Pune Enforces Tourist Safety Measures: Prohibited Areas and Activities

Pune  forest areaRecent incidents have raised safety concerns for tourists in Pune, prompting the District Collector to implement strict measures across popular destinations.

Prohibitory orders under Article 144 are now in effect at various tourist spots, including forts, dams, lakes, and waterfalls, in eight talukas.

This decision comes after incidents at Bhushi Dam and Plus Valley, leading authorities to ban gatherings of five or more people at these locations.

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Activities such as diving into fast-flowing water, swimming in deep waters, taking selfies at dangerous spots, and consuming alcohol near natural waterfalls are now strictly prohibited.

While these restrictions have disappointed many travelers, they are crucial for ensuring everyone’s safety.

Exploring Pune's Restricted Areas

Here’s an overview of the areas with new restrictions:


  • Bhushi Dam and Fort area

  • Bendewadi at Vadgaon Maval

  • Dahuli Waterfalls

Lonavala Lonavala

  • Dams within town and rural limits

  • Tiger Point

  • Lions Point

  • Rajmachi Point

  • Sahara Bridge

  • Pavana Dam

  • Tata Dam

  • Ghubad Lake area

Mulshi, puneMulshi

  • Mulshi Dam

  • Tamhini Ghat Forest Area

  • Milkybar Falls

Khadakwasla Dam, Haveli, PuneHaveli

  • Khadakwasla Dam

  • Varasgaon Dam

  • Sinhagad

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Kondwal WaterfallAmbegaon

  • Bhimashankar

  • Dimbhe Dam area

  • Kondwal Waterfall

Malshej GhatJunnar

  • Malshej Ghat

  • Dams and Gadkille area

  • Shivneri

  • Manikdoh


  • Bhatghar Dam

  • Velha Dam

  • Kataldhara Waterfall

Khed, Waterfalls and forest areaKhed

  • Chaskaman Dam

  • Bhorgiri Ghat

  • Waterfalls and forest area

Your Safety is Our Priority

Your Safety is Our PriorityThe district administration and police urge tourists to follow these directives for their safety. Ignoring these rules may lead to legal consequences, and authorities will take strict action against any disruptive behavior, particularly in Lonavala.

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Travel Tips

Pune  forest areaPlanning a monsoon getaway? Stay informed with local advisories and be cautious when visiting natural attractions. Safety is the key to a memorable trip.

Explore Pune’s natural beauty responsibly, follow the guidelines, and have a safe journey!

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