Explore Tranquebar or Tharangambadi - A Hidden Gem in Tamil Nadu

You follow your customary path along the Coromandel coastline during your regular morning run from the hotel. However, today, you opt to extend your route, passing under a sky tinged with hues of pink and alongside vibrant rows of boats. Unexpectedly, you come to a sudden halt as an unusual, ancient gate adorned with weathered engravings gradually reveals itself.


Explore a place, tucked away 120 km south of Pondicherry, Tranquebar, or Tharangambadi, is a coastal gem in Tamil Nadu, where the rhythmic waves tell tales of a bygone era. Translating to "the land of the singing waves," this small town served as a Danish trading post from 1620 to 1845, leaving an indelible mark on its cultural landscape.

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Discovering Tranquebar: A Glimpse into the Past

Tranquebar's roots delve deep into the 14th century when the Masilamani Nathar (Shiva) temple was established in 1306. Before the arrival of the Danes, it was an integral part of the Thanjavur Nayak kingdom. The strategic vision of Danish admiral Ove Gjedde saw the potential for a trading hub. Thus, Fort Dansborg emerged, becoming the residence and headquarters of governors until the British acquisition in 1845.

The Danish imprint transformed the tranquil fishing hamlet into a colonial town adorned with European-styled mansions and churches. Today, the formidable Dansborg Fort still graces the skyline, preserving the colonial charm amidst a rural backdrop.

Getting to Tranquebar: The Gateway to History

Getting There:

  • By Bus: Optimal for travelers from Chennai, the bus route 324 from CMBT takes you along the scenic coast, stopping at Pondicherry, Cuddalore, Chidambaram, Tranquebar, and Karaikal. Choose from Regular, UD, or AC buses, with the latter providing a comfortable journey.

  • By Rail: Mayiladuthurai, located 31 km away, serves as the nearest railhead, well-connected to Chennai and Rameshwaram.

Getting Around:

Tranquebar is a walker's paradise, and within 3-4 hours, you can explore its historical sites. For the avid history buff, hiring a pedal bike might be a delightful option, especially if you plan to venture to nearby attractions like Peter Anker's country house.

Immersing in Tranquebar's Heritage: Places to Visit in Tranquebar

  • Fort Dansborg (10:30AM–5PM): A 17th-century Danish fort facing the coast, now restored and housing a museum with artifacts, narrating the history of the Danish settlement. Entry fee: ₹5 per person.

Danish Fort

  • New Jerusalem Church (King Street): Built in 1718 by German missionary Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg, this church with a cross-like floor plan replaced the old Jerusalem Church, reflecting Tranquebar's growing Christian population.

New Jerusalem Church (King Street)

  • Ziegenbalg Museum Complex (Admiral Street): The press where Ziegenbalg printed the first Tamil Bible still stands, displaying the printing press and the handwritten Tamil Bible. Visitors can even get their names printed in Tamil using Ziegenbalg's blocks.

Ziegenbalg Museum Complex

  • Zion Church (King Street): Consecrated in 1701, it's the oldest Protestant Church in India, showcasing a blend of colonial and Indian architectural features.

Zion Church (King Street)

  • Tharangambadi Maritime Museum (Next to Fort): Housed in the former residence of the Danish Commander, the museum exhibits maritime artifacts, including the remains of an old ship.

Where to Stay: Tranquebar's Tranquil Retreats

  • The Bungalow on the Beach (King's Street): The epitome of tranquility, this upmarket accommodation housed in a renovated British Collector's house offers rooms ranging from ₹500 to ₹5000 per night.

  • The Gate House (King's Street): An annex of The Bungalow, with rooms ranging from ₹1000 to ₹3500 per night, providing a comfortable stay next to the Town Gate.

  • The Nayak House (Post Office Street): Run by Neemrana, this retreat offers three rooms from ₹1000 to ₹2000 per night, providing a cozy stay near the beach.

Savoring Tranquebar's Essence: Where Ozone Meets the Shore

  • Ozone Rich Beach: A picturesque coastline with rocky outcrops, offering stunning views of Dansborg Fort. Though unsuitable for swimming, it's a tranquil spot to absorb the beauty of the singing waves.

Ozone Rich Beach

  • Masilamaniswarar Shiva Temple: Dating back to the Pandian era in 1306, this restored temple showcases the resilience of heritage against the sea's erosion.

Masilamaniswarar Shiva Temple

Crafting Memories in Tranquebar: Recommendations

  • Arts and Craft Centre: Delve into the region's traditional arts and crafts, presented in restored Tamil houses by local NGOs post-tsunami.

  • Walking Tour: Start your journey at the Bungalow on the Beach, receive a map, and explore Tranquebar's treasures at a leisurely pace.

Indulging in Tranquebar's Culinary Delights: A Flavorful Finale

  • The Bungalow on the Beach (King's Street): The sole dining option in Tranquebar, offering a delightful continental fare with main courses priced around ₹200.

Best Time to Visit Tranquebar

To embrace the true essence of Tranquebar, plan your visit between October and March. During these months, the weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C, offering a comfortable environment for exploring historical sites, enjoying the beaches, and taking leisurely walks through the town. Avoid the monsoon season (June to September) when heavy rainfall may hinder outdoor activities.

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Tranquebar, with its echoes of history, whispers of the waves, and colonial charm, stands as a testament to time's grace. As you bid adieu to this coastal haven, carry with you the melodies of the singing waves and the tales etched in the walls of Dansborg Fort. Tranquebar, where history meets tranquility, welcomes you to become a part of its story—a story that transcends time and resonates with the echoes of a bygone era.

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