Bengaluru, Pune Among the Worst Traffic Cities in the World

The TomTom Traffic Index for 2023 highlights some interesting insights into traffic congestion across various cities worldwide. Here are some key points:

Bengaluru's Improvement

  1. Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, has shown a slight improvement in traffic congestion compared to the previous year. The average travel time for a 10km drive reduced from nearly 30 minutes in 2022 to 28 minutes in 2023.

Pune in Top 10 Congested Cities

  1. Pune, a city in India, made it to the list of the top 10 congested cities worldwide. The average travel time within Pune increased slightly from 27 minutes and 50 seconds in 2022 to 28 minutes and 20 seconds in 2023.

New Delhi and Mumbai's Rankings

  1. New Delhi, the national capital of India, is the world's 44th congested city, with an average travel time of 21 minutes and 40 seconds for a 10 km distance. Mumbai, another major city in India, ranked 54, with an average travel time of 21 minutes and 20 seconds for the same distance.

TomTom Traffic Index Methodology

  1. TomTom Traffic Index compared average travel times in 387 cities across 55 countries. The analysis included various types of vehicles, including petrol, diesel, and electric vehicles, to assess traffic efficiency worldwide.

London Tops Congestion

  1. London retained its position as the 'Most Congested City' in the world, with an average travel time of 37 minutes and 20 seconds to cover a distance of 10 km.

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Traffic in India

While cities like Bengaluru show promising signs of improvement with slight reductions in travel times, metropolises such as London continue to grapple with significant congestion challenges. The inclusion of cities like Pune among the top 10 congested cities underscores the widespread nature of this issue, particularly in rapidly urbanizing regions.

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As policymakers and urban planners seek to address these challenges, the comprehensive methodology employed by the TomTom Traffic Index provides valuable data for informed decision-making. By understanding the dynamics of traffic congestion and its impact on daily life, cities can strive towards more efficient and sustainable transportation systems for the benefit of their residents and visitors alike.

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