Public Holidays India 2024 - Ultimate Long Weekend Guide

Hello fellow travelers! Here is a lifesaver guide to optimize your annual leaves to maximize your long weekends in 2024. We will reveal the secret about how you can take 4 holidays and enjoy 11 long weekends!

Public Holidays India 2024 - Long Weekend Guide*Subject to changes

List of Public Holidays in India

Here are the list of gazetted public holidays in India

  1. Republic Day (Jan 26)

  2. Holi (Mar 25)

  3. Good Friday (Mar 29)

  4. Eid - Ul - Fitr (Apr 11)

  5. Ram Navami (Apr 17)

  6. Mahavir Jayanti (Apr 21)

  7. Buddha Purnima (May 23)

  8. Bakrid (June 17)

  9. Muharram (July 17)

  10. Independence Day ( Aug 15)

  11. Janmashtami (Aug 26)

  12. Milad-un-Nabi (Sep 16)

  13. Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti (Oct 2)

  14. Dussehra (Oct 12)

  15. Diwali (Oct 31)

  16. Guru Nanak Jayanti (Nov 15)

  17. Christmas Day ( Dec 25)

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7 Long weekends with Public Holidays in 2024:

Out of 17 Public holidays, Four holidays each fall on monday, wednesday and thursday. Three holidays fall on friday and one each on saturday and sunday. So that makes it 7 long weekends (monday+friday public holidays). Here is the list!

1. Republic Day 

January 26 - 28 

Friday to Saturday

2. Holi 

March 23rd to 25th 

Saturday to Monday

3. Good Friday

March 29th to 31st

Saturday to Monday

4. Bakrid 

June 15th to 17th

Saturday to Monday

5. Janmashtami 

August 24th to 26th

Saturday to Monday

6. Milad-un-Nabi

September 14th to 16th

Saturday to Monday

7. Guru Nanak’s Jayanti

November 15th to 17th 

Friday to Sunday

Major restricted holidays of 2024 with potential Long Weekends

A. Sankranti Holiday - January 13th to 15th

B. Shivratri - March 8th to 10th 

C. Dussehra - October 10th to 13th

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Take 4 Holidays and Make it 11 Long Weekends in 2024

Planning to treat yourself with a vacation from your daily job? Don’t miss these dates at all cost!

Why? Because, these are the dates which will allow you to have extra long holidays to plan your vacation or chill with your family in your hometown. 

Take 4 Holidays and Enjoy 11 Long Weekends in 2024*Subject to changes

Take a look at the cheat sheet we have come up with. Right away save this and lock in your leave dates. Also, “sharing is caring”. Share this with your travel buddies as well!

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