Pin Parvati Trek: Everything you need to know


Pin Parvati Valley is one marvelous spot for trekking in Himachal Pradesh. The hike will start from the barshini village and it will end at Spiti Valley. The altitude of 17,360 ft. of the pin parvati valley trek makes this one of the most challenging from others. If you are an experienced trekker then this exciting trip is for you. The trail is a 90 km long distance that is usually completed within 8-9 days during which you are required to stay with the other party members at the campsites. Such an intriguing transforming line between the ancient religions Hinduism and Buddhism will make it even more interesting for you.

The panoramic vistas of the Himalayas soaring above you and the lush valleys in your surroundings are good enough reasons for you to overcome any obstacles that you will encounter during this trek. On the other hand, you recharge yourself by slipping into hot water springs located in the enchanting Pin Parvati Valley. Here’s a perfect guide for the Pin Parvati valley trek which will provide all the necessary details regarding the trek.

Quick Itinerary to Pin Parvati Valley Trek

Day 1: Today you will reach Rumsu from Delhi

Day 2: On the second day you’ll reach Barshini from Rumsu. Barshini is the starting point of the pin parvati valley trek. From here you will trek to Kheergnaga

Day 3: Trek to tunda bhuj from kheerganga

Day 4: Trek from tunda bhuj to pandu pul

Day 5: From Pandu Pul you’ll trek to Mantalai Lake

Day 6: From Mantalai Lake you’ll trek to the 1st base camp

Day 7: Trek from 1st base camp to Pin Parvati Pass and then to 2nd base camp

Day 8: Here comes the end of this beautiful trek. Today you’ll trek from the 2nd basecamp to the mud village in Spiti Valley.

Pin Parvati Trek

Reasons to do Pin Parvati Valley Trek

The Pin Parvati valley trek is famous for many reasons. This is one of the most beautiful valleys located in the Indian Himalayas and while trekking to this valley you can have the best time of your lifetime. Here are a few points why you should choose the pin parvati valley for your next trek.

  • While trekking you’ll come across beautiful hot water springs where you can relax your mind and body after a tiring trek

  • While trekking you will pass through Kalga village where you can see the beautiful apple orchards

  • You’ll come across the birch trees in the Tunda Bhuj area

  • As you move forward you’ll see the Pin Glacier which is one of the most beautiful glaciers you’ll come across

  • You’ll also pass through the Mantalai Lake on your way which is a sight to behold

There are several reasons why you should do this trek, you can create some of the best memories of your lifetime while trekking to the pin parvati valley.

Best time for Pin Parvati Valley trek

The pin parvati valley is located at an altitude of 17,000ft. That makes this trek one of the most challenging ones in the Indian Himalayas. If you want to have a safe trekking experience then you must plan your trek during the summer season (July to September end). During this time you will not find snow on the trails and you can complete the trek in pleasant weather.

It is advised to avoid trekking during winter and monsoon seasons as it can be dangerous and snowy trails can increase the difficulty level of the trek. During monsoon months it is impossible to complete the trek due to landslides and heavy rain. So, the best time for pin parvati valley trek is during the summer season.

Pin Parvati Trek

How to reach the basecamp

The base camp of Pin Parvati Valley Trek is Barshini which is located in Manali. You can reach Manali via air, rail, or road.

By air: To be in Manali by air you would have to reach Bhuntar airport which is nearest to Manali at about 50 kilometers. Bhuntar airport which is on a distance of the nearest major flight airport is located from Delhi and Chandigarh's regular flights. On your arrival, you could rent a taxi or use local transport to fill the remaining distance to Manali. After reaching Manali you can reach Barshini which is the basecamp

By rail: Manali is not connected by railway, which is the reason for a little hassle in reaching there. The nearest major station of rail is Joginder Nagar, which fairs up to 162 km away. Also, the most convenient option is the one available, getting to Manali either by train to Chandigarh or Pathankot, and then taking a bus or hiring a taxi to go the rest of the way up to Manali. You can take public transport to reach Barshini.

By road: The most common way to travel to Manali is by road. You can board a bus or you could drive from Major cities like Delhi or Chandigarh and so on. The journey gives beautiful scenes of the Himalayan mountains. In that case, you might choose the highway that connects NH3 and NH154 through Bilaspur for a nice, scenic drive.

Things to pack for the trek

You must carry essential things to ensure a smooth and safe trek. Here’s a list of a few things you must carry while trekking.

  • Mandatory documents like medical certificates, a passport-size photo, government ID proof, and permits.

  • sun/woolen hats and caps

  • Sunglasses

  • Warm, comfortable, and lightweight clothes that are easy to carry and can also keep you warm

  • Hiking shoes, trekking pants, trekking pole, and jacket

  • Rain cover, waterproof gloves during winter season.

  • 4-5 pair of socks

  • A good quality backpack that is sufficient for carrying all the essential items


the Pin Parvati Valley trek is a magical journey through the Himalayas' main nerve, it is a feat of endurance that the adventurous masses can crave, mixing dauntless terrains, pristine scenery, and a rich cultural heritage While trekking through green alpine meadows as well as running past rivers and high mountain passes, trekkers are seen coming across stunning views. Meanwhile, it is the nature of this expedition that unites us, sharing the physical challenges as well as the magnificence of the Parvati Valley and the Pin Parvati massif. All the challenges you might come across while trekking are worth the stunning view of this beautiful valley.

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