10 Hacks to Maintain Hygiene While Traveling India

Hey there, travel buddies! Buckle up, because we're about to embark on an epic Indian adventure – the land of incredible sights, mouthwatering food, and...well, let's be honest, hygiene can sometimes be a bit of a wild card. But fear not, fellow travelers! With a few desi travel hacks up your sleeve, you can conquer those journeys and stay squeaky clean throughout.

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Hack #1: Pack Like a Hygiene Ninja

Hygiene Packing for hygiene in India is all about being prepared. Toss in a travel-sized hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, and some good old soap flakes (perfect for those situations where soap dispensers decide to take a vacation). Don't forget a quick-drying towel and a water purifying solution for those times when bottled water isn't readily available.

Hack #2: Befriend the Bottled Water Gods

Bottled WaterThis one's a no-brainer. Stick to bottled water for drinking, brushing your teeth, and even rinsing your face. While chai might be tempting, it's best to avoid using tap water for anything other than showering (with a good scrub down afterwards, of course!).

Hack #3: Master the Art of "Joota Bahar"

ShoesTranslation: "Shoes outside!" This is a golden rule in many Indian homes and temples. Always take your shoes off before stepping inside – not only will it keep the place clean, but it will also protect your feet from…well, let's just say the streets can get a bit messy sometimes.

Hack #4: Embrace the Power of Dabbawalas and DIY

tiffin Dabbawalas, Mumbai's legendary tiffin carriers, are onto something! Packing your own meals is a great way to ensure hygiene, especially if you're on a long journey or in a remote location. Think snacks, fruits, and easy-to-eat meals that you can whip up in a pinch.

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Hack #5: Find Your "Mitra" – The Friendly Neighborhood Washroom

WashroomPublic restrooms in India can be a gamble. Look for hotels, cafes, or restaurants that have clean washrooms you can use. Having a friendly "mitra" (friend) at a local shop who can point you towards a decent washroom is a hidden travel bonus!

Hack #6: Become a Handwashing Superhero

Handwashing This might seem like a basic one, but trust us, frequent handwashing is your hygiene BFF in India. Wash your hands with soap and water after using the loo, before eating, and after being in crowded places. Carrying hand sanitizer is a lifesaver for those situations when soap and water aren't available.

Hack #7: Pack Clever Clothing

PackingOpt for loose, breathable clothes made from natural fabrics like cotton. They'll keep you cool in the Indian heat and are easier to wash by hand if needed. Also, consider packing a sarong or dupatta – they're super versatile and can be used as a headscarf, blanket, or even a makeshift washcloth in a pinch!

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Hack #8: Be a Responsible Tourist

dustbins Let's be honest, overflowing dustbins and public littering are a reality in some parts of India. Do your part by disposing of waste properly and using public toilets whenever possible. It'll not only make your travels more pleasant but also help keep the environment clean.

Hack #9: Listen to Your Body (and Your Gut)

Body acheSpicy food is a delicious adventure, but be mindful of your digestive system. Start slow, avoid street food if you're unsure about the hygiene, and don't be afraid to ask for food cooked well done. A happy gut is a clean-traveling gut!

Hack #10: Embrace the Ayurveda Advantage

Ayurveda India is the birthplace of Ayurveda, a holistic healing system that emphasizes natural remedies. Carry some ayurvedic hand cream, use neem combs to keep your scalp healthy, and consider natural alternatives for bug bites or minor ailments.

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With these desi travel hacks in your backpack, you're all set to conquer the incredible world of India and emerge from your adventures refreshed, healthy, and ready for your next big trip! Remember, a little planning and a positive attitude go a long way – so go forth, explore, and stay hygienically happy!

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