Bike Trips from Bengaluru: Explore on Two Wheels

Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, is not just known for its corporate crowd but also for its passionate adventurers. The state of Karnataka offers some scenic roads for biking enthusiasts who are looking to venture out and explore its rich heritage, striking landscapes, and picturesque locations. 

Let's dive into some epic bike trips from Bengaluru, sorted based on the distance of travel.

Up to 100 km

1. Bengaluru to Nandi Hills (60 km)

Nandi betta

  • Route: Bengaluru  Hebbal  Devanahalli  Nandi Hills.

  • Highlights: As one of the most famous weekend getaways, the ride to Nandi Hills offers panoramic views, especially during sunrise. The serpentine roads with 40 curves lead to the top, making it a bikers' paradise.

2. Bengaluru to Kanakapura (70 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Banashankari  Kanakapura.

  • Highlights: Lush landscapes, serene lakes, and the nearby Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta make this an excellent biking destination.

3. Bengaluru to Bheemeshwari (100 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Kanakapura  Halagur  Bheemeshwari.

  • Highlights: A delight for offroaders and nature lovers alike. Fishing camps and mesmerizing landscapes await.

4. Bengaluru to Ramanagara (50 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Kengeri  Ramanagara.

  • Highlights: Known as the ‘Silk City’, Ramanagara's rocky outcrops make it perfect for trekking and climbing.

5. Bengaluru to Savandurga (60 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Magadi  Savandurga.

  • Highlights: One of the largest monoliths in Asia, Savandurga is a hotspot for trekking and rock climbing.

100 - 200 km

1. Bengaluru to Mysuru (145 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Ramnagara  Mandya  Mysuru.

  • Highlights: Experience Mysuru Palace, Brindavan Gardens, and immerse in the city's cultural heritage.

3. Bengaluru to Shivanasamudra Falls (135 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Kanakapura  Malavalli  Shivanasamudra.

  • Highlights: The magnificent segmented waterfall is a visual treat, making the ride worthwhile.

4. Bengaluru to Hogenakkal Falls (180 km)

Hogenakkal Falls

  • Route: Bengaluru  Hosur  Krishnagiri  Hogenakkal.

  • Highlights: Often termed the "Niagara Falls" of India, this site offers breathtaking views and coracle rides.

5. Bengaluru to Shravanabelagola (145 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Kunigal  Channarayapatna  Shravanabelagola.

  • Highlights: Home to the colossal Gommateshwara Bahubali statue, it's a significant Jain pilgrimage site.

C. 200 - 500 km

1. Bengaluru to Chikmagalur (245 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Hassan  Belur  Chikmagalur.

  • Highlights: The coffee land of Karnataka offers the mesmerizing Mullayanagiri Peak and Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.

2. Bengaluru to Coorg (Madikeri) (260 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Mysuru  Kushalnagar  Madikeri.

  • Highlights: Explore coffee plantations, Abbey Falls, and Raja's Seat in this Scotland of India.

3. Bengaluru to Ooty (280 km)

  • Route: Bengaluru  Mysuru  Bandipur  Ooty.

  • Highlights: The ride through Bandipur forest and up the Nilgiri mountains is enchanting with serene landscapes.

4. Bengaluru to Gokarna (485 km)

Gokarna beach

  • Route: Bengaluru  Tumkur  Davangere  Sirsi  Gokarna.

  • Highlights: This coastal town is famous for its pristine beaches and the Mahabaleshwar Temple.

5. Bengaluru to Jog Falls (400 km)

Jog Falls Sagara

  • Route: Bengaluru  Tumkur  Shimoga  Jog Falls.

  • Highlights: Witness the spectacular beauty of one of India's tallest plunge waterfalls.

6. Bengaluru to Hampi (340 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Tumkur  Chitradurga  Hospet  Hampi.

  • Highlights: Dive into the ancient Vijayanagara Empire's ruins, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Short Off-Road Adventures:

1. Bengaluru to Skandagiri (70 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Chikkaballapura  Skandagiri.

  • Highlights: Adventurous off-road tracks leading to breathtaking views from the hilltop.

2. Bengaluru to Avalabetta (90 km)Avalabetta

  • Route: Bengaluru  Yelahanka  Hindupur Road  Avalabetta.

  • Highlights: Tackling rugged terrains leading to Avalabetta provides a thrilling off-road experience.

3. Bengaluru to Anthargange (70 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Kolar  Anthargange.

  • Highlights: A haven for trekkers and spelunkers with its rocky hills and cave temples.

4. Bengaluru to Devarayanadurga (70 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Dobbaspet  Devarayanadurga.

  • Highlights: This hill station offers offroad trails and is also famous for its temples.

5. Bengaluru to Makalidurga (60 km)


  • Route: Bengaluru  Doddaballapura  Makalidurga.

  • Highlights: A fort atop a granite hillock offers offroaders challenging terrains with rewarding views.

By Yashas

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