20 Romantic Places in Bangalore for the Perfect Date

Bangalore, the Garden City of India, is not just a bustling metropolis; it's a city that pulsates with romantic energy. From charming parks and serene lakes to rooftop restaurants with breathtaking views, Bangalore offers a plethora of romantic settings for couples to escape the daily grind and immerse themselves in the magic of love. In this travel blog post, we'll take you on a journey through 20 romantic places in Bangalore, each offering a unique and enchanting experience for the perfect date.

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1. Lalbagh Botanical Garden: A Botanical Romance

Our first stop on this romantic escapade is the iconic Lalbagh Botanical Garden. Spread across 240 acres, this lush paradise is home to exotic flowers, vibrant landscapes, and serene water bodies. Stroll hand in hand with your loved one amidst the fragrant blossoms, and as the sun sets, find a quiet spot for a cozy picnic.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

2. Nandi Hills: Sunrise Serenity

For couples who appreciate a bit of adventure, Nandi Hills is the ideal destination. A short drive from Bangalore, this hill station offers breathtaking views of the sunrise. Witness the first rays of light together, and let the cool breeze create a magical ambiance as you enjoy a quiet breakfast overlooking the mist-covered hills.

Nandi Hills

3. Ulsoor Lake: Rowing Romance

Located in the heart of Bangalore, Ulsoor Lake is a serene oasis that provides the perfect setting for a romantic boat ride. Rent a paddleboat, row out into the middle of the lake, and enjoy the tranquility as you create lasting memories together.

Ulsoor Lake

4. Cubbon Park: Nature's Embrace

Cubbon Park, the lung of Bangalore, is an enchanting blend of nature and history. Take a leisurely stroll under the canopy of trees, explore the architectural marvels within the park, and find a quiet bench to sit and savor the peaceful atmosphere with your significant other.

Cubbon Park

5. High Ultra Lounge: Skyline Splendor

Perched atop the World Trade Centre, the High Ultra Lounge offers a dining experience like no other. Enjoy a candlelit dinner with panoramic views of the city skyline, creating an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere for a romantic evening.

High Ultra Lounge

6. Skyye Lounge: Dancing Under the Stars

For couples who love to dance, Skyye Lounge is the place to be. Located on the 16th floor, this open-air nightclub offers a lively atmosphere, with the city lights twinkling below. Dance the night away under the stars with your partner, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Skyye Lounge

7. Vidyarthi Bhavan: A Taste of Tradition

They say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, and Vidyarthi Bhavan takes this sentiment to heart. This iconic eatery, known for its classic South Indian breakfast, is the perfect place to indulge in a hearty meal with your loved one in a setting that exudes old-world charm.

Masala Dosa

8. Bangalore Palace: Royal Romance

Step into a fairytale at the Bangalore Palace, a majestic structure that combines Tudor and Scottish Gothic architectural styles. Take a guided tour of the palace, explore the lush grounds hand in hand, and let the regal atmosphere transport you to a world of royal romance.

Bangalore Palace

9. M.G. Road Boulevard: Shopping and Strolling

M.G. Road Boulevard is a bustling street lined with trendy shops, cafes, and boutiques. Spend an afternoon exploring the vibrant markets, indulge in a shopping spree at the 1 MG-Lido Mall, and then unwind with a cup of coffee at one of the chic cafes that dot the boulevard.

1 MG-Lido Mall

10. Jakkur Aerodrome: Sky-high Romance

For couples seeking a unique and exhilarating experience, Jakkur Aerodrome is the perfect choice. At the Jakkur Aerodrome you can fly a a plane and get a taste of flying a non-commercial aircraft right here in Bangalore. Take this flight and soar through the skies while enjoying panoramic views of Bangalore. The thrill of flying together and the breathtaking vistas below make Jakkur Aerodrome an unforgettable destination for a romantic date.

Views from a microflight taken at Jakkur Aerodrome

11. Blossom Book House: Literary Love

For book-loving couples, Blossom Book House is a haven. Nestled in the heart of Bangalore, this charming bookstore invites you to get lost in its shelves, discovering new reads together. Pick out a book, find a cozy corner, and spend quality time immersed in each other's company.

Blossom Book House

12. Big Brewski Brewing Co.: Lakeside Luxury

Big Brewski Brewing Co., located by the serene Sarjapur Lake, is a microbrewery that combines luxury with a laid-back vibe. Sip on craft beers, savor delectable cuisine, and enjoy the lakeside view as you unwind in each other's company.

Byg Brewski Brewing Company

13. Innovative Film City: Cinematic Romance

Bring your love story to life at Innovative Film City, an entertainment destination that offers a variety of attractions. From themed parks and live shows to a wax museum, spend the day immersing yourselves in the magic of cinema and creating memories that reflect the essence of your relationship.

Innovative Film City

14. Olive Beach: Coastal Charm

Transport yourselves to a coastal paradise at Olive Beach, a Mediterranean restaurant known for its romantic ambiance. With its white décor, candlelit tables, and delectable cuisine, this venue sets the stage for an intimate dining experience that will leave you both with a taste of romance.

Olive Beach

15. The Black Rabbit: Whimsical Elegance

Indulge in whimsical elegance at The Black Rabbit, a charming gastropub that captivates with its stylish decor and cozy ambiance. Share delightful cocktails, explore a menu of delectable bites, and enjoy each other's company in this chic setting. The Black Rabbit promises a perfect blend of sophistication and fun, making it an ideal venue for a romantic night out.

The Black Rabbit

16. ISKCON Temple: Spiritual Connection

Find solace in the spiritual ambiance of the ISKCON Temple. This architectural marvel, dedicated to Lord Krishna, provides a serene setting for couples seeking a deeper connection. Attend a prayer session together and bask in the tranquility that surrounds the temple.


17. Toit Brewpub: Cheers to Love

Toit Brewpub is a popular establishment known for its craft beers and delectable cuisine. Enjoy a laid-back evening in a rustic setting, where you can share a laughter-filled conversation over a pint of beer and indulge in some mouthwatering dishes.

Toit Brewpub

18. Taj West End: Luxury Retreat

For an indulgent and luxurious experience, book a stay at Taj West End. This heritage hotel, surrounded by lush gardens, offers a romantic retreat in the heart of the city. Unwind in the opulent surroundings, enjoy a spa day for two, and savor gourmet dining under the stars.

Cocktails at Taj West End

19. Windmills Craftworks: Jazz and Romance

Windmills Craftworks, set against the backdrop of a lake, is not just a brewery; it's a cultural haven. Enjoy live jazz performances, sip on handcrafted beers, and let the artistic ambiance of this venue create a romantic setting for an unforgettable date night.

Windmills Craftworks

20. Ebony: Skyline Sophistication

Elevate your date night at Ebony, a rooftop restaurant that combines culinary excellence with breathtaking views of the Bangalore skyline. Immerse yourselves in the elegant ambiance, indulge in a diverse menu of gourmet delights, and let the city lights set the stage for a romantic and unforgettable evening. Ebony promises a perfect blend of sophistication and skyline romance to conclude your Bangalore love story.


Bangalore, with its diverse offerings, provides the perfect canvas for romantic escapades. Whether you prefer the serenity of nature, the grandeur of historical landmarks, or the vibrant energy of the city, this list of 20 romantic places is sure to inspire the perfect date. So, grab your partner's hand, embark on this journey of love, and create memories that will linger in your hearts forever in the vibrant tapestry of Bangalore's romantic charm.

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