Complete travel guide to Egypt from India: Things to do, Places to visit and more!

EgyptImagine the bustling streets of India fading away as you step into the enchanting realm of Egypt's mysteries—it's a dreamlike transition.

This comprehensive guide is your key to transforming this dream into an unforgettable reality. We'll unravel the intricate details of your journey, from the fascinating travel routes to the tantalizing local cuisine and the one-of-a-kind souvenirs that will not only adorn your shelf but also make you the go-to storyteller among friends and family.

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Get ready to embark on a journey that seamlessly blends the vibrancy of India with the mystical allure of Egypt, creating a tapestry of experiences that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Getting There:

1. By air:

Delhi to Cairo, Mumbai to Luxor, courtesy of airlines like Emirates and EgyptAir. A celestial journey awaits, akin to a magic carpet ride to the land of pharaohs.

2. By water:

Opt for romance on the Nile or the Red Sea. Picture-perfect cruises with the pyramids as your backdrop offer a Bollywood-esque experience on the water.

3. By Road:

Road trip enthusiasts, this one's for you! Drive through Jordan or Israel, soaking in scenic views until you seamlessly hit Egyptian soil. An Indian-style road trip, where every mile tells a story!

Getting Around: Navigating Egypt with Flair

Once you've set foot in the captivating land of Egypt, transportation becomes a unique part of your adventure, offering a blend of convenience and cultural immersion.

1. Quick Flights

Think of domestic flights as your magic carpet, whisking you seamlessly between cities. With Egypt's well-connected airports, you can effortlessly hop from the historic charm of Cairo to the mesmerizing allure of Luxor.

2. Trains:

Boarding trains in Egypt is like stepping into a time machine. Particularly the journey from Cairo to Luxor, where every clickety-clack of the tracks echoes the tales of ancient civilizations.

Gaze out of the window, and you'll feel the pulse of history as the landscapes transition.

3. Buses:

In Egypt, buses offer an energetic atmosphere, with vibrant colors painting a lively backdrop. The rhythmic hum of the road sets the stage for an authentic Egyptian experience.

And, of course, no journey is truly complete without those essential chai breaks, providing moments to connect with locals and share stories.

4. Taxis:

You can either choose a traditional taxi or embrace the convenience of Uber. Each ride becomes an opportunity to immerse yourself as a local explorer.

Maneuver through lively streets, where the symphony of honks and vibrant city life become your surroundings.

Engage in conversations with taxi drivers, unlocking hidden gems and local insights beyond the reach of guidebooks.

Best Time to Visit:

The optimal visiting months for Egypt are from October to April, during the cooler winter season. December and January emerge as peak tourist times due to their popularity.


1. Luxury: Mena House, Cairo

Mena House, EgyptMena House, Egypt

Indulge in regal opulence at Mena House in Cairo, where the Pyramids are practically your next-door neighbors. Immerse yourself in the lavish embrace of a pharaoh, creating memories as iconic as the historical wonders that surround you.

2. Mid-Range: Steigenberger Minerva Cruise

Steigenberger Minerva Nile CruiseSteigenberger Minerva Nile Cruise

Elevate your stay by sailing down the Nile on the Steigenberger Minerva Cruise, a floating haven reminiscent of the Taj Mahal's grandeur. Let the gentle river currents lull you into a world where comfort meets the timeless charm of ancient Egypt.

3. Budget-Friendly: Aswan and Dahab Hostels

Hostels Near the Beach in Dahab, Egypt Hostels Near the Beach in Dahab, Egypt

For budget-conscious explorers, cozy up in hostels in Aswan or Dahab. These budget-friendly accommodations offer more than just a place to rest, they're vibrant hubs where the warmth of Egyptian hospitality meets the affordability our Desi hearts appreciate. Embrace the local charm without breaking the bank.

Things to Do:

1. Explore Ancient Sites: Uncover Mysteries of the Past

Explore Ancient SitesExplore Ancient Sites

Awaken your inner adventurer amidst the timeless wonders of Egypt. Stand in awe at the Pyramids, exchange secrets with the Sphinx, and stroll through the legendary Valley of the Kings, where each step echoes tales of ancient glory.

2. Cruise the Nile: Sail into Celestial Beauty

Cruise the NileCruise the Nile

Embrace the romance of the Nile by sailing on a traditional felucca or luxuriate in an enchanting experience aboard a luxury cruise. Let the river be your guide, weaving through history-laden landscapes.

3. Dive in the Red Sea: Submerge into Aquatic Splendor

A Scuba Diving Getaway in EgyptA Scuba Diving Getaway in Egypt

Trade the familiar currents for the vibrant hues of the Red Sea. Dive into a mesmerizing underwater world while snorkeling and discovering the coral wonders beneath.

Let the Red Sea unveil its secrets, creating an aquatic adventure that rivals the enchantment of mystical waters.

Places to Visit:

1. Cairo: Dive into Chaos and Culture

cairo egypt cityCairo Egypt city

Immerse yourself in the vibrant chaos of Cairo, where the Egyptian Museum unfolds ancient mysteries and Khan El Khalili bazaar beckons for a shopping spree. It's a bustling blend of culture, echoing the lively spirit of Sarojini Nagar, now adorned with the grandeur of pyramids.

2. Luxor: City of Wonders

Luxor and Ancient Thebes, EgyptLuxor and Ancient Thebes, Egypt

Experience Luxor, a city that unfolds like a grand historical drama. Wander through the monumental Karnak Temple, soak in the majestic Luxor Temple, and explore the mystique of the Valley of the Kings. It's a journey that transcends time, making you feel like a character in a captivating historical epic.

3. Aswan: Nile Serenity and Real-life Melodies

Aswan: Nile Serenity and Real-life MelodiesNile Serenity and Real-life Melodies

Picture yourself by the serene Nile in Aswan, where the High Dam stands as a testament to engineering marvels. Cruise to the enchanting Philae Temple, and as you take it all in, it's like being part of a real-life Bollywood song, where every note resonates with the beauty of Aswan.

Must-Try Local Foods: A Culinary Extravaganza in Egypt

1. Koshari: Spicy Fusion Delight

Traditional Koshari Egyptian FoodTraditional Koshari Egyptian Food

Relish Koshari, a delectable fusion of rice, lentils, pasta, and zesty tomato sauce—a spicy symphony that resonates with Desi taste buds. It's a bowlful of bliss for spice enthusiasts.

2. Ful Medames: Morning Elevation

Ful Medames Egyptian FoodFul Medames Egyptian Food

Elevate your mornings with Ful Medames, a nutritious blend of mashed fava beans. Forget about paranthas for a while and savor the wholesome goodness that sets the tone for a flavorful day.

3. Kebabs and Shawarma: Street Food Odyssey

Shawarma Egyptian FoodShawarma Egyptian Food

Embark on a street food odyssey with tantalizing kebabs and shawarmas. Each bite is a burst of flavors, making it a quintessential vacation indulgence. Because, truly, no exploration is complete without savoring the diverse street food offerings.

4. Mahshi: Stuffed Goodness

Mahshi, Grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice Mahshi, Grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice

Delight in Mahshi, a culinary masterpiece of stuffed vegetables like grape leaves and zucchini. The blend of flavors and textures is a testament to Egypt's rich culinary heritage.

5. Hawawshi: Meaty Marvel

Hawawshi Egyptian FoodHawawshi Egyptian Food

Sink your teeth into Hawawshi, a savory delight featuring minced meat tucked inside flatbread and baked to perfection. It's a meat lover's dream, showcasing Egypt's mastery in creating flavorful, hearty dishes.

6. Molokhia: Green Elegance

Molokhia Egyptian FoodMolokhia Egyptian Food

Experience the elegance of Molokhia, a green stew made from jute leaves. This dish, often paired with rice or bread, introduces a unique and delightful dimension to Egyptian cuisine.

7. Basbousa: Sweet Temptation

Basbousa, Moist Farina Yogurt CakeBasbousa, Moist Farina Yogurt Cake

Conclude your culinary journey with Basbousa, a sweet semolina cake soaked in syrup. This dessert is a delightful temptation, showcasing the sweet side of Egyptian gastronomy.

Shop for Souvenirs:

1. Spices and Perfumes: A Fragrant Memoir

Spices Egypt SouvenirsSpices Egypt Souvenirs

Ignite your senses by grabbing spices and perfumes from local markets. Your suitcase will become a fragrant treasure chest, bringing the scents of Egypt back home to share with friends and family.

2. Papyrus Art: Unroll History at Home

Papyrus Art, Egyptian SouvenirsPapyrus Art, Egyptian Souvenirs

Unveil a slice of history with handcrafted papyrus scrolls. These artistic pieces not only make for unique souvenirs but also serve as captivating storytelling elements, narrating the ancient tales of Egypt.

3. Alabaster Artifacts: Pieces of Ancient Egypt

Alabaster Artifacts, Egyptian SouvenirsAlabaster Artifacts, Egyptian Souvenirs

Secure alabaster treasures from the markets, because why settle for ordinary souvenirs when you can own fragments of ancient Egypt? These artifacts are not just trinkets; they're tangible pieces of history that will adorn your space with timeless elegance.

4. Egyptian Jewelry: Adornments with Elegance

Egyptian Jewelry, Egyptian SouvenirsEgyptian Jewelry, Egyptian Souvenirs

Bedazzle yourself with exquisite Egyptian jewelry. From traditional pieces to modern designs, each item tells a story of craftsmanship and beauty, allowing you to carry a piece of Egypt's allure with you.

5. Traditional Attire: Dress in Egyptian Elegance

Traditional Attire, Egyptian SouvenirsTraditional Attire, Egyptian Souvenirs

Don the elegance of Egypt with traditional attire. Whether it's a vibrant scarf or a stylish garment, immerse yourself in the local culture and bring home a wearable memory.

6. Ancient-Inspired Statues: Timeless Elegance

Ancient-Inspired Statues, Egyptian SouvenirsAncient-Inspired Statues, Egyptian Souvenirs

Grace your home with ancient-inspired statues. Crafted to reflect the grandeur of Egypt's past, these statues add a touch of timeless elegance to your living space, creating a visual connection to the land of pharaohs.

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EgyptDesi Explorers, brace yourselves for an unforgettable Egyptian adventure, where the aroma of samosas mingles with the grandeur of pyramids.

It's time to pack your bags, dive into the spicy affair that Egypt promises, and return home with stories that will leave everyone asking, "Bhai, kab ja rahe hain?"

So, embark on this vibrant escapade, savor the essence of Egypt, and let your tales become the threads that connect hearts across continents. Until your next exploration, happy travels!

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