11 Bizarre Secrets of Hotels in India that no one tells you!

From sneaky staff habits to hidden surveillance, there are a few things that you might not expect to encounter in an Indian hotel room. In this blog post, we'll uncover 10 of the most bizarre hotel room secrets that you might want to know before you book your next stay in India.

1. The Photos on the Booking Websites can be deceiving

10 bizarre secrets of Hotels in India that no one tells you!

When you are looking for a hotel in India, it is important to be aware that the pictures you see online may not be accurate. Many hotels use Photoshop and other editing tools to make their rooms look more spacious and luxurious than they really are. It is also common for hotels to use stock photos that do not even show their own hotel.

2. The exteriors of the hotels are some times a 'Lie'

Some hotels might be located in Dirty streets of the city

While booking your hotels through online portals in India, the pictures of the hotel's exteriors can sometimes be misleading and sometimes a big fat lie. While I was on my trip to Delhi, I faced a similar Issue where the picture that was on the booking site was misleading. Long story short* The street in which the hotel was located was unsanitary and it was smartly edited out in the pictures posted on the booking website.

So, before booking your hotels through portals, make sure to check the google photos and reviews, it might help you filter the misleading hotels.

3. The Utensils are Not as Clean as They Look

Utensils in hotel may not seem as clean as they appear

A former housekeeper revealed that the drinking glasses in hotel rooms are often only rinsed with water and dried with a towel before being placed back in the room. In some budget hotels in India, along with the drinking glasses, other utensils are no exception to this (Be careful about the ice-buckets). So, double check the sanitization of the utensils you use in the hotel rooms, especially in budget hotels.

4. The bedsheets might not be changed as often as you think

Bedsheets in the hotel may not be cleaned frequently

In some budget hotels, bedsheets may not be changed between guests. To be on the safer side, request fresh sheets upon check-in. Also in some of the budget hotels, the bed and hotel room might not have been cleaned before you checked in. So look out for that, before you crash into the hotel beds!

5. The hotel staff might be using your room as a break room

In rare cases, hotel staff often use empty rooms as break rooms, where they might eat, drink, and even smoke. To avoid this, let the front desk know that you'll be occupying the room for the duration of your stay, just to be safe!

6. The hotel might be tracking your online activity: 

Try not to use free wifi provided in Hotels

Some hotels install software that monitors guests' internet activity. If you're concerned about privacy, use a VPN or avoid using the hotel's Wi-Fi for sensitive activities.

7. The hotel might be charging you for things you didn't use: 

Look out for unnecessary charges

Pay attention to your hotel bill and make sure you're not being charged for items you didn't use. It's common in India that sometimes hotel staff may try to give you services without bringing to your notice that they are paid services. So, if you are using any hotel services it's probably chargeable, make sure to clarify your doubts with the staff beforehand. However, if you notice any discrepancies, bring them to the attention of the front desk immediately.

8. The secret of Privacy Invasion

Look out for Hidden devices in Hotel Rooms

Privacy invasion is a worldwide problem and its concerning. Even though Indians are known for being the coolest among the bunch, there is no exception to this. In some rare cases, hotels have been known to install hidden microphones and cameras in guest rooms. To be safe, try to thoroughly check for any hidden devices or be prepared with easy methods to flush out these devices in your room.

9. The hotel staff will have the keys of your room with them!

Yes, its true that hotel staffs will have an additional key to your room! They keep one extra key with them for emergency situations. However, it's important that you keep your valuable belongings inside the locker or take them with you when you go out. You never know!

10. The hotel might be hiding damage to the room

Check for damaged furniture

This is common in India, Hotel staff sometimes try to hide damage to rooms from guests in order to avoid repair costs. If you notice any damage to your room, report it to the front desk immediately. Don't fall for these traps, in rare cases hotel might try to recover the damage charges from you!

11. It is not mandatory for you to pay the staff for their services

You don't have to pay the Staffs

If you have travelled in India I am pretty sure you have encountered a person from hotel staff asking you to pay for his services! This is absolutely not mandatory. You can give them tip out of generosity and they cannot force you to give money for their services.

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By being aware of these secrets, you can take steps to protect your privacy and ensure a more comfortable hotel stay in India.

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