Is it worth including Estonia in your European itinerary from India?

Planning an European adventure from India? You've probably got the usual suspects on your list: Paris, Rome, London, maybe even Amsterdam. But have you considered Estonia? This tiny Nordic nation might not be on your radar yet, but trust me, it's got the spice to make your trip unforgettable.

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Why Estonia? Let me paint a picture:

Fairytale Land:

Tallinn city, EstoniaTallinn city, Estonia

Imagine stepping into a storybook. Tallinn, the capital, is straight out of medieval dreams. Think cobblestone streets lined with candy-colored houses, towering Gothic churches, and a magical old town that whispers of knights and dragons.

Nature Nirvana:

lahemaa national park estonialahemaa national park Img: Aleksandr Abrosimov

Estonia is nature's playground. Think vast, emerald forests, pristine lakes, and beaches that stretch for miles. Hike through Lahemaa National Park, kayak through Soomaa Bog's wild marshes, or simply relax on the sun-kissed sands of Pärnu.

Foodie Fiesta:

estonian foodEstonian food is a delightful surprise. Think hearty soups, rustic rye bread, and fresh seafood straight from the Baltic Sea. Don't miss out on smoked salmon, black pudding, and blood sausage for a taste of local flavors. And of course, there's always some familiar spice to add a tarka to your taste buds, from cinnamon rolls to ginger snaps.

Psss Indians: I Got A Good News!

Getting to Estonia is easier than ever. Air India flies directly from Delhi to Helsinki, and from there, it's just a quick hop to Tallinn. Worried about visas? Indians get a visa-free entry for up to 90 days to Estonia!

The currency, Euro, is familiar, and English is widely spoken, making communication a breeze. Plus, compared to Western Europe, Estonia is budget-friendly, so you can stretch your rupees further. Once you're there, getting around is a breeze with efficient buses, trains, and ferries.

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So, is Estonia worth it?

Tartu, EstoniaTartu, Estonia

Absolutely! It's a land of contrasts, where ancient castles rub shoulders with modern tech hubs, and stunning nature meets vibrant culture. It's off the beaten path, yet easy to navigate. And let's be real, who doesn't love a place with a storybook charm? So, ditch the usual suspects and add Estonia to your European itinerary. You won't regret it!

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Quick Tips:

  • Best time to visit: Spring (May-June) or summer (July-August) for pleasant weather.

  • Getting there: Fly from Delhi to Helsinki and then take a short ferry or flight to Tallinn.

  • Getting around: Tallinn is walkable, and buses and trams are efficient for day trips.

  • Must-dos: Explore Tallinn Old Town, visit Kadriorg Palace, hike in Soomaa National Park, island hop in the Baltic Sea.

So, pack your bags, embrace the unexpected, and discover the magic of Estonia!

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