IndiGo Expands Its International Wings with Daily Direct Flights from Hyderabad to Bangkok

In a significant move to enhance connectivity between India and Southeast Asia, IndiGo, India's leading airline, has announced the launch of daily direct flights between Hyderabad and Bangkok. This new service, commencing on February 26, 2024, marks a milestone in IndiGo's international expansion strategy, offering a seamless and efficient travel option for both leisure and business travelers.

The introduction of daily flights to Bangkok from Hyderabad is a testament to IndiGo's commitment to providing accessible and affordable air travel. "This new route is a step forward in strengthening our presence in the Southeast Asian market, offering more travel options to our customers," said a spokesperson for IndiGo. "Bangkok is a key international destination, and we are excited to connect it directly with Hyderabad, a major tech and business hub in India."

The direct flights are scheduled to cater to the convenience of travelers, reducing travel time and eliminating the need for connections. This direct route is expected to be particularly appealing to tourists and business travelers, providing a boost to tourism and economic exchanges between the two cities.

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Flight Schedule and Booking Details

The daily flights will operate with the following schedule, ensuring optimal timing for travelers:

- Departure from Hyderabad at 3:55 AM IST, arriving in Bangkok at 09:05 Bangkok AM local time.

- Return flights from Bangkok will depart at 10:05 AM local time, reaching Hyderabad at 12:05 PM IST.

Travelers can book their tickets through IndiGo's official website, mobile app, or other platforms such as make my trip or ease my trip. You can also call authorized travel agents. The airline has also announced introductory fares on the new route, inviting travelers to experience the ease and comfort of flying with IndiGo.

A Boost for Tourism and Business

This new air link is expected to significantly boost tourism and business travel between India and Thailand. Bangkok, known for its vibrant street life, cultural landmarks, and bustling markets, is a popular destination for Indian tourists. Conversely, Hyderabad, with its rich history, tech industry, and culinary scene, attracts visitors from across the globe.

"The direct flights between Hyderabad and Bangkok will not only facilitate easier travel but also promote cultural exchange and strengthen economic ties between the two regions," added the IndiGo spokesperson.

IndiGo is India's largest passenger airline, known for its low-cost offerings and extensive network within India and internationally. With a fleet of over 320 aircraft, IndiGo operates more than 2000 daily flights, connecting to 86 domestic and 33 international destinations.

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As IndiGo continues to expand its footprint, the airline remains committed to providing affordable, on-time, and courteous service to its passengers. The launch of the Hyderabad-Bangkok route is a step forward in IndiGo's mission to enhance global connectivity and offer travelers more choice and flexibility.

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