7 Places in Mumbai for Diehard Anime Fans

You know that itch you get when your love for all things anime starts overflowing? Like, gotta-see-some-manga-in-real-life kinda feeling? Well, if you're in Mumbai and that anime urge is hitting hard, fret no more! This city has some hidden gems (and not-so-hidden ones) that'll make any otaku squeal with glee.

Gear Up for Glory: Anime Stores

1. Superhero Toy Store (Andheri East):

Superhero Toy Store (Andheri East)Img: superherotoystore.com

This one-stop shop caters to collectors with a vast selection of officially licensed anime merchandise, from action figures and collectibles to wallets and posters. All at pocket-friendly prices! (Andheri - Kurla Rd, Mittal Industrial Estate, Andheri East)

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2. Bargain Book Hut (Kala Ghoda):

Bargain Book Hut (Kala Ghoda)Img: varis bhai

This small but delightful store offers a treasure trove of books across fandoms and genres, including comics. With friendly prices and a minimalist decor, it's a great place to find bargains on pre-loved anime or manga. (33 Shri Sai Baba Marg, Kalaghoda)

3. Title Waves (Bandra West):

Title Waves (Bandra West)Img: Anand Priya Deo

A paradise for comic and collectible lovers, Title Waves offers a wide range of items, including comics, at various price points. Life-size Batman figures and an in-store coffee corner add to the charm. While not exclusively anime-focused, they likely have a good selection.

Fuel Up for the Next Quest: Anime Cafes

4. The Fatty Bao:

The Fatty BaoImg: The Fatty Bao

This lively eatery offers a more casual dining experience with a menu of Japanese-inspired dishes, including sushi, ramen, and baos. They also have a fun and quirky décor that might remind you of your favorite anime hangout.

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5. Origami Japanese & Korean Restaurant:

Origami Japanese & Korean RestaurantImg: Origami Japanese & Korean Restaurant

This fine-dining restaurant offers a beautiful lake view and a wide selection of authentic Japanese and Korean dishes, including ramen, sushi, and katsu curry. Their Miso Ramen is a must-try for any anime fan.

6. Yazu – Pan Asian Supper Club:

Yazu – Pan Asian Supper ClubImg: Yazu – Pan Asian Supper Club

This restaurant features a stylish ambiance and a menu that includes many anime favorites, such as Japanese Katsu Curry Rice and Korean BBQ.

Level Up Your Fandom: Events & Communities

7. The Comic Con

The Comic Con MumbaiImg: IGN India

Want more than just shopping and eating? Join the party! The annual Mumbai Comic Con (MCC) is a must-attend for any anime enthusiast. Here, you'll find screenings, panels with industry folks, and a vendor hall overflowing with awesome merch. Basically, it's a full-blown anime convention right here in Mumbai!

Can't wait for the next MCC? No worries! The Mumbai Anime Club on Facebook is your online hub. Connect with other local fans, discuss the latest shows, and maybe even organize your own meetups.

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Bonus Tip: While these are some killer spots, don't be afraid to explore! There are hidden anime gems all over the city, so keep your eyes peeled and your fandom flag flying high.

So, otakus, what are you waiting for? Grab your squad, unleash your inner anime spirit, and embark on an epic adventure through these awesome spots! Remember, Mumbai is your anime playground – go explore!

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