12 places to shop in Bangalore in 2023.

Bangalore, the "Garden City of India" and the "Silicon Valley of India," is not just about technology but also offers an array of shopping experiences.

In this detailed guide, we explore 12 must-visit shopping destinations in Bangalore in 2023.

1. Brigade Road

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Brigade Road, often referred to as the heart of Bangalore, is a bustling and iconic commercial street in the city's central business district. This lively and vibrant road is renowned for its cosmopolitan culture, offering an exciting mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Brigade Road is where modernity meets tradition, making it a favourite destination for locals and tourists alike.

Why Visit: Brigade Road is a bustling shopping district known for its trendy fashion outlets, local boutiques, and vibrant street life.

What to Buy: Fashion, footwear, and accessories.

Efficient Route: Take the Bangalore Metro and get off at MG Road Metro Station, which is just a short walk away from Brigade Road.

2. Commercial Street

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Nestled in the heart of Bangalore, Commercial Street is a bustling paradise for shopaholics. Its labyrinthine lanes are lined with a diverse range of shops, where you can indulge in fashion, jewellery, and home decor shopping. This street market is known for its affordable yet trendy selections, offering an exciting shopping experience for all.

Why Visit: Known for its labyrinthine lanes, Commercial Street offers an array of affordable fashion, jewellery, and eclectic home decor.

What to Buy: Apparel, jewellery, and home decor.

Efficient Route: Access Commercial Street via the M.G. Road Metro Station, followed by a quick auto-rickshaw or taxi ride.

3. MG Road

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MG Road is an iconic shopping destination in Bangalore, known for its historical significance and eclectic shopping options. From high-end fashion brands to quaint bookstores, MG Road has something for everyone. It's not just a shopping street; it's a glimpse into Bangalore's rich past and dynamic present.

Why Visit: MG Road is a historical shopping hub where you can find an assortment of items, from high-end brands to quaint bookstores.

What to Buy: Electronics, books, and fashion.

Efficient Route: MG Road has its metro station, MG Road Metro Station, making it easily accessible via the Bangalore Metro.

4. UB City

UB City is a luxurious shopping and dining complex that stands as a symbol of modern Bangalore. Nestled amidst the central business district, it offers a grand assortment of luxury fashion, accessories, and art. If you're looking for high-end shopping and fine dining, UB City is your go-to destination.

Why Visit: A high-end shopping and dining complex, UB City boasts a collection of international and Indian luxury brands.

What to Buy: Luxury fashion, accessories, and art.

Efficient Route: The Cubbon Park Metro Station is the closest, and a short walk or a quick auto-rickshaw ride will take you to UB City.

5. Chickpet Market

Image source: Kanchipuram handloom silks

Chickpet Market is a treasure trove of silk sarees, traditional jewellery, and textiles. Located in the heart of Bangalore, it's a paradise for those seeking the elegance of Indian craftsmanship and silk fabrics. The market's vibrant atmosphere and rich history make it a unique shopping experience.

Why Visit: Chickpet Market is renowned for its exquisite silk fabrics, traditional jewellery, and a rich array of textiles.

What to Buy: Silk sarees, jewellery, and textiles.

Efficient Route: Reach Chickpet Market by taking the metro to the City Market Metro Station and then a short walk.

6. Jayanagar 4th Block

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Jayanagar 4th Block is a lively market offering an array of handcrafted items, stylish apparel, and home decor. It's a neighbourhood shopping destination with a wide range of products, perfect for a leisurely shopping experience.

Why Visit: This vibrant market is a treasure trove of handcrafted items, stylish apparel, and home decor.

What to Buy: Handicrafts, apparel, and home decor.

Efficient Route: Reach Jayanagar by taking the metro and disembark at the Jayanagar Metro Station, which is close to the market.

7. Malleswaram 8th Cross

Image source: Kalyan Jewellers

Malleswaram's 8th Cross is celebrated for its collection of traditional Indian attire and authentic jewellery. It's a cultural hub where you can explore and purchase traditional clothing and jewellery while immersing yourself in local traditions.

Why Visit: Malleswaram's 8th Cross is celebrated for its collection of traditional Indian attire and authentic jewellery.

What to Buy: Traditional clothing and jewellery.

Efficient Route: The nearest metro station to Malleswaram 8th Cross is the Mantri Square Sampige Road Metro Station. From there, it's a quick auto-rickshaw or taxi ride to reach the market.

8. Orion Mall

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Orion Mall is a modern shopping and entertainment destination, featuring a mix of international and Indian brands. Located in Rajajinagar, it offers a diverse shopping experience and a variety of dining options.

Why Visit: Orion Mall offers a modern shopping and dining experience with a mix of international and Indian brands.

What to Buy: Fashion, electronics, and entertainment.

Efficient Route: The closest metro station to Orion Mall is the Sandal Soap Factory Metro Station. You can easily reach the mall with a short auto-rickshaw or taxi ride from there.

9. Residency Road

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Residency Road is a vibrant shopping area with a wide array of stores and street food options. It's a popular spot for shoppers looking for fashion, jewellery, and souvenirs. The bustling atmosphere and diverse choices make it a must-visit.

Why Visit: Residency Road is a vibrant shopping area with a wide array of stores and street food to sample.

What to Buy: Fashion, jewellery, and souvenirs.

Efficient Route: The nearest metro station to Residency Road is the Cubbon Park Metro Station. A quick taxi or auto-rickshaw ride will take you to Residency Road.

10. Gandhi Bazaar

Gandhi Bazaar offers a unique shopping experience with fresh produce, spices, and traditional snacks. It's an authentic market where you can immerse yourself in local culture and savour the flavours of Bangalore.

Why Visit: Gandhi Bazaar offers an authentic market experience with a taste of local culture and flavours.

What to Buy: Fresh produce, spices, and traditional snacks.

Efficient Route: The nearest metro station to Gandhi Bazaar is the Basavanagudi Metro Station. You can then take a short auto-rickshaw or taxi ride to the bazaar.

11. Mantri Square Mall, Malleswaram

Mantri Square Mall, located in Malleswaram, is one of Bangalore's largest and most popular shopping and entertainment destinations. This sprawling mall features a wide range of stores, from high-end brands to budget-friendly options, making it a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs. You can explore a variety of fashion, electronics, and home decor, and enjoy a delightful dining experience.

Why Visit: Mantri Square Mall is a go-to place for shoppers looking for a wide range of options. It's not just about shopping; it offers a complete entertainment package with its cinema, gaming zones, and dining choices.

What to Buy: You can shop for everything from the latest fashion trends to electronics and home decor. The mall caters to a diverse set of shopping needs.

Efficient Route: The nearest metro station to Mantri Square Mall is the Mantri Square Sampige Road Metro Station. From there, it's just a short walk to the mall, making it easily accessible for metro commuters.

12. Nexus Mall Koramangala

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Nexus Mall in Koramangala is a popular shopping destination offering a diverse range of fashion, electronics, and entertainment. It's a place where you can shop, dine, and enjoy a memorable day out.

Why Visit: A popular mall in Bangalore, Forum Mall in Koramangala offers a diverse shopping and dining experience.

What to Buy: Fashion, electronics, and entertainment.

Efficient Route: The closest metro station is the Koramangala Metro Station. After disembarking, a quick auto-rickshaw or taxi ride will take you to Forum Mall.

Tips to consider while shopping in these areas

  • Bargain Wisely: Haggling is common in street markets. Be polite but assertive.

  • Cash and Cards: Carry both cash and cards, as not all shops may accept cards.

  • Local Cuisine: Sample local street food while shopping. It's an integral part of the experience.

  • Timing: Shops usually open by 10 AM and close by 8 PM, but it's best to double-check for specific stores.

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Bangalore's shopping scene continues to be a delightful blend of the traditional and the contemporary. Whether you're a fashionista, a foodie, or a tech enthusiast, this city has something to offer everyone. So, gear up, shop 'til you drop, and take home some unforgettable memories from the Garden City of India.

By Yashas

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