hill region in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful scenery, comfortable climate, and exquisite architecture from the British era.

Ideal duration to stay in Shimla:

  • Typically, 2 nights and 3 days are the perfect amount of time to spend in Shimla. This gives tourists the chance to experience the city's top sights, such as Mall Road, Jakhu Temple, and the Ridge, as well as ample time to engage in leisure activities like hiking or go to adjacent locations like Kufri or Chail.

Best Time To Visit Shimla: 

  • November to February is the best time to visit Shimla as the city experiences snowfall during this period, creating a beautiful winter wonderland. The chilly weather adds to the charm of the place and allows tourists to enjoy activities like skiing and ice skating. 

Airport/railway station closest to me: 

  • Jabbarhatti Airport and Shimla Railway Station are the nearest airports and railway stations to Shimla, respectively. Both are well connected to major cities in India, making it convenient for tourists to reach Shimla.

Average Cost: 

  • Shimla offers a variety of lodging options, from pricey guesthouses to opulent resorts, to suit the needs of all travelers. The average price per night ranges from 700 to 1500 INR.

  • Meals cost between 200 and 500 rupees. 

  • Transportation costs and entry fees to tourist destinations are examples of additional costs. 

Shimla Attractions:

  •  Some popular attractions in Shimla include Mall Road, which is a bustling shopping street with a variety of shops and restaurants.

  • The Ridge, a spacious open space that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains, is another must-visit spot.

  • Additionally, the Jakhu Temple, located on Jakhu Hill, is a famous religious site that attracts many visitors. 

Activities in Shimla:

  • Shimla offers a wide variety of enjoyable activities. Adventure seekers may partake in exhilarating sports like paragliding, skiing, and trekking in the neighboring mountains.

  • Nature enthusiasts may enjoy picnics by the tranquil lakes and leisurely hikes through the lovely woodlands. Shimla also provides options for golfing and horseback riding for those wanting a more laid-back experience.

Popular Dishes: 

  • Meethe Chawal, Khoru, Patore, Chaa Gosht are some of the popular dishes that visitors must try when in Shimla.

  • Meethe Chawal is a sweet rice dish made with saffron, dry fruits, and ghee, while Khoru is a traditional Himachali curry made with yogurt and spices.

  • Patore is a unique dish made with colocasia leaves and gram flour, and Chaa Gosht is a flavorful mutton curry cooked with tea leaves.

  • These dishes showcase the rich culinary heritage of Shimla.

What To Buy: 

Himachali Hats, Local Handicrafts, Traditional Jewelry, Wooden Items and Handwoven Shawls are some of the popular items to buy in Shimla. These products reflect the traditional craftsmanship and cultural significance of the region. Additionally, locally produced jams and pickles are also worth considering as souvenirs, as they offer a taste of the region's flavors. 

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12. Pushkar – The Land Of Camels

The Land Of CamelsPushkar is a low-cost vacation spot renowned for its colorful culture and breathtaking scenery. The city has a large selection of inexpensive lodging alternatives, delectable street cuisine, and inexpensive transit choices.

Travelers may explore the rich history of this attractive city without breaking the budget, whether they choose to stroll through the crowded marketplaces, see old temples, or take a plunge in the holy Pushkar Lake.

Ideal Duration Of Stay Pushkar: 

  • The ideal duration of stay in Pushkar is typically around 2-3 days. This allows visitors to explore the town's vibrant streets, visit the famous Brahma Temple, and experience the unique atmosphere of the Pushkar Camel Fair if it coincides with their visit.

  • Additionally, taking a leisurely stroll around Pushkar Lake and witnessing the stunning sunset views from Savitri Temple are also recommended activities during your stay. 

Airport/railway station closest to me: 

  • The closest airport and train station to Pushkar, respectively, are Sanganer Airport and Ajmer Junction. Sanganer Airport is located in Jaipur, approximately 150 kilometers away from Pushkar, while Ajmer Junction is just 15 kilometers away.

  • Both options provide convenient transportation for visitors looking to reach Pushkar and begin their exploration of this vibrant town.

Best Time To Visit Pushkar: 

  • November to March is considered the best time to visit Pushkar due to the pleasant weather and various festivals that take place during this period.

  • The annual Pushkar Camel Fair, held in November, is a major highlight for tourists, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

  • Moreover, the months of December and January witness the famous Pushkar Mela, attracting thousands of pilgrims and travelers from around the world.

Average cost

  • Food: INR 300 per meal 

  • Accommodation: INR 500 - 1,500 per night. 

Pushkar Attractions:

  • Includes the sacred Pushkar Lake, the Brahma Temple, and the colorful markets filled with handicrafts and traditional Rajasthani attire.

  • The town's serene atmosphere and stunning sunsets over the desert landscape make it a popular destination for photography enthusiasts as well. 

Activities In Pushkar:

  • Activities in Pushkar include camel rides in the desert, hot air balloon rides for a bird's eye view of the town, and participating in vibrant and lively cultural events such as music and dance performances.

  • Additionally, visitors can explore nearby attractions like the Savitri Temple and the Pushkar Camel Fair, which is held annually and showcases a unique blend of culture, traditions, and livestock trading.

Popular Dishes: 

  • Poha, Kachori, Samosa, Dal Batti Churma, Falafel , and Malpua are some of the popular dishes in Pushkar. These dishes offer a taste of the local Rajasthani cuisine and are often enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

What To Buy: 

  • Handicraft Items, Silver articles, Rose products and traditional Rajasthani clothing are some of the popular items to buy in Pushkar.

  • The city is known for its vibrant markets and bustling streets, where visitors can find a wide range of unique and authentic souvenirs to take back home. 

13. Digha – The City Of Underwater World

The City Of Underwater World

Budget tourists seeking an Indian beach holiday might choose Digha. Digha provides a cost-effective holiday choice with its extensive expanses of sandy coastlines and reasonable lodgings.

The area also has a variety of inexpensive local restaurants that provide fantastic seafood, making it a great option for anybody looking for a gastronomic adventure. 

Ideal Duration Of Stay in Digha: 

  • The ideal duration of stay in Digha depends on personal preferences and the purpose of the visit. For those looking for a relaxing beach vacation, a weekend getaway or a short stay of 2-3 days can be sufficient to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea.

  • However, for travelers interested in exploring the nearby attractions such as Marine Aquarium and Research Centre, Chandaneswar Temple, or Shankarpur Beach, extending the stay to 4-5 days would allow for a more comprehensive experience.

Airport/railway station closest to me: 

  • Kolkata Airport/ Howrah Railway Station Kolkata Airport is the nearest airport to Digha, located approximately 190 kilometers away.

  • It offers domestic and international flights, making it convenient for travelers coming from different parts of the world. Howrah Railway Station, on the other hand, is the nearest major railway station to Digha, located around 187 kilometers away.

  • It is well-connected to various cities in India and provides an alternative mode of transportation for those who prefer train travel.

Best Time To Visit Digha: 

  • October To February During these months, the weather is pleasant with mild temperatures, making it ideal for outdoor activities and beach exploration.

  • Additionally, this time period also coincides with the annual Digha Beach Festival, where visitors can enjoy cultural performances and local cuisine.

Average cost

  • Train fare: INR 150 from Howrah to Digha

  • Depending on the kind of hotel or resort choose, the average nightly cost of lodging in Digha ranges from INR 800 to INR 3000. To ensure the greatest prices and availability, it is advised to make reservations in advance, especially during the busiest travel times. 

  • Depending on the establishment and the style of food, meals might cost anywhere from INR 200 to INR 500. 

  • There are many different places to eat, from sophisticated restaurants serving foreign cuisine to little fishing shacks in the neighborhood. 

Digha's Tourist Attractions:

1. The beautiful beaches of Digha, such as Udaipur Beach and Shankarpur Beach, are a major draw for tourists looking to relax and enjoy the sun. 

2. The Marine Aquarium and Research Centre in Digha is a popular tourist attraction, offering visitors the chance to explore the diverse marine life of the region. 

Digha Activities:

  • Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in water sports like jet skiing and parasailing at Digha's beaches, adding an adrenaline rush to their vacation. 

  • For those interested in history and culture, a visit to the Chandaneswar Temple, known for its architectural beauty and religious significance, is a must-do activity in Digha.

Popular Dishes: 

  • In addition to the exciting activities and attractions, Digha is also known for its delicious seafood dishes.

  • Visitors can savor mouth watering delicacies like prawn curry, fish fry, and crab masala, which are sure to tantalize their taste buds.

  • The local restaurants and food stalls offer a wide variety of seafood options that showcase the authentic flavors of the region.

What to Buy: 

  • Jute Products, Handicraft Showpieces and traditional Bengali sweets are some of the popular items that visitors can buy in Digha.

  • The jute products, such as bags and home decor items, are known for their durability and eco-friendly nature. Handicraft showpieces, on the other hand, are intricately designed and reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region.

  • Additionally, visitors can also indulge in buying traditional Bengali sweets like rasgulla and sandesh, which make for perfect souvenirs or treats to take back 

14. Jaisalmer – Land Of Rich Culture

 Land Of Rich CultureJaisalmer, known as the "Golden City," is an affordable location that offers a perfect opportunity to unwind.

With its breathtaking sand dunes, magnificent forts, and vibrant culture, Jaisalmer provides a serene and peaceful atmosphere that allows visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Whether you choose to explore the intricately designed havelis or indulge in camel safaris across the vast desert landscape, Jaisalmer promises a rejuvenating experience for those seeking tranquility on a budget.

Ideal Duration of Stay Jaisalmer:

  • The ideal duration of stay in Jaisalmer is typically recommended to be 2 days and 3 nights. This allows visitors to fully explore the city's iconic attractions, such as the Jaisalmer Fort, Patwon Ki Haveli, and enjoy activities like camel safaris in the Thar Desert.

  • Additionally, this timeframe provides enough time to immerse oneself in the vibrant culture and experience the mesmerizing sunset views over the sand dunes. 

Airport/railway station closest to me: 

  • The nearest airport to Jaisalmer is Jaisalmer Airport, which is located about 17 kilometers away from the city center.

  • The nearest railway station is Jaisalmer Railway Station, which is well-connected to major cities in India. 

Best Time to Visit Jaisalmer: 

  • November to March is considered the best time to visit Jaisalmer, as the weather is pleasant and suitable for outdoor activities.

  • During these months, the temperature is moderate, making it comfortable to explore the city and enjoy desert adventures.

  • However, it is important to note that this is also the peak tourist season, so it is advisable to book accommodations and activities in advance to avoid any inconvenience. 

Average Cost:

  • Stay: INR 500/- to INR 1000/- per day

  • Food: INR 200/- to INR 600/- per day

  • Train: INR 440/- to INR 900/- for a one-way ticket 

  • Bus: INR 300/- to INR 700/- for a one-way ticket. 

  • It is recommended to compare prices and book transportation in advance to get the best deals. 

Jaisalmer Tourist Attractions: 

 1. Jaisalmer Fort: This magnificent fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers stunning views of the city. 

2. Sam Sand Dunes: A visit to Jaisalmer is incomplete without experiencing the golden sand dunes and enjoying a camel safari. 

3. Patwon Ki Haveli: These intricately designed havelis showcase the rich architecture and craftsmanship of the region. 

4. Gadisar Lake: A peaceful spot for boating and enjoying the scenic beauty, especially during sunrise 

Popular Dishes: 

  • Mutton saag, Gatte ki sabzi , and Ker Sangri are some of the popular dishes in Jaisalmer. These dishes are known for their unique flavors and use of local ingredients such as gram flour and dried berries.

What To Buy: 

  • Mirror work embroidery products, camel leather products such as bags and shoes, and traditional Rajasthani handicrafts like pottery and textiles are popular items to buy in Jaisalmer.

  • Additionally, tourists often purchase locally made jewelry, such as silver earrings and necklaces adorned with colorful gemstones. 

15. Savarkut, Maharashtra – Explore The Clean City

Explore The Clean CityIt's inexpensive to unwind at Savarkut, Maharashtra. It provides a pleasant escape from the rush of city life because it is surrounded by lush foliage and serene sceneries.

For vacationers on a tight budget looking for peace and quiet, the area also offers inexpensive lodging alternatives and a wide range of leisure pursuits.

Ideal Duration Of Stay in Savarkut: 

  • The ideal duration of stay in Savarkut allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the region.

  • With 2 days and 3 nights, travelers can explore the charming local markets, indulge in traditional cuisine, and embark on breathtaking hikes through the picturesque landscapes.

  • This timeframe ensures a well-rounded experience that captures the essence of Savarkut's allure. 

Airport/railway station closest to me: 

  • Kankavali Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Savarkut, located approximately 30 kilometers away. Alternatively, Dabolim Airport in Goa is the closest airport, situated around 120 kilometers from Savarkut.

  • Both options provide convenient access to the region for travelers arriving by train or air.

Best Time To Visit Savarkut: 

  • December to February is the best time to visit Savarkut, as the weather is pleasantly cool and perfect for outdoor activities.

  • During this time, visitors can also witness the vibrant festivals and celebrations that take place in the region, adding an extra layer of cultural immersion to their trip.

  • Additionally, the winter months offer lower tourist crowds, allowing for a more peaceful and authentic experience in Savarkut.

Average Cost: 

  • Stay: 2000 INR to 3000 INR per night, depending on the type of accommodation chosen.

  • Food: A meal at a local restaurant can range from 200 INR to 500 INR per person, while street food options are more affordable, starting at around 50 INR. 

Savarkut's Attractions: 

  • Savarkut village, Kolad, Igatpuri, and Bhandardara are some of the popular attractions in Savarkut.

  • Each of these places offers unique experiences, such as exploring ancient temples, enjoying water sports activities, and witnessing breathtaking natural beauty.

Savarkut Activities: 

  • Kayaking, rafting , and trekking are some of the popular activities in Savarkut. These activities allow visitors to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings and experience thrilling adventures.

Popular Dishes: 

  • Popti and Vada Pav are some of the famous dishes in Savarkut. These local delicacies are known for their unique flavors and are a must-try for food enthusiasts visiting the region.

What To Buy: 

  • Essentials made from organic cotton such as clothing, bedding, and towels are popular items to purchase in Savarkut. These products are not only eco-friendly but also showcase the region's commitment to sustainable living.

  • Additionally, handmade crafts and souvenirs made by local artisans are also worth considering as unique mementos of your trip to Savarkut. 

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Regardless matter whether you're organizing a two-day trip or a month-long vacation, this list of affordable tours in India will be helpful. India provides a variety of budget trip alternatives, from seeing the opulent palaces of Rajasthan to taking a spiritual trek down the Ganges River. These excursions will provide you the chance to explore India's rich cultural heritage and magnificent scenery, whether you're a budget traveler or just trying to get the most for your money. 

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