Visiting Ayodhya? Book these 10 Beautiful Stays now!

AyodhyaIn the heart of India, where time echoes through ancient tales, Ayodhya unfolds its sacred embrace.

As pilgrims embark on a divine journey, the quest for a resting place becomes an integral part of their odyssey.

Here, amidst the hallowed streets, ten beautiful stays weave a tapestry of regality, tranquility, and a profound connection to Ayodhya's spiritual essence.

1. Saryu View Retreat:

Saryu View RetreatIn the moonlit shadows of the Saryu River, pilgrims found refuge at Saryu View Retreat. The regal charm of this abode, near the ancient Saryu Bridge, offered a panoramic view that mirrored the passage of time.

Here, the soul connected with the echoes of Ayodhya's cultural heritage, as if the river itself whispered tales of centuries past.

  • Location: Near the old Saryu Bridge

  • Price Range: ₹6,000 to ₹11,000

  • Highlights: Panoramic view, regal charm, cultural heritage whispers

2. Bypass Bliss Hotel:

Bypass Bliss HotelAlong the path of the Ayodhya Bypass, pilgrims encountered the Bypass Bliss Hotel, a haven where modern amenities danced with the echoes of the city's cultural heritage.

The pulse of Ayodhya's history thrived amidst the comfort, creating a harmony that resonated with every pilgrim's heartbeat.

  • Location: Along the Ayodhya Bypass

  • Price Range: ₹5,000 to ₹8,500

  • Highlights: Harmony of modern amenities and cultural echoes, resonating with Ayodhya's history

3. The Ramayana Hotel Ayodhya:

The Ramayana Hotel AyodhyaNestled in the heart of Ayodhya, the Ramayana Hotel offers a serene escape with thoughtfully designed guest rooms featuring modern amenities.

Each room includes air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a kettle, and a well-appointed bathroom. Some units even boast balconies, providing an extra touch of relaxation.

  • Location: Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Price Range: For specific pricing details, kindly reach out to the hotel directly.

  • Highlights:

    • Thoughtfully designed guest rooms with modern amenities.

    • Convenient seating areas for relaxation.

    • Buffet breakfast to start your day on a delightful note.

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4. Royal Heritage Inn:

Royal Heritage InnNear the Saryu Bridge, where time and tales intertwined, the Royal Heritage Inn stood as a testament to opulence.

Luxurious accommodations provided more than just shelter; they offered a glimpse into Ayodhya's storied history.

Here, pilgrims rested in regal comfort, as if becoming a part of the city's royal lineage.

  • Location: Near the Saryu Bridge

  • Price Range: ₹8,000 to ₹14,000

  • Highlights: Opulent accommodations, glimpse into Ayodhya's storied history, regal comfort

5. A.P. Palace

A.P. PalaceA.P. Palace is an excellent choice for exploring Ayodhya. Situated on Fatehganj Devkali Road, this well-appointed hotel offers an ideal base for sightseeing and recreation.

The tastefully decorated establishment provides various amenities, including free parking, bicycle rental, airport transportation, a business center, meeting rooms, and a multi-cuisine restaurant. Guests can also enjoy a complimentary breakfast.

  • Location: Opposite Dr. Brijkishore Homeopathic College, Fatehganj Devkali Rd, near Indian Bank, Badi, Adarsh Puram, Ayodhya.

  • Starting price: ₹1467 per night

  • Highlight: a tastefully decorated hotel with a focus on comfort and aesthetics.

6. Divine Retreat Lodge:

Divine Retreat LodgeIn the heart of Ayodhya, Divine Retreat Lodge welcomed pilgrims with simplicity and convenience.

Centrally located, it provided a sanctuary for those on a pilgrimage, offering not just lodging but a humble abode for weary travelers seeking solace in simplicity.

  • Location: In the heart of Ayodhya

  • Price Range: ₹3,500 to ₹6,000

  • Highlights: Simplicity and convenience, central location, humble abode for weary travelers

7. Lotus Palace:

Lotus PalaceOn the serene path of Bhaunumati Road, Lotus Palace stood as an elegant refuge amidst nature's bounty.

Here, pilgrims experienced not just an escape but a profound reconnection with the elements. The lotus blossomed, symbolizing purity and enlightenment, as souls found solace in this earthly haven.

  • Location: Bhanumati Rd, Karsewakpuram, Ayodhya.

  • Price Range: ₹5,000 to ₹8,500

  • Highlights: Elegant refuge amidst nature's bounty, profound reconnection with the elements, symbolizing purity and enlightenment

8. Sanskriti Residency:

Sanskriti ResidencyNear Ayodhya Bypass, Sanskriti Residency blended modern facilities with a cultural touch. A strategic location catered to both business and leisure travelers, providing a bridge between the contemporary world and Ayodhya's spiritual essence. Here, the ancient and the modern danced in harmony.

  • Location: Near Ayodhya Bypass

  • Price Range: ₹6,000 to ₹9,800

  • Highlights: Blend of modern facilities and cultural touch, strategic location, a bridge between the contemporary world and Ayodhya's spiritual essence

9. Spiritual Serenity Inn:

Spiritual Serenity InnOn the peaceful stretch of Bhaunumati Road, Spiritual Serenity Inn beckoned souls seeking respite from the city's hustle.

A retreat into tranquility, the inn focused on providing a spiritual escape. Pilgrims found not just lodging but a sacred space for rejuvenation and reflection.

  • Location: Peaceful stretch of Bhaunumati Road

  • Price Range: ₹4,500 to ₹7,500

  • Highlights: Retreat into tranquility, spiritual escape, sacred space for rejuvenation and reflection

10. Ayodhya Palace Heritage Hotel:

Ayodhya Palace Heritage HotelIn the heart of Ayodhya, where history echoed through ancient walls, the Ayodhya Palace Heritage Hotel stood as a time capsule.

Traditional architecture spoke volumes, offering pilgrims a glimpse into the city's heritage. Here, the past and present intertwined, creating a tapestry where every thread told a story.

  • Location: In the heart of Ayodhya

  • Price Range: ₹9,000 to ₹15,000

  • Highlights: Time capsule of traditional architecture; a glimpse into Ayodhya's heritage, intertwining past and present

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And so, the pilgrims of Ayodhya find themselves enveloped in the divine comfort of these ten beautiful stays.

Each holds a unique tale, a chapter in the spiritual journey through this sacred city. As pilgrims rest in these abodes, they carry not just the memories of Ayodhya's history but the whispers of its timeless spirit, eternally woven into the fabric of their souls.

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