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Charmaine Acha

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Darren Yeoh

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🌍✈️ Off-Road Enthusiast | 🌄 🏞️ Uncovering the Unexplored | A passionate adventurer with a love for off-road escapades and uncovering hidden treasures. Join me as I traverse the untamed landscapes, I'm on a mission to explore the unexplored, and share the thrill of the journey.

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Introverted traveler, cloud gazer, and night sky fanatic. Find me chasing sunsets on secluded beaches, gaming in cozy corners, and lost in the world of movies and music. Escaping the crowds, one adventure at a time.

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Manya Shastry

As a passionate content writer for a travel blog, my life revolves around two great loves: traveling and writing. Travel and writing, for me, are not just hobbies; they are a way of life, a journey that continues to unfold with every word written and every place explored.

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Adventure enthusiast who's trekked through a few trails and always up for exploring new horizons. 🌄👣 Last Trek: Deo Tibba-Himalayan Mountain Next Trek: Planning!

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Anushka Dongre

Hey there, fellow wanderers! I'm Anushka, the creative mind and tireless adventurer behind the captivating tales of global escapades on "Tripzilla" As an avid explorer, travel enthusiast, and storyteller extraordinaire, I am here to uncover the hidden gems of our beautiful planet and share them with you.

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Prerna Dixit

Passionate travel blogger, blending the joy of exploration with the art of storytelling. Every word, every place, a new chapter in my journey. Travel and writing aren't just hobbies, they're my way of life, an ever-evolving journey.🌍📝 #TravelWritingLife

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Kadambari Bhatte (Curlytravelmess)

Hey! I am a die hard traveler with over 30 countries, travel guide, ecofriendly traveler and a storyteller. I am an absolute foodie, coffee and nature lover! If you want to know about cafes, food, resorts, people, new countries and me, come say hello! Originally from Mumbai>Sydney and now➡️Singapore. Follow me on Instagram- @curlytravelmess

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Sinchita Sinha

Maverick at heart and travel on my mind. A 'Paw'-rent who loves to take her baby around and find happiness in small things instead of searching for it!!

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I'd prefer a new destination over a party in the city any day.

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Geetha Ranganathan

Seeking the next adventure! 21 countries and counting.. Follow for more Travel Stories and destinations: Instagram - @curiousboho

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Sonali Gurung

Dreamer,Traveller,Writer,Photographer, Wanderer at heart & soul

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Archana Kumari

Being a foodie inspire me to travel places and try local cuisines. I haven't been everywhere but its definitely on the bucket list. quit job to travel, eat and make memories was a risk taken and every moment of it is worth.

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Shayaan Ahmad Noori

Traveler & Adventurer by Heart | Immature Photographer | Blogger | Biker | Happy and Healthy Soul :')