Death Defying experience of Bungee Jumping - Camping – Rishikesh

During the previous week, I found myself at the office, and during our lunch break, we conversed about the extended period since our last outing. Consequently, we resolved to plan a trip sometime between the 25th and 27th of December, given the upcoming holiday. Selecting a destination proved to be quite a challenging task, prompting us to seek input from everyone. Preferences included hills, a river, a bonfire, adventure, and a location within a 300-kilometer radius. After considering these factors, we ultimately settled on Rishikesh.

Bungee jumping RishikeshBungee Jumping moments

I've visited Rishikesh multiple times and even penned a blog about it. However, my underlying motive for this particular trip was to fulfill my dream of Bungee Jumping. On previous Rishikesh visits, either the site was closed, or I missed the opportunity.

On the 24th, we attended the office, and in the evening, a cab was arranged for our late-night journey. After several halts, we reached Haridwar around 12:00 am. Opting to spend the night there, we chose one of the many Dharamshalas along the way. Dharamshalas function as accommodation for travelers and saints/sadhus. They don't impose any fees, and staying is free, but you can choose to donate any amount you wish. Early the next morning, around 08:00 am, we resumed our journey.

Bungee Jumping Rishikesh

As our camp was located in Shivpuri, the far end of Rishikesh, our decision was to kick off with Bungee Jumping. The Bungee Jumping experience is managed by Jumpin Heights and is positioned in Village Mohan Chutti, approximately 15 kilometers from Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh.

Upon arrival, our excitement dwindled when we were informed that Bungee Jumping was fully booked for the next three days, and there was no room for additional participants on the day of our intended jump. Given my background as a Marketing professional with an MBA in Marketing, I assumed the responsibility of persuading them and successfully secured three tickets. However, this achievement came with the cost of a three-hour wait for our turn.

Here's how it unfolded: first, you purchase a mandatory entry ticket priced at Rs 100 INR to gain access. Subsequently, you are presented with three options—Flying Fox, Giant Swing, and Bungee Jumping. The ticket price for Bungee Jumping is 3500 INR per person, and it is non-refundable if you decide to back out at the last moment due to fear.

Having acquired three tickets, we bided our time in the cafeteria. There, a plasma screen displayed live streaming of ongoing jumps, offering a way to pass the time and alleviate any nervousness, while we also took random pictures.

Eventually, it was our moment, and we were directed to the designated zone where the actual jumps took place. Approaching with a blend of excitement and nervousness, they checked our tickets and instructed us to wait in a corner. Gradually, they signaled for individuals to go one by one. Kunal insisted on taking the lead, followed by me, and ultimately, Nitisha.

Initially, they assess your mental readiness through random questions. Subsequently, they secure a belt around your chest, fasten both legs with a chain, and tighten the main bungee rope within the same chain. The team, including a person from New Zealand, offers motivating words, and then you're positioned at the last line/zone. The countdown begins: 3...2....1.... Bungee, and it's time to take the plunge. If hesitation prevents you from jumping on the first attempt, they grant a second chance. However, failing the jump in the second attempt results in disqualification with no further opportunities.

All three of us stood at the main zone, with Kunal taking the lead in the bungee jump. He addressed any lingering doubts, double-checked queries, and eventually made the decision to take the leap.

As he prepared to leap, I stood nearby, observing. When he took the plunge and hung silently in the air for approximately 5 seconds, concern crept in. I wondered if everything was alright. After about 10 seconds, he shouted with exhilaration, assuring me that all was well. His enthusiasm fueled my energy and motivation for the impending jump.

Now, it was my turn. I straightforwardly conveyed to the individual a simple request: I had no interest in a lengthy discourse at the cliff's edge. I just wanted to jump. If there were any instructions or speeches, they could be delivered while sitting on a chair. However, when we reached the cliff's edge, my only desire was to take the leap. My wish was granted, and I proceeded. The directive given to me was to jump straight up instead of free-falling, and I followed suit.

For a few moments, the only sensation was the rush of wind past my ears as I descended endlessly. The duration of the fall eludes my memory, but at one point, the rope stretched, propelling me back up before the exhilarating descent resumed. The experience was incredible, offering panoramic views of the sky, forest, and tranquility.

Finally, Nitisha turned up. Given that she's a girl, there was a thought that perhaps she might face difficulty, reconsider, or even decide to quit. Kunal and I waited below, hopeful that she would take the leap. As anticipated, she jumped, and we witnessed her descent from the top, plummeting straight down, then further, and again down. Screaming with joy, she joined us at the downside.

Riverside Camping Rishikesh

The three of us received a badge proclaiming "I have got Guts" and a certificate explicitly stating that we are among the fortunate few who dared to undertake the challenge.

Upon reviewing our well-executed video, we decided to make a purchase. The cost was 750 INR per person, but considering that it was the sole means of preserving our memories for a lifetime, we opted for it. Therefore, the final expense totaled 100 + 3500 + 750 INR, marking it as a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.

Afterward, we proceeded to our camp in Shivpuri. While the government has prohibited all riverside camps in Rishikesh, the Shivpuri camp was situated a bit further inland, so it received permission. Within the camp, numerous activities such as badminton, volleyball, carrom, and a bonfire were available. We relished participating in all the activities, exploring the riverbed, engaging in water games in a small stream, and fulfilling all our desired experiences.

From there, we proceeded to our camp at Shivpuri. Although the government has prohibited all riverside camps in Rishikesh, the Shivpuri camp was positioned a bit farther inside, allowing it to be permitted. Within the camp, various activities such as Badminton, Volleyball, Carrom, and a Bonfire were available. We thoroughly enjoyed all these activities, exploring the riverbed, engaging in water games in a small stream of the river, and doing everything we wished to do.

The night was well spent with a Bonfire, and the next morning, after another stroll along the riverside, we returned to Delhi, carrying nothing but memories.

Images by Shayaan Photography Frames

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