Try these 10 mouthwatering foods in bakeries of Bengaluru this holiday season

Hey there, dessert enthusiasts and flavor adventurers! As the holiday season blankets Bengaluru with its magical spirit, what better way to revel in the festivities than embarking on a whimsical bakery tour across our beloved city?

Bengaluru, a haven for food lovers, boasts a diverse culinary scene that tantalizes taste buds with an array of delights, from traditional Indian sweets to international pastries.

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Join in on this scrumptious journey as we explore the quirky and delightful bakeries that make Bengaluru a gastronomic paradise.

1. Obbattu Bliss at VB Bakery:


Our first stop on this sweet escapade is VB Bakery, where tradition meets indulgence. Picture this – the iconic Obbattu, a flatbread with a flaky exterior embracing a gooey, sweet filling. It's a festive kick-off to our culinary exploration!

  • Bestseller: Obbattu

  • Best Paired Drink: Masala Chai

  • Price: ₹50 per piece

  • Address: VB Bakery, 124, DVG Road, Near Gandhi Park, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru.

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2. Cronut Carnival at Glen's Bakehouse:


Next up, we're heading to Glen's Bakehouse for a carnival of flavors with their Cronuts. Imagine the buttery layers of a croissant and the deep-fried goodness of a donut dancing on your taste buds – a contemporary and indulgent experience awaits!

  • Bestseller: Cronuts

  • Best Paired Drink: Hazelnut Latte

  • Price: ₹120 per piece

  • Address: Glen's Bakehouse, Multiple Locations in Bengaluru.

3. Babka Extravaganza at Art of Delight:

peanut butter chocolate babka.Let's elevate our taste buds at Art of Delight with their peanut butter chocolate babka. This Eastern European-inspired bread weaves a tale of peanut butter and chocolate, creating a delightful blend of sweet and nutty flavors.

  • Bestseller: Peanut Butter Chocolate Babka

  • Best Paired Drink: Hot Chocolate

  • Price: ₹200 per loaf

  • Address: Art of Delight, 45/3, Brigade Road, Bengaluru.

4. Macaron Magic at Truffles—Ice & Spice:

Filter Coffee Macarons

Our adventure takes a cultural twist at Truffles—Ice & Spice, where Filter Coffee Macarons steal the spotlight. These delicate French confections, infused with South Indian filter coffee, promise a unique and delightful flavor profile.

  • Bestseller: Filter Coffee Macarons

  • Best Paired Drink: South Indian Filter Coffee

  • Price: ₹70 per piece

  • Address: Truffles – Ice & Spice, 28, St. Marks Road, Bengaluru.

5. The Bombshell at Smoor:

melting chocolate bomb dessert

Prepare for a sweet explosion at Smoor! The visually captivating Chocolate Bomb reveals a gooey chocolate center, providing a decadent and Instagram-worthy moment of our culinary journey.

  • Bestseller: Chocolate Bomb

  • Best Paired Drink: Red Velvet Latte

  • Price: ₹250 per dessert

  • Address: Smoor, 97, 4th B Cross Road, 5th Block, Indiranagar, Bengaluru.

6. Tradition Redefined at Iyengar's Bakery:

Kadlekai ParisheDive into tradition at Iyengar's Bakery with the Kadlekai Parishe – a crunchy and savory delight capturing the essence of Bengaluru's famous groundnut fair.

  • Bestseller: Kadlekai Parishe

  • Best Paired Drink: Fresh Lime Soda

  • Price: ₹30 per packet

  • Address: Iyengar's Bakery, Multiple Locations in Bengaluru.

7. Blueberry Bliss at Glen's Bakehouse:

the Blueberry Cheesecake

Return to Glen's Bakehouse for a velvety indulgence—the Blueberry Cheesecake. The creamy texture, paired with the burst of blueberries, creates a dessert that's a true celebration of flavors.

  • Bestseller: Blueberry Cheesecake

  • Best Paired Drink: Berry Iced Tea

  • Price: ₹180 per slice

  • Address: Glen's Bakehouse, Multiple Locations in Bengaluru.

8. Sourdough Serenity at Breadworks:

freshly baked sourdough bread

Explore the art of bread-making at Breadworks with their freshly baked sourdough bread. The crusty exterior and tangy interior make it a perfect addition to your holiday feasts.

  • Bestseller: Sourdough Bread

  • Best Paired Drink: Tomato Basil Soup

  • Price: ₹80 per loaf

  • Address: Breadworks, 30, 4th Cross Rd, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru.

9. Nutty Delight at Patisserie Nitash:

Pista KhajaDelight your senses with the Pista Khaja from Patisserie Nitash. This traditional Indian sweet, with its flaky layers and nutty undertones, showcases the bakery's culinary craftsmanship.

  • Bestseller: Pista Khaja

  • Best Paired Drink: Saffron Milk

  • Price: ₹120 per box

  • Address: Patisserie Nitash, 36/5, Whitefield Main Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru.

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10. Danish Dream at Caramel:

 Raspberry Danish

Our journey concludes at Caramel with the exquisite Raspberry Danish. The delicate layers and the raspberry compote create a perfect balance of sweet and tart, embodying the classic charm of Danish pastries.

  • Bestseller: Raspberry Danish

  • Best Paired Drink: Cranberry Spritzer

  • Price: ₹90 per piece

  • Address: Caramel, 70/1, Brigade Road, MG Road Area, Bengaluru.

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Bengaluru's bakeries, with their fusion of traditional and modern flavors, offer a culinary experience that caters to every palate.

This holiday season, gather your loved ones, embark on a delightful bakery tour, and let the city's iconic and innovative establishments turn each bite into a celebration of flavors, textures, and unforgettable indulgences.

Here's to a season filled with mouthwatering delights, joyous moments, and sweet memories that linger long after the festive cheer!

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