Passenger describes his first Akasa Air flight with Pet Dog as 'Horrible' - Airline Responds

Traveling with your furry bestie shouldn't be a ruff day at the airport, right? But for a Akasa Air passenger Lakshya Pathak faced a tail spin of frustration. His recent Ahmedabad-Bengaluru flight with his pet Shih Tzu turned into a nightmare, raising concerns about the airline's pet travel services.

Akasa AirImg: Boeing Company

Key Takeaways:

  • Akasa Air's pet travel services faced criticism for delays, lack of pet-friendly facilities, and unclear crew instructions.

  • Passenger's social media post brought attention to animal welfare concerns and sparked online discussion.

  • The airline's prompt response and willingness to follow up are encouraging, but concrete action is needed to address the issues raised.

  • This incident highlights the importance of prioritizing animal welfare and providing clear communication and training for pet travel services.

A String of Mishaps

The flight, scheduled for 10:20 pm, was delayed by over 3 hours. Forcing him and his family to spend an exhausting six hours at the airport. Adding to their woes, the ground staff and CISF personnel seemed ill-equipped to handle pet-related queries, offering minimal assistance and displaying a lack of understanding of pet needs.

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Confined and Uncomfortable: The Plight of the Pet

lakshay pathak on plane experienceImg: Lakshay Pathak on plane experience via LinkedIn

Onboard the flight, the situation didn't improve. Pathak was disappointed by the absence of any special arrangements for pets, despite paying a hefty Rs. 5,000 for the pet ticket. The boarding process itself took a grueling 40 minutes, with the cabin sweltering due to the non-functioning air conditioning. This caused immense discomfort for both passengers and their furry companions.

Pathak further criticized the flight crew's alleged lack of training and unprofessional attitude. He described conflicting instructions and a general disregard for the pet's well-being. For instance, he was reprimanded for briefly allowing his dog's head out of the container for better breathing, even though the container itself restricted proper airflow.

Social Media Takes Notice, Airline Promises Action

lakshay pathak on plane experienceImg: Lakshay Pathak on plane experience via LinkedIn

Pathak's post on LinkedIn quickly gained traction, garnering attention from animal welfare organizations and netizens alike. Many expressed concern about the pet's welfare and criticized Akasa Air's handling of the situation. In response, the airline acknowledged the incident and expressed regret for the inconvenience caused. They assured Pathak of a follow-up to address his concerns.

Let's hope Akasa Air's response translates into decisive action, ensuring that future pet-inclusive flights take off without a hitch, leaving smiles (and maybe a few happy barks) in their wake.

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Remember, a happy pup makes for a happy flight, and a happy flight makes for a happy travel story. Let's work together to ensure our four-legged friends have a smooth and tail-wagging good time when taking to the skies!

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