Alboe by the Beach Vol. 1 - 3 Day Beach Festival in Varkala

Varkala beach, situated in southern Kerala and surrounded by cliffs along the Arabian Sea, is undergoing a transformation into a haven for music enthusiasts. This new identity is being shaped by the organizers of a contemporary beach music festival in South India known as Alboe by the Beach.

The genesis of this festival can be traced back to Vishnu Shyamaprasad and Jay Unnithan, who, during the production of their Netflix-debuted film Thrishanku, discovered a wealth of emerging talents in the Indian music industry. This discovery laid the foundation for the inaugural edition of the three-day music festival scheduled for February 9, organized by Lacuna Pictures after six months of careful curation.

Varkala Beach

Alboe by the Beach promises a diverse lineup, bringing together musicians from various genres. Among the featured artists are renowned rappers such as Brodha V, Arivu, Baby Jean, MC Couper, Paal Dabba, Reble, HanuMankind, singer-songwriter Taba Chake, rock bands like Chennai’s The F16s and Bengaluru’s Pineapple Express and Space Is All We Have, and electronic acts by Mary Ann, Sunflower Tape Machine, and the DJ and surfing enthusiast Paloma Monappa.

The festival also includes pop sensation Jeremiah De Rozario from Kochi, singer-songwriter Frizzell D’Souza based in Bangalore, and Wayanad’s rock band Matadori. Vishnu, the festival director, emphasizes its multi-genre nature, with hip-hop, indie rock, and pop taking center stage for the first volume of Alboe by The Beach.

What to Expect:

  1. Diverse Artistic Lineup: Over three days, more than 20 of India's top music artists will grace the festival, representing a variety of genres such as Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Indie, EDM, and more.

  2. Southern India’s Premier Beach Music Festival: Taking place on the picturesque Varkala beach in Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala, known for its pristine waters and golden sands, the festival offers a unique experience of music, art, and culture amidst stunning views of the Arabian Sea.

  3. Flea Market Showcasing Indigenous Art & Products: Explore and shop at the extensive flea market, featuring local indigenous art and products. Discover authentic souvenirs, merchandise, and various indigenous items.

  4. Specially Curated Food and Beverage Stalls: Indulge in a variety of cuisines at the festival's specially curated food and beverage stall section. Whether you're into Kerala’s traditional flavors or international dishes, there's something to satisfy every palate.

Featured Artists:

  • Rock: Pineapple Express Grand Symphony ft. The Bangalore Strings & Brass Ensemble, Space Is All We Have, Peekay

  • HipHop: Brodha V, Arivu, HanumanKind, Paal Dabba, The Baby Jean, MC Couper, Reble, Paloma, Mary Ann

  • Indie: The F16s, Matadoria, Sunflower Tape Machine

  • Pop: Taba Chake, Frizzell D'Souza, Jeremiah

Get ready to don your party shoes, switch to 'Vacay mode,' and join us at the inaugural edition of Alboe by The Beach. An unforgettable experience awaits!

Important Information:

  • Entry permitted only for guests with valid wristbands, available at the venue's box office upon presenting valid e-tickets.

  • Guests are responsible for their valuables, and the organizers will not be held liable for any loss or damage.

  • Sunscreen is recommended due to the beach setting; ensure sun protection during daytime events.

  • Use designated trash bins and recycling stations to maintain environmental consciousness.

  • Adhere to festival rules for the enjoyment and safety of all guests.

  • Be mindful of noise levels; use hearing protection, especially for young children.

  • Follow beach safety guidelines, including heeding warnings or instructions from event staff regarding tides or beach conditions.

  • In case of concerns or emergencies, seek assistance from festival staff or security personnel.

Prohibited Items:

  • Coolers or picnic baskets

  • Outside food or beverages

  • Video cameras or GoPros

  • Audio recording devices

  • Laptops or tablets

  • Professional cameras or cameras with removable lenses

  • Lasers or laser pointers

  • Drones

  • Balloons or beach balls

  • Aerosol cans

  • Whistles or air horns

  • Fireworks or explosives

  • Musical instruments of any kind

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia

  • Unauthorized vending or advertising

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