6 Bizzare Real Travel Stories of India that will Haunt you in the Night!

Welcome to a spooky world where people share real scary experiences. These are not just stories; they're true accounts of strange things happening. Explore abandoned places, encounter eerie entities, and face the unknown. Get ready for tales that are hard to explain, where the line between the real and unreal gets blurry. If you're up for it, come and hear these real-life spooky experiences.

The Incident on Holkar Bridge

"I heard this story from my cousin, Akash, who, while traversing the Holkar Bridge in Pune on his motorcycle, recounted a peculiar incident. Typically avoided by people due to its uncommon usage, he opted for the bridge as a shortcut. Suddenly, a person materialized in front of him. Despite my cousin's attempts to regulate his speed and vocalize his urgency for the person to move, the individual remained stationary.

Holkar Bridge, Pune

Following closely on another motorcycle, my cousin's friend began shouting, 'Bhatte, get away, get away.' It was at this moment that Akash snapped out of his confusion and realized a truck was approaching. He narrowly avoided a collision, only to discover that there was no physical presence on the bridge!"

- Kadambari Bhatte

Strange encounter in the roads of Shirgaon

“During the summer of 2017, I embarked on a brief trip to Shirgaon Village near Badlapur with my friend. Riding on his Bajaj scooter, we navigated the hilly trails of Maharashtra. Around 10 o'clock at night, we arrived at a profoundly tranquil spot devoid of street lights. The full moon illuminated the clear summer sky, casting its bright glow.

Bizzare Horror travel stories of India

Taking a break for a smoke, we suddenly observed two elongated shadows of men standing at a distance. In the next moment, a whisper reached our ears, pleading for help. Startled, we hastily mounted the scooter and sped away as fast as possible until we reached an area with street lights once again. It was a night etched in my memory, and the recollection still sends shivers down my spine.”

- Hrishikesh Mundargi

Scary camping experience of Tiger Hill

“I ventured to Tiger Hill, Darjeeling, during the evening to bask in the sunset ambiance. Given the late hour, I made the decision to stay overnight, deeming it unsafe to ride my scooty back in the early morning. While camping at Tiger Hill is typically not allowed for travelers, I employed some resourcefulness and, with the assistance of locals, managed to set up a tent for the night.

Bizzare horror travel stories of India

Somewhere around midnight, I abruptly awoke to the resonating sounds of thunder and noticed someone scratching the tent exterior. Initially considering the option of peeking outside, the continuous scratching left me paralyzed with fear, wondering what that could be!”

- Deeksha Agrawal

The Mukteshwar Doll Museum experience

"When one envisions dolls, the typical image that comes to mind is something adorable and charming. However, my encounter took a spine-chilling turn as I entered an extraordinary museum in Mukteshwar. Housed within the Royal Dutch Resorts is a Doll Museum that is genuinely eerie – and I emphasize this point!

6 Spine Chilling Real travel Experiences in India that you must read!

The museum features handcrafted dolls designed to resemble real babies, complete with lifelike tears and moist-looking lips, an experience that sent shivers down my spine. At first glance, it creates the illusion of encountering living infants who might burst into tears at any given moment. If you find yourself in Mukteshwar, a visit to this place is a must."

- Disha Kapkoti

A procession in Shoja

“In Shoja, during the evening, we encountered a chilling, distant cry. Enquiring with the locals revealed it was a procession. I initially thought it was a yatra, but soon, I observed a man with a large stick darting between houses, emitting an unearthly shriek. Though it was my first experience of such occurrences, I later discovered that this is a common event in Himachal, where locals believe their Gods manifest and possess individuals.”

- Mansi

The Mussoorie Incident

“On the 21st of November 2017, during a family outing in Mussoorie around 8:30 pm, I found myself completely immersed in the moment. Seated on the balcony of our hotel, we enjoyed the view of the shimmering town in the distance. However, amidst the enjoyment, an unsettling sensation crept over me, as if someone were staring at me.

Bizzare horror travel stories of India

Initially dismissing it as an optical illusion, I shifted my focus to admiring the beauty of the place. The feeling persisted, though, and I couldn't shake the notion that someone or something was fixated on me. It was then that I noticed a face, marked with a cut on the cheek, peering out from the nearby bushes. The sight left me utterly astonished, and I grappled with uncertainty on how to respond. When I shared my experience with my parents, they dismissed it as a figment of my imagination, insisting there was nothing to fear.

To this day, recalling that moment sends shivers down my spine, as the image of that face remains vivid in my memory.”

- Niharika

Have you ever come across any such incidents which you quite possibly can't explain but blame it on the unseen? Share it with us through our social media pages!

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