10 Best Places to Eat Near Juhu Beach, Mumbai - 2024

If you're hitting up Juhu Beach, you're probably ready for some killer food adventures to go along with those ocean vibes.

This stretch of sand isn't just a prime spot for sunsets and Bollywood celeb sightings; it's also a goldmine for food lovers.

Whether you're in the mood for some fancy grub or a quick street food fix, Juhu has got you covered.

So, loosen your belts and get ready to dive into the 10 best places to eat near Juhu Beach!

1. Gadda Da Vida

Gadda Da VidaNestled in the Novotel Mumbai, Gadda Da Vida offers a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea. This lounge bar is perfect for enjoying sunsets with a cocktail in hand.

The menu features a mix of continental and Asian dishes, with highlights including their seafood platters and artisanal pizzas.

  • Distance: 1 km from Juhu Beach

  • Must-Try Dish: Seafood Platter

  • Must-Try Drink: Sunset Martini

2. Prithvi Café

Prithvi CaféLocated within the Prithvi Theatre complex, Prithvi Café is a cultural and culinary gem. Its lush, green ambiance is complemented by a menu that offers delicious Indian and continental snacks.

  • Distance: 1.5 km from Juhu Beach

  • Must-Try Dish: Irish Coffee and Chocolate Brownie

  • Must-Try Drink: Masala Chai

3. Shiv Sagar

Shiv SagarA haven for vegetarians, Shiv Sagar is known for its vast array of Indian street food. From crispy dosas to mouth-watering pav bhaji, this place is a paradise for those who love traditional Indian flavors. The restaurant’s bustling yet cozy environment makes it a great spot for family outings.

  • Distance: 0.5 km from Juhu Beach

  • Must-Try Dish: Pav Bhaji

  • Must-Try Drink: Fresh Lime Soda

4. Mahesh Lunch Home

Mahesh Lunch Home juhuFor seafood aficionados, Mahesh Lunch Home is a must-visit. This legendary eatery specializes in Mangalorean cuisine, offering an extensive menu of fresh and flavorful seafood dishes. The prawn gassi and crab tandoori are particularly popular.

  • Distance: 2 km from Juhu Beach

  • Must-Try Dish: Prawn Gassi

  • Must-Try Drink: Solkadi

5. Olive Bar & Kitchen

Olive Bar & KitchenSet in a charming colonial bungalow, Olive Bar & Kitchen is known for its Mediterranean-inspired menu and elegant ambiance.

The restaurant’s open-air courtyard and romantic setting make it perfect for a special evening out.

  • Distance: 1 km from Juhu Beach

  • Must-Try Dish: Wood-Fired Pizza

  • Must-Try Drink: Sangria

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6. Estella

Estella juhuA beachfront restaurant that combines modern Australian cuisine with stunning views of Juhu Beach, Estella is ideal for those looking to indulge in a sophisticated dining experience.

The menu features a mix of seafood, steaks, and innovative cocktails, making it a great spot for a luxurious dinner.

  • Distance: 0.2 km from Juhu Beach

  • Must-Try Dish: Grilled Lobster

  • Must-Try Drink: Estella Signature Cocktail

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7. Aditi Fast Food

Aditi Fast Food juhuA local favorite, Aditi Fast Food is known for its quick service and delicious North Indian snacks. It’s particularly famous for its chaat items, such as pani puri and bhel puri. This place is perfect for a quick, tasty, and affordable bite.

  • Distance: 0.5 km from Juhu Beach

  • Must-Try Dish: Pani Puri

  • Must-Try Drink: Buttermilk (Chaas)

8. Govinda’s

Govinda’sLocated within the ISKCON temple complex, Govinda’s offers a serene and spiritual dining experience.

The vegetarian buffet here is extensive, featuring a variety of Indian and international dishes. The peaceful ambiance and wholesome food make it a unique spot near Juhu Beach.

  • Distance: 1.2 km from Juhu Beach

  • Must-Try Dish: Vegetarian Buffet

  • Must-Try Drink: Lassi

9. Tian Restaurant & Bar

Tian Restaurant & Bar juhuTian offers a delightful fusion of Asian cuisines in a chic, modern setting. The sushi and dim sum here are highly recommended, and the restaurant's innovative cocktails are perfect for a night out. The rooftop seating provides a great view of the cityscape.

  • Distance: 2 km from Juhu Beach

  • Must-Try Dish: Sushi Platter

  • Must-Try Drink: Lychee Martini

10. Silver Beach Café

Silver Beach Café juhuA cozy and contemporary café, Silver Beach Café is perfect for brunch or a casual meal. The menu features a variety of European dishes, including pastas, salads, and sandwiches.

Their coffee and desserts are also worth trying, making it a great spot to relax and unwind.

  • Distance: 1 km from Juhu Beach

  • Must-Try Dish: Pasta Alfredo

  • Must-Try Drink: Iced Coffee

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So there you have it, foodies! Juhu Beach is not just about the sand and the sea; it’s a food lover’s paradise.

Whether you’re in the mood for a posh dinner, a quick chaat fix, or a chilled-out café vibe, you’ll find it all right here.

Next time you’re near Juhu Beach, make sure to check out these fantastic eateries. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you! Happy eating!

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