Places to shop in Pune and What to buy there

Pune, often referred to as the "Oxford of the East," is not just a city of education and history but also a shopper's paradise. With its rich cultural heritage and a thriving modern lifestyle, Pune offers an array of shopping options that cater to all tastes and budgets.

In this article, we will take you on a delightful shopping journey through Pune, highlighting some of the best places to shop and what to buy there.

Laxmi Road

Laxmi Road PuneLaxmi Road Pune Img: Hindustan Times

Laxmi Road is the heartbeat of Pune's shopping scene. This bustling street is lined with shops and markets offering everything from traditional clothing to jewelry, footwear, and accessories.

The variety of clothing here is astounding, and you can find beautiful sarees, elegant salwar suits, and trendy kurtas. Don't forget to haggle a bit, as it's all part of the experience.

What to Buy:

  • Gorgeous Paithani sarees

  • Traditional Kolhapuri footwear

  • Antique jewelry and accessories

Fergusson College Road

Fergusson College Road PuneFergusson College Road Pune Img: Whats Hot

Fergusson College Road is the go-to place for fashion-forward shoppers. You'll find a plethora of boutiques, multi-brand stores, and street-side vendors selling the latest trends in clothing and accessories. Whether you're looking for high-end fashion or budget-friendly options, this road has it all.

What to Buy:

  • Stylish clothing and footwear

  • Handmade jewelry

  • Quirky accessories

Hong Kong Lane

Hong Kong Lane PuneHong Kong Lane Pune Img: Sahapedia

If you're into electronics, gadgets, or accessories, make a beeline for Hong Kong Lane. This narrow lane is jam-packed with shops selling mobile phones, accessories, and various electronic gadgets. The competitive prices and a vast range of products make it a favorite among tech-savvy shoppers.

What to Buy:

  • The latest smartphones and accessories

  • Gadget gizmos and quirky tech items

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Tulshi Baug

Tulshi Baug PuneTulshi Baug Pune Img: The Times of India

For a unique shopping experience, visit Tulshi Baug, a bustling bazaar known for its wide range of items. This market offers an assortment of goods, from daily essentials to rare artifacts. It's a great place to buy traditional items, religious artifacts, and more.

What to Buy:

  • Traditional Indian jewelry

  • Religious idols and items

  • Spices, herbs, and ayurvedic products

Juna Bazaar

Juna Bazaar PuneJuna Bazaar Pune Img: Local Guides Connect

Juna Bazaar, also known as the Old Market, is a treasure trove of vintage and antique items. You can spend hours exploring the narrow lanes, discovering hidden gems like old coins, vintage furniture, and collectibles. It's the perfect place for antique enthusiasts and collectors.

What to Buy:

  • Vintage coins and stamps

  • Antique furniture and home decor

  • Collectible items and curios

MG Road

MG Road PuneMG Road Pune Img:

MG Road is Pune's upscale shopping destination, featuring malls and high-end boutiques. You can find luxury brands, designer wear, and international labels here. It's a great place to indulge in retail therapy if you're looking for premium quality and sophistication.

What to Buy:

  • Designer clothing and accessories

  • Luxury brands

  • High-end cosmetics and perfumes

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Pune is a shopaholic's dream, offering a diverse shopping experience that caters to various interests and budgets. Whether you're in search of traditional Indian attire, modern fashion, tech gadgets, or antiques, Pune has something for everyone.

So, the next time you visit this vibrant city, don't forget to explore its bustling markets and make your shopping spree memorable.

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