These Art Cafes in Bangalore Are More Than Just Food

Food transcends mere taste; it encompasses visual allure, aromatic richness, varied textures, and the holistic satisfaction of our senses. Considering this, why should ambiance not play a pivotal role in enhancing your culinary adventures? Delight your creative spirit at these five art cafés in Bengaluru!

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Dyu Art Café, Koramangala

This café, nestled in the heart of Koramangala, eloquently communicates the language of art. Resembling a Kerala-style bungalow with Tharavadu architecture, the space is adorned with stone benches on the verandah and an art gallery displaying works by international artists. Established seven years ago, it continues to showcase a rotating collection every three months, featuring creations from both local and global talents. As you explore the café-gallery with a cup of coffee in hand, indulge in comfort foods like chocolate cake, pizzas, and burgers on its wooden benches.

Dyu Art Café

Urban Solace, Ulsoor

Under the guidance of Perry Menzies, Urban Solace has been a fervent supporter of arts and culture in Ulsoor. This intimate café serves as a haven for comedians, artists, and writers, hosting open mic events resonating with laughter and positive vibes. Adorned with artwork by local talents, the café's Wall of Love invites doodles and notes of affection from locals every February. Amidst a menu offering a diverse range, from waffles to brinjal bake, the paneled walls showcase the aspirations of Bengaluru's creative minds.

Urban Solace, Ulsoor

National Gallery of Modern Art, Palace Road

An iconic mansion flanked by trees and colonial-style bungalows, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Bengaluru is a city landmark. Home to masterpieces by Amrita Shergil and Raja Ravi Varma, as well as various sculptors from across India, it offers a mesmerizing art experience. After exploring the galleries, relax at the adjacent café with a steaming cup of coffee, a book from the library, and a freshly grilled sandwich. The serene ambiance, complete with fountains and a reflective pond, encourages quiet reflection.

National Gallery of Modern Art, Palace Road

Art Café, Brigade Gateway

Art, food, and beverages converge in the stylish corridor connecting Sheraton Grand Bangalore with the World Trade Centre. As part of the luxury hotel, Art Café showcases works by artists such as Madhuri Kathe, Basuki Dasgupta, Dinkar Jadhav, and Laxman Aelay. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the metropolitan beauty, while rows of paintings on the opposite side create an artistic panorama. Indulge in treats like fig and arugula salad, grilled salmon, pizzas, baklava, and the chef's signature tiramisu. Whether strolling down the skywalk with an espresso or enjoying a craft mocktail like the mango Frida, the experience is truly enchanting.

Art Café, Brigade Gateway

Tart Cafe, Brigade Road

Step into Tart Cafe, a hidden treasure in Bangalore ready to tickle your taste buds and transport you to a world of culinary joy. This intimate café is renowned for its delightful pastries, tempting desserts, and expertly crafted coffee, leaving you yearning for more. The warm ambiance and affable staff create a friendly setting, inviting you to unwind and relish every delicious bite. Whether you're seeking a sweet indulgence or a cozy spot for a friendly rendezvous, Tart Cafe is your ideal destination. Come and immerse yourself in the irresistible flavors of Tart Cafe, where each visit guarantees a genuinely delightful experience.

Tart Cafe, Brigade Road

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As we bid adieu to Bengaluru's enchanting art cafés, we reflect on the harmonious blend of flavors and creativity that defined our journey. Each café, a unique masterpiece in its own right, painted a canvas of culinary delights and artistic wonders. From the aromatic corridors of Dyu Art Café to the laughter-infused retreat of Urban Solace, and the cultural haven of the National Gallery of Modern Art, these cafés sparked our imagination and satisfied our cravings in equal measure.

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