Lakshadweep sees a Surge in Travel Inquiry - Travel agents announce discounts!

Guess what? That turquoise water, swaying palm trees, and coral reefs you've been dreaming of are calling your name, and they're closer than you think! Lakshadweep, India's own tropical paradise, is experiencing a surge in travel inquiries, and travel agents are rolling out deals sweeter than a chilled coconut on the beach to make your island escape a reality.

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So, Why the Sudden Lakshwadeep love?

Lakshadweep IslandPrime Minister Narendra Modi's recent trip to Lakshadweep in December 2023 sparked a wave of online searches and media coverage. Major news outlets across India have taken notice of this. The Times of India reported a 3,400% jump in Lakshadweep searches on MakeMyTrip after PM Modi's visit. The Hindu and Hindustan Times also featured similar reports, indicating a nationwide interest in Lakshadweep.

So, what's got everyone ditching the Maldivian mantas for Lakshadweep's lagoons? Well, for one, it's the spirit of "Dekho Apna Desh," the clarion call to explore India's own breathtaking beauty, Lakshadweep offers a slice of island life that's closer to home (and perhaps, a tad easier on the wallet).

A diplomatic spat between India and the Maldives over Lakshadweep's development projects ignited Indian patriotism. This ignited national sentiment, with #ChaloLakshadweep becoming a rallying cry to support Indian tourism. But it's not just patriotism fueling the Lakshadweep fever, there is a cherry on top.

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And here's the cherry on top:

SnorkelingRecognizing the growing demand, travel agencies have jumped in with attractive deals and packages. is offering up to 40% off on Lakshadweep packages, while MakeMyTrip and Ixigo have launched special campaigns with early booking discounts and cashback offers. Local Lakshadweep agencies are also providing customized packages with potential bargains and insider knowledge.

We're talking flight packages starting at just ₹15,000, accommodation deals where luxury meets affordability, and even special offers on water sports and island hopping tours. Scuba diving packages are being slashed, with some agents offering up to 30% off on courses and certifications.

Major Discounts:

  • MakeMyTrip: Offering up to 50% off on Lakshadweep packages, including flights, stays, and activities; with prices starting at ₹23,049. Up to 20% off on selected Lakshadweep hotels and resorts. They also have a "Beaches of India" campaign with offers and discounts on travel to Lakshadweep and other Indian beaches.

  • Yatra: Up to 40% on Lakshadweep packages, including flights, accommodation, and island tours. Offering 15% off Lakshadweep packages booked before January 31st.

  • Ixigo: Launching a "Lakshadweep Escapes" campaign, featuring exclusive offers on flights, hotels, and activities. Special Lakshadweep travel deals with early booking discounts and cashback offers.

  • Local Lakshadweep travel agencies: Offering customized packages with competitive pricing and insider knowledge.

  • Paytm: Offering a 10% discount on flight tickets to Lakshadweep using the promo code 'FLYLAKSHA'. This offer is valid until January 31, 2024.

  • Lakshadweep Tourism Department is offering discounts on ferry tickets and accommodation during the offseason (May to September).

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Here's a quick peek at what awaits you in Lakshwadeep:

Lakshadweep Island

  • Dive into crystal-clear waters: Explore vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful fish, turtles, and even dolphins. Lakshwadeep is a haven for divers of all levels.

  • Kayak through turquoise lagoons: Paddle your way through mangrove forests and hidden coves, discovering the island's hidden secrets at your own pace.

  • Relax on pristine beaches: Sink your toes into the soft sand, soak up the sun, and let the rhythm of the waves lull you into pure bliss.

  • Unwind in island villages: Experience the warm hospitality of the Lakshadweep people, learn about their unique culture, and savor fresh seafood straight from the catch.

  • Go on a seafood spree: From spicy curries to grilled lobster, Lakshadweep's cuisine is a delicious blend of Malabari and South Indian flavors.

Ready to take the plunge? Here are some tips to snag the best deals:

  • Book early: With the surge in demand, popular travel dates fill up fast. So, be proactive and plan your trip in advance.

  • Compare packages: Different travel agents offer different deals. Do your research and compare prices before making a decision.

  • Look for special offers: Keep an eye out for early bird discounts, monsoon packages, and other special promotions.

  • Consider the shoulder seasons: April-May and September-October offer pleasant weather and slightly lower prices compared to peak season.

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So, what are you waiting for? Lakshwadeep is calling, and with these amazing deals, your dream island getaway is just a flight away. Pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to experience paradise Indian style!

Happy travels!

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