Oyo launches Palette: Self operated hotels by Oyo

Hey travel enthusiasts! Big news for those who love a bit of luxury on their travels. OYO, the hotel booking app we all know and love, is stepping up its game with a brand new venture called Palette.

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What's the Palette all about?

Think swanky resorts and posh city hotels - that's the vibe OYO is going for with Palette. These swanky new stays will be perfect for those seeking a more premium experience, without breaking the bank. Plus, they'll be strategically located in popular tourist destinations and business hubs across India.

Going Solo: OYO to self-operate select Palette hotels

OYOImg: Hospitality Biz

Here's an interesting twist - OYO will be directly managing some of these Palette hotels, similar to their original OYO Rooms model. This means they'll have more control over the quality and service you experience. The first of these self-operated hotels is set to open in Morbi, Gujarat, a booming economic hub known for its ceramics industry.

Not the first splash into luxury

This isn't OYO's first foray into fancy stays. They already have a bunch of swanky brands under their umbrella like Townhouse Oak and Collection O. Plus, they've been adding a whopping 1800 new properties to their premium portfolio this year alone!

Remember the pilot?

Palette actually started as a pilot program last year, with 10 resorts launched in cities like Jaipur and Hyderabad. The response must have been good because OYO is planning to add a whopping 40 more Palette resorts by next quarter!

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So, what does this mean for you, the traveler?

More choices for your next getaway! Whether you're a business traveler looking for a swanky place to stay in Morbi or a leisure seeker craving a luxurious escape in Goa, OYO's Palette has you covered. Plus, booking is a breeze - just a few clicks on the OYO app and you're good to go!

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