Alliance Status Is Now Easier To Achieve With Air India's Updated Loyalty Program

What is it that is evolving?

The way miles are accrued is the biggest modification to the new scheme. The quantity of Flying Returns Points as of today, April 3, In lieu of flow distance, members will receive collectibles for each flight based on the cost of their ticket. The airline thinks this change would yield a higher return on investment for its devoted customers.

Takeoffs and landings Regardless of Membership Tier level, points never expire as long as the member takes at least one Air India flight every 24 months. Additionally, because points can now be combined with cash for ticket redemptions, points can be used on any flight, regardless of when there are blackout dates.

The study that was conducted for the redesign was described in depth by Air India's Chief Commercial & Transformation Officer, Nipun Aggarwal:

"The redesign of Flying Returns represents a significant advancement in the 'new' Air India's' goal to satisfy and serve its patrons. Over the course of the last year, we have listened to our customers, gathered insights from over 50,000 of them, and compared our program to the greatest loyalty programs available. Together with a comprehensive digital makeover, this deep dive has produced a far more robust and valuable program, which we are pleased to showcase today."

The program will be significantly redesigned for the first time since the airline joined Star Alliance in 2012. India's first airline loyalty program, Flying Returns, was introduced in 1994.


1. Convert to value-based pay

2. Conditions apply, but points never expire.

3. The "Cash + Points" format debuted.

4. Availability of last seats

5. An improved value reward chart

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A quicker route to becoming an elite

The revised tier progression criteria is one of the most prominent modifications. Flying Returns will keep providing its four Membership Tier tiers, which have been renamed to better align with the names of its neighboring Star Alliance carriers: Platinum (from The Maharaja Club), Red (from "Base"), Silver (from "Silver Edge"), and Gold (from "Golden Edge").

Members can now use spending thresholds or flying segments to progress, as the requirements to advance have been dropped by 40% across all three status tiers. Only a portion of the flights must be conducted on Air India aircraft in order for them to be attributed to the program. Flights from partner carriers can also be used.

Instead of calling the booking center, travelers can book flights on Star Alliance partners online. New perks are also being awarded to members with elite status, such as free (or reduced) travel modifications and cancellations, as well as a single priority call center.


Every INR 100 ($1.20) paid on the Air India website or mobile app will now earn two extra bonus Flying Returns Points for Flying Returns members who want to book directly with the airline. In order to facilitate faster point redemptions, the process of pooling points among family members has also been streamlined.

With the program, the airline is quickly growing the number of earning partners. In addition to using Air India's non-airline partners for shopping, hotel stays, car rentals, and other experiences, frequent travelers can now accrue Flying Returns Points through point transfers.

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Next, the airline plans to launch new co-branded credit cards specifically targeted at American consumers as well as joint ventures with other well-known companies to provide Flying Returns Members access to special travel benefits and privileges.

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