15 Awesome Souvenirs to Buy in Dubai

Dubai, the jewel of the Middle East, is a city that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. From towering skyscrapers to bustling souks, this city has something for everyone. One of the best ways to relive your Dubai experience is by bringing home unique and authentic souvenirs. In this guide, we'll explore 15 awesome souvenirs that capture the essence of Dubai's rich culture and heritage.

1. Arabian Perfumes:

Begin your souvenir journey with the enticing fragrances of Arabian perfumes. Dubai is renowned for its perfumeries, offering a wide range of exotic scents made from local ingredients such as oud and rose. Purchase a bottle of your favorite fragrance to carry the essence of Dubai wherever you go.

Arabian Perfumes

2. Gold and Jewelry:

Dubai is often referred to as the "City of Gold," and for a good reason. The Gold Souk in Deira is a dazzling spectacle, showcasing intricate gold jewelry designs. Invest in a piece of Dubai's opulence with a gold necklace, bracelet, or a set of earrings – a timeless souvenir that will last a lifetime.


3. Camel Milk Chocolate:

For a sweet treat with a local twist, indulge in camel milk chocolate. Camel milk is a staple in Arabian culture, and chocolatiers in Dubai have ingeniously incorporated it into their creations. The result is a delectable range of chocolates with a unique flavor that will surely surprise your taste buds.

Camel Milk Chocolate

4. Traditional Arabic Coffee Pots (Dallah):

Bring a touch of Arabian hospitality to your home with a traditional Arabic coffee pot, known as a dallah. These ornate pots, often made of brass or copper, are used to serve the aromatic Arabic coffee. Display it as a decorative piece or use it to brew your own Middle Eastern coffee at home.

Traditional Arabic Coffee Pots (Dallah)

5. Handwoven Carpets:

Dubai is a hub for handmade carpets, showcasing the artistry of local weavers. Whether you prefer a vibrant, colorful design or a more understated pattern, a handwoven carpet makes for a luxurious and authentic Dubai souvenir that adds a touch of the Middle East to your living space.

Handwoven Carpets

6. Spices and Herbs:

Explore the vibrant spice markets of Dubai and bring home a taste of the region. Purchase a selection of aromatic spices like saffron, cardamom, and cinnamon, or opt for pre-packaged spice blends that capture the essence of traditional Arabian cuisine.

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Spices and Herbs

7. Henna Kits:

Embrace the art of henna, a traditional form of body decoration in the Middle East. Pick up a henna kit that includes everything you need to create intricate designs on your hands or feet. It's a fantastic way to remember the beauty of Dubai's cultural traditions.

Henna Kits

8. Persian Rugs:

While exploring the markets, keep an eye out for Persian rugs. These finely crafted carpets boast intricate designs and are often considered collector's items. A Persian rug from Dubai is not just a souvenir; it's a piece of art that will bring warmth and elegance to your home.

Persian Rugs

9. Arabic Calligraphy Art:

Discover the beauty of Arabic calligraphy, an art form that expresses the written word in a visually stunning manner. Purchase a piece of calligraphy art featuring a meaningful phrase or word in Arabic script, providing a unique and culturally rich addition to your home décor.

Arabic Calligraphy Art

10. Dates and Date Products:

Dates are a symbol of hospitality in the Middle East, and Dubai offers a variety of premium dates. Opt for a beautifully packaged box of assorted dates or try date-based products such as date syrup or date-filled chocolates for a sweet reminder of your time in Dubai.

Dates and Date Products

11. Abayas and Kaftans:

For a fashionable and culturally inspired souvenir, consider purchasing an abaya or kaftan. These traditional garments are not only stylish but also comfortable, making them perfect for special occasions or as unique additions to your wardrobe.

Abayas and Kaftans

12. Sand Art in a Bottle:

Capture the essence of Dubai's iconic desert landscapes with sand art in a bottle. Local artisans create intricate designs using different colors of sand, showcasing the beauty of the desert in a portable and visually striking form.

Sand Art in a Bottle

13. Aladdin Lamps:

Bring a touch of magic to your home with a traditional Aladdin lamp. These decorative pieces, often made of brass or other metals, add a touch of Arabian Nights charm to any space. They make for enchanting gifts and unique souvenirs that transport you to the world of Aladdin and his magical adventures.

Aladdin Lamps

14. Arabic Tea Sets:

Experience the art of tea-drinking the Arabian way with a traditional Arabic tea set. These sets typically include intricately designed teapots, cups, and saucers, adorned with beautiful patterns. Enjoy a cup of aromatic tea at home and reminisce about the flavors of Dubai.

Arabic Tea Sets

15. Kandura or Dishdasha:

For a truly authentic piece of Arabian clothing, consider purchasing a kandura for men or a dishdasha for women. These traditional garments are not only comfortable in the desert heat but also make for distinctive and meaningful souvenirs that reflect the local culture.

Kandura or Dishdasha

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In conclusion, Dubai offers a treasure trove of unique and culturally rich souvenirs that allow you to take a piece of this vibrant city home with you. Whether it's the fragrance of Arabian perfumes, the sparkle of gold jewelry, or the intricate designs of handwoven carpets, each item on this list tells a story of Dubai's rich heritage. So, indulge in the spirit of exploration, and let these souvenirs be your lasting connection to the wonders of Dubai.

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