15 Best Things to Do in Andaman and Nicobar in 2023

The Andaman Islands offer an idyllic escape with their radiant sunshine, picturesque beaches, crystalline waters, and unspoiled landscapes. However, their appeal extends beyond mere aesthetics. Adventurers can relish a plethora of exhilarating activities and water sports, while nature enthusiasts and explorers can partake in sightseeing tours to discover the island's wonders.

15 Best Things to Do in Andaman and Nicobar

  1. Discover the Wonders of Andaman

  2. A Spectacular Audio-Visual Experience

  3. Immerse Yourself in Coral Beauty

  4. Thrilling Adventures in the Mangroves

  5. Step into an Underwater World

  6. Explore Marine Life from a Semi-Submarine

  7. Soar Through the Skies: Parasailing Thrills

  8. Dive Deep: Scuba Adventure in Andaman

  9. Journey to a Real Volcano

  10. Romantic Escapades: Island Hopping

  11. Witness the Magical Twinkle of Bioluminescence

  12. Unearth Mysteries: Limestone Cave Exploration

  13. A Fun-Filled Trek through Madhuban

  14. Unique Journey: Sea Plane Experience

  15. Helicopter Tour – An Adventurous Expedition

1. Discover the Wonders of Andaman

Nestled in the lap of nature, Andaman is an ideal destination for a tranquil retreat. It boasts a plethora of beaches and tourist spots scattered across its various islands, offering a wide array of experiences.

Among the must-visit places are Havelock Island, Neil Island, Port Blair, and Ross & Smith Island, each offering its own unique charm.

Some of the noteworthy attractions include the Samudrika Marine Museum, and Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Port Blair; the breathtaking Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island; the captivating Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park; the intriguing mud volcanoes of Baratang; and the awe-inspiring active volcano at Barren Island. Additionally, Chidiya Tapu is another gem that shouldn't be missed.

Price Range: Starting from INR 1,200

Duration: 3-4 hours

2. A Spectacular Audio-Visual Experience

Exploring the Cellular Jail stands as one of the foremost attractions in Port Blair, Andaman, especially during the month of March. This historic jail, once known as Kaala Paani Jail, served as a symbol of British colonial oppression, bearing witness to India's relentless struggle for independence.

However, it is the mesmerizing Light & Sound Show that truly steals the spotlight. Narrated by the esteemed actor Om Puri, the show vividly portrays the heart-wrenching tales of the prisoners who endured unimaginable hardships within these walls.

Operating Hours: Tuesday – Sunday; 8:45 am – 12:30 pm & 1:45 pm – 5 pm

Admission Fee: INR 10 for entry; additional charges of INR 25 & INR 100 respectively for cameras & video-cameras

Duration: 1-2 hours

3. Immerse Yourself in Coral Beauty

Situated just an hour's boat ride away from Port Blair, North Bay Island is a stunning gem that boasts an extensive array of coral reefs and offers a thrilling array of water sports activities in Andaman.

This island has been garnering increasing attention and captivates visitors year-round. Additionally, you have the chance to savor some local delicacies, particularly delectable fish or lobster prepared in the distinctive culinary style of the islanders.

Admission: No entry fee

Time Spent: 2-3 hours

4.Thrilling Adventures in the Mangroves

Participating in kayaking in Mayabunder is undeniably one of the most fascinating activities to indulge in while in Andaman. Your Andaman vacation would be far from complete if you were to miss out on this exhilarating experience. Kayaking in Mayabunder offers you a unique opportunity to explore the mesmerizing, lush green mangrove creeks that abound in the Andaman Islands. With this region housing approximately one-fifth of India's total mangrove cover, embarking on a kayaking adventure here is undoubtedly the most splendid way to witness its breathtaking beauty.

Price: INR 2500

Duration: 2.5 hours

5. Step into an Underwater World

Sea Walking in Andaman has witnessed a surge in popularity, and for good reason. This unique underwater adventure offers an enthralling experience that stands apart from the usual water activities in the region.

It serves as an ideal option for those who may not be inclined towards diving or snorkeling but still want to immerse themselves in the vibrant marine life that Andaman has to offer.

This well-protected and exhilarating underwater walk on the ocean bed provides an opportunity to intimately observe the dazzling array of marine flora and fauna, including corals and a diverse range of fishes.

Price: INR 3,999 per person

Duration: 1-2 hours

6. Explore Marine Life from a Semi-Submarine

For those who've ever dreamt of a submarine adventure in the depths of Andaman, the Coral Safari Semi Submarine ride in Port Blair promises an experience that comes remarkably close.

This thrilling encounter is not to be missed during your visit, offering a front-row seat to the captivating underwater marine life. Seated comfortably in a semi-submarine, you'll embark on a joyous journey, gliding over vibrant corals and amidst a kaleidoscope of unique fish.

Partaking in this submarine ride is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing activities to engage in while exploring the wonders of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Duration: 2 hours

Timings: 9:30 AM to 3 PM

7. Soar Through the Skies: Parasailing Thrills

For an exhilarating rush of adrenaline, parasailing is a must-try adventure in Havelock Island. This activity offers a perfect fusion of water and airborne excitement.

Securely harnessed to a parachute and tethered behind a motorboat, you'll experience the sensation of soaring like a kite as the boat accelerates across the sea. It undoubtedly ranks among the most thrilling experiences you can have in the Andaman Islands.

Cost: The fees for parasailing vary based on the season of your visit and the specific location where you choose to experience it.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour.

8. Dive Deep: Scuba Adventure in Andaman

Scuba diving in Andaman is a thrilling activity that doesn't necessitate swimming skills. While some may assume that swimming is a prerequisite for scuba diving, this is far from the truth. If you aspire to tackle advanced scuba diving levels and venture into open waters, swimming skills become more relevant.

However, this requirement doesn't apply to PADI Scuba Diving or Sea Walking, both of which are accessible to non-swimmers. Numerous locations in Andaman offer scuba diving opportunities, so there's no need to worry.

Dive into this sport and explore the vibrant coral reefs and captivating marine life that await you beneath the waves. It's undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Andaman.

Cost: Starting from INR 1,800

Duration: Approximately 1 hour.

9. Journey to a Real Volcano

The renowned Mud Volcano in Baratang Island can be accessed both by water and by road. When you're on your way to Baratang Island, you'll come across Jarawa Creek.

The volcano is situated approximately 250 to 300 meters away and you can choose to reach it by a leisurely walk or by boarding a jetty.

This serene location provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore an actual volcano, offering a unique and memorable experience. If you're seeking something off the beaten path to do in Andaman, embarking on a volcano tour is an excellent choice.

Cost: No entry fee

Duration: Approximately 2-3 hours.

10. Romantic Escapades: Island Hopping

Exploring the Andaman Islands wouldn't be complete without indulging in a session of island hopping, which is undeniably one of the most romantic activities to engage in with your significant other.

Embark on ferry rides that will take you from one picturesque island to another, allowing you to bask in the beauty of both sunrise and sunset over the tranquil waters. Choose from a range of popular destinations like Neil Island, Havelock Island, Viper Island, and North Bay Island, or venture off the beaten path to discover the charm of inhabited islands such as Guitar Island, Long Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Ross & Smith Islands, and Stewart Island.

Among these, Neil Island stands out for its pristine white sand beaches, offering a perfect setting for a leisurely stroll with your loved one. Revel in the awe-inspiring vistas that unfold as you make your way from island to island. With a plethora of options at your disposal, the opportunities for exploration are virtually boundless.

Cost: The charges for island hopping activities are contingent upon the specific tour and destinations you choose to visit.

Duration: Anticipate spending approximately 3-4 hours immersing yourself in this enchanting experience.

11. Witness the Magical Twinkle of Bioluminescence

Imagine a scene straight out of a dream - a beach illuminated by a myriad of tiny stars and galaxies, not in the sky above, but beneath your very feet. It's a moment of pure enchantment!

This magical sight unfolds on the shores of Havelock Island, ranking high among the must-see attractions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Here, the water shimmers and glows as your boat gently glides through it, creating a celestial spectacle.

This breathtaking phenomenon is attributed to the presence of phytoplankton in the sea waters.

Bioluminescence, however, is only observable on nights with no moonlight. Fortunately, there are expertly guided kayak tours available, though they are relatively scarce in Havelock.

Simply consult a local Scuba guide, and they will readily direct you to the right source. Experiencing this ethereal display is undoubtedly one of the finest experiences you can have in Andaman.

Cost: There are no charges for visiting the bioluminescent beach in Andaman.

Duration: Plan for a memorable 1-2 hours immersed in this captivating natural spectacle.

12. Unearth Mysteries: Limestone Cave Exploration

Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of nature as you venture into the depths of the Limestone Caves in Baratang. This exploration of these enigmatic caves stands as one of the most captivating experiences you can have in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Beyond the cave's entrance, the journey itself is an exhilarating one, as you'll be whisked away in a speed boat, flanked by towering mangrove trees on both sides, while the water playfully splashes around you.

Getting to Baratang:

The journey from Port Blair to Baratang, spanning 90 kilometers, takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes by bus. Alternatively, ferries departing from Nilambur Jetty offer a quicker option, completing the trip in just 15 minutes.

Entry Fee: Not Applicable

Duration: Allocate a satisfying 1-2 hours for this enchanting underground excursion.

13. A Fun-Filled Trek through Madhuban

Indeed, while many envision these islands as perfect for relaxation and water activities, there's even more awaiting discovery. One exceptional adventure lies in trekking from the third highest peak in the archipelago, Mt. Harriet, to Madhuban through the captivating terrain of Kala Patthar.

This trekking trail winds through rugged forests, harboring a rich tapestry of diverse flora and fauna. Opting for island trekking in Andaman, especially in October when the weather is agreeable, promises an unforgettable experience.

Starting Point of the Trek:

Commence your journey with a ferry ride from Chatham, followed by a jeep ride up to the Mt. Harriet National Park.

Cost: The activity itself is complimentary, unless you choose to book a guided trek tour.

Duration: Allocate a fulfilling 6-7 hours for this invigorating trekking expedition.

14. Unique Journey: Sea Plane Experience

Embarking on a seaplane adventure operated by Pawan Hans is an exceptional experience that ranks among the most exclusive activities to undertake in Port Blair, Andaman.

This distinctive ride is available for travelers journeying between Port Blair and Havelock, or vice versa. Notably, each seaplane voyage accommodates a maximum of 9 passengers, ensuring an intimate and personalized excursion. With a flight duration of just 15 minutes, the seaplane swiftly covers a distance that would normally take 2 hours by ferry.

As you soar above, revel in the breathtaking aerial panoramas of Andaman, including its picturesque islands, making this seaplane ride undeniably one of the most romantic and awe-inspiring experiences to partake in while visiting Andaman.

Cost: INR 2,000 per person for a one-way flight

Duration: Set aside 1 to 2 hours for this remarkable seaplane adventure.

15. Helicopter Tour – An Adventurous Expedition

Engaging in a helicopter ride is yet another thrilling adventure offered on this stunning island. The helicopter tour promises a spectacular aerial perspective, encompassing the sweeping vistas from South Andaman to North Andaman. From this elevated vantage point, you'll be treated to awe-inspiring views of the coastline, blanketed by lush tropical forests.

Additionally, this exhilarating helicopter excursion includes visits to some of the most exotic destinations in the region. For those seeking an exciting and fun-filled activity in Andaman, this experience undoubtedly tops the list.

Cost: The helicopter ride is priced between INR 2600-6500.

Duration: Plan for approximately 1 to 2 hours to fully savor this unforgettable helicopter adventure.


In conclusion, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer not only a visual feast of radiant sunshine, picturesque beaches, and pristine waters but also a plethora of exhilarating activities and opportunities for exploration. From historic landmarks to underwater adventures, the islands provide a diverse range of experiences for travelers seeking a blend of relaxation and excitement. Whether it's delving into nature's mysteries, embarking on romantic escapades, or soaring through the skies, the Andaman Islands promise memories that will last a lifetime.

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