Delhi Opens India's First Dinosaur Park in Sarai Kale Khan

Delhi, the heart of India, is set to unveil a groundbreaking attraction that merges art, technology, and sustainability – India's first Dinosaur Park at Sarai Kale Khan. This experimental work of art, developed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, is not just a leisure destination but a symbol of innovative edutainment.

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Park Overview

The Waste-to-Art Dinosaur Park, sprawling over 3.5 acres, will open its gates to the public in January. It is adjacent to the Waste-to-Wonder Park, integrating seamlessly into the city's landscape of innovative recreational spaces. This park is unique in its concept, with 54 enormous dinosaur replicas ranging from 9 to 65 feet in height and up to 54 feet in length, all crafted from scrap metal, used tires, car parts, and horticulture waste.

Unique Features

The park is set to offer an immersive Jurassic Park-themed experience. Among its highlights are:

  • A 14-foot-high Stegosaurus with a white ambassador car in its belly.

  • A nest of Velociraptors in an old metallic chemical tank.

  • The tallest replica in the park, a 65-foot tall diplodocus, with its tail transformed into a slide.

  • A 53×50 feet fire-breathing and eye-blinking Tyrannosaurus Rex replica, evoking scenes from the Jurassic Park franchise.

  • The park also has other set of species such as Rajasaurus, Coelophysis and Brontosaurus.

Safety and Sustainability

Safety is paramount in the park's design. The dinosaur replicas are meticulously crafted, with sharp edges covered for safety. Recycled tires are used to cover the metal bodies, enhancing safety and aesthetic appeal. The park's landscape is further beautified with strategic planting of trees, shrubs, and grass, adding to the immersive experience.

Technological Integration

These life-sized models are not just static exhibits. They are engineered to move realistically, complete with dinosaur sounds like roars and hisses. Some even have the ability to spit fire. The park utilizes light and sound effects to recreate iconic scenes from the Jurassic Park films, further enhancing the visitor experience.

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Cultural and Educational Significance

The park stands as a testament to recycling and repurposing, using approximately 300 tonnes of discarded materials. It showcases 15 distinct dinosaur species, each meticulously designed to reflect its ancient archetype. This initiative is not just a leisure destination but also an educational journey into the past, aligning with global efforts towards sustainability and environmental consciousness.


The Waste-to-Art Dinosaur Park in Sarai Kale Khan is poised to be a landmark destination in Delhi, offering a unique blend of education, entertainment, and environmental awareness. Its innovative use of waste materials for artistic creation sets a new standard in the field of sustainable recreation.

This park represents a significant step towards innovative urban recreation, blending artistic creativity with environmental stewardship. It's a must-visit for families, dinosaur enthusiasts, and anyone interested in sustainable art.

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