Railway Rules Update: Now You Can Add Meals After Booking Tickets!

Railway passengers have reason to rejoice as IRCTC has implemented several enhancements to make their journey even more enjoyable. Traditionally, passengers had to include food when booking a ticket to receive meals from the Railways; however, recent changes have been introduced. Now, even if a ticket is booked without the meal option, passengers will still be provided with food, thanks to IRCTC's updated app feature. This update allows for last-minute modifications, adding convenience to the travel experience.

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In a significant app update, IRCTC has addressed the issue of passengers forgetting to select the meal option. Even if a ticket is booked without specifying a meal preference, passengers will still receive hot food, thanks to the app's latest enhancement. Additionally, the app now offers the flexibility to edit bookings, allowing passengers to add or remove features until the last moment.

Indian Railway Food

Previously, passengers lacked the ability to make amendments post-ticket booking, but the updated app now empowers passengers to customize settings at their convenience. Every passenger, including those represented by agents, can make necessary adjustments through the app. Notably, selecting a meal option was crucial, as going without it meant extra expenses for food during the journey. IRCTC has also partnered with various vendors, such as Zomato, Swiggy, Pizza Hut, and Eat Sure, to enhance the overall dining experience for railway passengers, ensuring access to their favorite meals during the journey.

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To further enhance user experience, IRCTC provides a helpful reminder if passengers forget to add a meal option during ticket booking. Passengers receive a message prompting them to consider adding a meal, complete with a link or message offering options for changes.

It's worth mentioning that the railway's practice of charging exorbitant prices for tea has been a longstanding concern. While the extra charge on tea and coffee has been eliminated, making these beverages more affordable, the cost of food remains an area of consideration for future improvements.

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