10 secret hacks to book cheap flight tickets in India 

Indians and travel? It's a match made in chai heaven, with one tiny hiccup – flight prices that can make even Dabbawalas weep. Fear not, wanderlusty friend, for we've got the secret sauce to booking tickets that won't leave your wallet singing the blues. Forget those boring "be flexible" mantras, we're talking spicy, desi hacks that'll have you jet-setting for less than the cost of a samosa chaat!

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1. Embrace the Incognito Ninja:

IncognitoAirlines track your searches like the paps stalk Bollywood stars. Prices magically inflate with each Google peek. So, channel your inner incognito ninja! Browse flight prices in private mode, and watch those fares magically drop like the temperature before monsoon.

2. Befriend the Fare Alert Fairy:

Fare Alert Forget scouring websites like a lost tourist in Chandni Chowk. Set price alerts on Google Flights, SkyScanner, and your favourite booking portals. These fairies will whisper sweet nothings (price drops!) straight into your inbox, letting you snag the best deals before they vanish faster than jalebis at a wedding.

3. Tuesday Travels and the Weekend Woes:

Flights Mondays are for sulking, Tuesdays for triumph! Airlines often drop prices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, desperate to fill those mid-week seats. Weekends, on the other hand, are peak-time bandits. So, unless you're attending a cousin's shaadi in Goa, consider flying mid-week and watch your travel budget do the Bhangra!

4. Festival Frenzy or FOMO Famine?

travel Diwali? Christmas? Forget it! Travel during festivals and witness your bank account do the Garba. Instead, embrace the off-season. Monsoon in Kerala? Winter in Rajasthan? These "shoulder seasons" offer breathtaking beauty and dirt-cheap fares. Just pack an umbrella or a shawl, and you're good to go!

5. One-Way Wonders:

one wayRound trips sound romantic, but sometimes, one-way flights are the real lovebirds. Mix and match airlines, airports, and even cities to score crazy deals. Think Mumbai to Goa via Jaipur for the price of a plate of pani-puri! Just remember, luggage logistics become your new best friend.

6. Local Heroes, Global Savings:

flight Forget fancy foreign airlines. Befriend India's budget badshas – IndiGo, SpiceJet, AirAsia. These desi warriors offer amazing deals, especially on short-haul routes. Plus, you get the bonus of chai and samosas in the air (well, maybe not, but a girl can dream!).

7. Student Swag, Senior Savvy:

id Flaunt that student ID or senior citizen card! Airlines, bless their cotton socks, offer special discounts for these groups. So, if you're still rocking a backpack or reminiscing about the good old days, use your age to your advantage and fly for peanuts (or, should we say, chana!).

8. The Midnight Mania:

flights Ever wondered why owls are wise? Because they know the best deals happen at night! Many airlines release flash sales or limited-time offers between midnight and 3 AM. So, grab your chai (or coffee, no judgement!), set your alarms, and get ready to pounce on those midnight steals!

9. Error Fares, the Serendipitous Snatches:

fareSometimes, airlines make mistakes. Glorious, beautiful mistakes that translate into ridiculously cheap fares. Websites like Secret Flying track these "error fares" and alert you instantly. Be warned, they disappear faster than gulab jamuns at a temple fair, so act quick!

10. Credit Card Conquests:

Credit Card Turn your plastic friend into your travel buddy! Many credit cards offer reward points, air miles, and even discounts on flight bookings. So, swipe wisely, reap the points, and watch your dream destinations get closer with every chai-latte purchase.

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Remember, fellow wanderlust warriors, these hacks are just the tip of the iceberg. Experiment, compare, and most importantly, have fun! The skies are waiting, and with these desi tricks up your sleeve, you'll be soaring through them like a kite in a Mumbai monsoon!

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