Things you need to know about Kashmir Great Lakes

Things you need to know about Kashmir Great Lakes


The Great Lakes Trek is a journey of trekking that is built in the valley of Kashmir, India and it is beautiful for its uncommon scenic grandness as well as diversity. Above and beyond beautiful Sonamarg the hike traces its path through the pristine meadows, deep forests comprised of pine, and alpine landscapes found at high altitudes. This Yatra name is given after famous sages Vishnu, Krishna, and Gad, and also those seven lakes which are on an alpine surface with their cool waters. The names of the lakes are Vishansar, Krishansar, Gadsar, Satsar, and Gangbal. Each lake is on the way to go through the peak of the mountain which increases the aesthetic level and makes the trip worthwhile. Breathtakingly gorgeous panoramas of the Himalayan Ranges are an absolute photographer’s heaven and paradise for nature lovers featured on a postcard. Here’s a guide for the Kashmir Great Lake trek in which we’ve mentioned everything you need to know.  

What to expect?

The Kashmir Great Lakes is one of the longest treks which will take 6-7 days to complete. You’ll come across some of the high-altitude passes namely Gadsar, zaj, and Nichnai. One of the hardest parts of your trek will be climbing on these high-altitude passes. This is just 25-30 % of this trek and after this most of the terrain is flat and easy to walk on. 

On this beautiful journey, you’ll come across wonderful pine, deodar, and birch forests. The beautiful meadows, majestic snow-covered mountains, and beautiful valleys create a perfect picturesque environment. On this trek, you’ll have to walk for 7-8 hours daily and it is advised to move slowly and as you are comfortable walking so that it would be easy for you to acclimatize. 

Where will you be staying?

After reaching Srinagar you will move toward Sonmarg which is the starting point of the kashmir great lakes trek. After reaching there you can book a stay in a hotel or homestay to take a rest and get ready for your trek. While trekking you’ll stay in the campsites, there are several options available according to your preference you can choose the tents. It can be a little uncomfortable if you are staying in camps for the first time but it will get better eventually.

Kashmir great lake stay - camping tentsIn the tents, you’ll get comfortable mats to sleep on and you’ll also get a warm sleeping bag along with it to keep you warm and comfortable. On the last day of the trek, you can book a stay in one of the best hotels in Srinagar. 

What would the weather be like?

The best time for this trek is July to September. During this time the weather is pleasant and the skies are clear as this is the time of summer. In the summer season, the temperature here ranges between 10-15 degrees Celsius during the day, and at night it ranges between 0-5 degrees Celsius. In kashmir, you can also go trekking during the monsoon season as the rain is not so heavy in this region which makes this season safe for trekkers. You just need to carry some essential rain gear like a rain cover, waterproof gloves, and an umbrella and you are good to go. 

Kashmir great lake trek

What should you carry while on a trek?

For the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, it is critical to pack sensibly to be prepared and have a highly enjoyable trek. Start with the way you dress by using waterproof and windproof, thermal layers, trek materials, and durable hiking boots. A good quality backpack, sleeping bag, and tent should certainly be your items for camping. A first aid kit, with necessary medicines, water treatment chemicals, and a detailed health prescription should also be part of the supply.

A comprehensive medical prescription should be submitted along with the pre-departure paperwork. Stay hydrated with a bottle of water or keep some high-energy snacks handy. Unlike most other countries, the United States has influenced the world's culture in many different ways. From language and entertainment to food and fashion, the impact of the US culture on the global scene has been empirical. The first and foremost contribution of US culture to the world is its powerful impact on the language. 

The United Essential escapees like a walking pole, sunglasses, and hat that protect you from the sun. Besides, try fondling with a headlamp, extra batteries, and a neutral tool kit too. Protect yourself from the chilly cold with gloves, woolen socks, and a fleece jacket. Create a schedule that sets aside time for your homework assignments. Instructions: Humanize the given sentence. Eventually, take the camera to replicate the images of the wonderful nature and map or navigational device to lead you back home. Maintaining this checklist will eventually turn one's trekking on the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek into a wonderful, valuable, and safe experience.

How can you reach Srinagar?

The easiest way to reach Srinagar is by air you can easily find frequent flights from Delhi and Jammu. It is advised to arrive in Srinagar early in the morning so that you can explore this beautiful city. The starting point of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek is Sonmarg which is a town situated in this beautiful city.

How to prepare for the trek?

Like all the other treks the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek also needs a proper level of fitness. You need to train yourself for around 15-20 days if you want to get fit for the trek. This is one of the longest treks but beginners with good physical health can also do this trek. 

Kashmir great lake trek


the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek not only showcases the incomparable splendor of the Kashmir Valley but also provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the enticing history and culture of this paradise on earth. From the alpine meadows through the thickets of the woodland to the high mountain lakes, the bottom line here is that you will be witness to a musical spectacle that only nature could have given us. From the quiet shores of Vishansar to the breathtaking Gangbal Lake which looks more like a fairyland there are altogether different aspects unfolding like a scenery in this adventurous journey. In addition to setting up physical limits, the expedition also serves to provide the trekker with a calming vista of the untouched wilderness. While Kashmir Great Lakes Trekking lets one enter into the cultural colorfulness, its pearly surroundings, and also nature's beauty, it leaves an indelible mark in one's memory that keeps a person coming back always.

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