10 Romantic Resorts in Ooty for Couples and newly married

Nestled in the lush greenery of the Nilgiri Hills, Ooty, also known as the "Queen of Hill Stations," is a picturesque destination that exudes romance and tranquility. For couples seeking a romantic escape or newlyweds looking to celebrate their union, Ooty offers a myriad of charming resorts. Here's a curated list of 10 romantic resorts in Ooty that promise a dreamy and unforgettable experience.

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1. Savoy - IHCL SeleQtions:

Savoy - IHCL SeleQtions, OotySavoy - IHCL SeleQtions, Ooty Img: Savoy - IHCL SeleQtions

Surrounded by sprawling gardens and Victorian architecture, Savoy is an iconic resort that exudes old-world charm. Couples can enjoy a romantic stroll through the rose gardens or unwind in their luxurious rooms, complete with antique furnishings and modern amenities.

2. Fern Hill, A Sterling Holiday Resort:

Fern Hill, A Sterling Holiday ResortFern Hill, A Sterling Holiday Resort Img: Sterling Holiday Resort

Perched on the lush slopes of Ooty, Fern Hill offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. The resort's cozy cottages and private balconies provide the perfect setting for couples to enjoy intimate moments amidst the serenity of nature.

3. Taj Savoy Hotel:

Taj Savoy Hotel, OotyTaj Savoy Hotel, Ooty Img: Taj Hotel

A symbol of elegance and luxury, Taj Savoy Hotel seamlessly blends colonial architecture with contemporary comforts. Couples can indulge in fine dining at the hotel's restaurants or enjoy a romantic evening by the fireplace in their tastefully designed suites.

4. Sinclairs Retreat Ooty:

Sinclairs Retreat OotySinclairs Retreat Ooty Img: Sinclairs Retreat

Located amidst acres of undulating hills, Sinclairs Retreat is an idyllic retreat for couples seeking privacy and seclusion. The resort's well-appointed rooms and cottages offer panoramic views of the Nilgiris, creating a romantic ambiance.

5. The Kurumba Village Resort:

Kurumba Village Resort, Ooty Kurumba Village Resort, Ooty Img: Kurumba Village Resort

Tucked away in the verdant hills, The Kurumba Village Resort offers a unique and intimate experience for couples. With its thatched-roof cottages and a tranquil spa, this resort is a haven for those seeking romance in nature's embrace.

6. Destiny The Farm Stay:

 Destiny The Farmstay Ooty Destiny The Farmstay Ooty Img: Destiny The Farmstay

For couples yearning for a rustic and charming retreat, Destiny The Farmstay is an ideal choice. Surrounded by lush tea gardens and mist-covered hills, this resort provides a cozy and intimate escape for newlyweds.

7. Fortune Resort Sullivan Court:

Fortune Resort Sullivan Court, Ooty Fortune Resort Sullivan Court, Ooty Img: Fortune Resort Sullivan Court

Set against the backdrop of the Nilgiri Mountains, Fortune Resort Sullivan Court boasts spacious rooms and well-manicured gardens. The resort's warm ambiance and attentive service create the perfect environment for a romantic getaway.

8. Gem Park Ooty:

Gem Park OotyGem Park Ooty Img Gem Park

Overlooking the picturesque Ooty Lake, Gem Park offers a luxurious escape for couples. The resort's stylish rooms, spa facilities, and a rooftop restaurant with panoramic views make it an enchanting destination for romantic sojourns.

9. Kluney Manor:

Kluney Manor, Ooty Kluney Manor, Ooty Img: Kluney Manor

Housed in a colonial-era mansion, Kluney Manor exudes charm and sophistication. Couples can enjoy a candlelit dinner at the in-house restaurant or take a leisurely stroll through the beautifully landscaped gardens.

10. Meadows Residency – The Spellbound:

Meadows Residency – The Spellbound, Ooty Meadows Residency – The Spellbound, Ooty Img: Meadows Residency

Nestled in the heart of Ooty, Meadows Residency – The Spellbound is a boutique resort that combines modern comfort with classic charm. Couples can relax in the elegantly designed rooms and enjoy the serene ambiance of the Nilgiris.

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Ooty's romantic resorts offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, luxury, and intimacy for couples and newlyweds. Whether surrounded by mist-covered hills, lush tea gardens, or overlooking serene lakes, these resorts provide an idyllic setting for love to blossom. A stay in any of these enchanting resorts is sure to create lasting memories for couples seeking a romantic escape in the lap of the Nilgiri Hills.

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